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    Featured Zach Benson | 2 min read

    3 Ways To Leverage Your IG Stories & Build Authentic Trust With Your Audience

    Instagram Stories were popular ever since they were released in 2017 as Facebook’s response to Snapchat. These days Instagram Stories are dominating the market for attention with 500 million active daily users tuning into and creating stories to connect with their network.

    Here are 3 ways you can leverage your IG stories to the next level:

    1. Sharing Behind The Scene Content
    2. Cross-Posting from the Feed
    3. Leveraging Featured Stories

    Users are excited and interested to dive into the behind the scenes content and peek into the personalities behind the brands they’re following. Stories are an opportunity to share those stories to your most engaged and loyal followers daily.

    To fuel content for this, you can post daily check-ins or videos with outlined topics, share photos and videos of your food and surrounding areas, and even go live speaking with your audience or recording a live event.

    This should be obvious, but in case you’re not sure - Yes, you should be cross-posting your feed content on your Instagram Stories. Stories provide your content with more reach and engagement in stories can translate to increased brand awareness and engagement with content in the news feed as well. You can experiment with this. Note, that this isn’t meant to be a crutch for your IG stories content - simply an opportunity to boost it. Make sure to leverage Tips #1 & #3 for maximum results!

    With the addition of Instagram’s Featured Stories there is now an effective way to highlight your best Instagram Stories and create a collection your followers can engage with. You can leverage this additional digital real estate to highlight:

    • Testimonial videos of real people that help build massive trust with your followers
    • Your best content sharing your podcasts, short videos, or content from the feed
    • Your values and personal content saved from your best daily stories.

    Not sure where to start with your IG Stories? Download our free swipe file for IG Story Templates here.


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    Featured Zach Benson

    Zach Benson

    Instagram is my super-power. I founded Assistagram to help empower hundreds of Influencers and several Fortune 500 companies to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience organically. I started Assistagram to become the "marketer of marketers." I've had the honor of working with big names such as Gary Vee and Russell Brunson, and I'm excited to bring my team's expertise to your business. But only if you're seriously ready to work with us.

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