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    Featured Zach Benson | 2 min read

    Instagram’s Secret Health Rating You Didn’t Know About

    Unknown to the public eye, Instagram has a health score for every single account on its database in its backend. When a new account is made, the health is at its fullest. From then onwards, there are several ways your account's health can be compromised.

    Why is your account's health important?

    Have you ever wondered why some huge accounts over 100k+ followers have a comparatively poor amount of likes/comments per post?

    Say on average they don't even break 1000 likes/10 comments. It is because the account's health is poor and has been red-flagged by Instagram's algorithm enough in the past for it to be penalized to the point where its content is barely reaching its huge audience.

    Every action that decreases your Instagram account's health lowers your engagement and the amount of followers/potential for new followers that Instagram pushes the posts out too.

    These things decrease account health:

    • people reporting your account/content as spam or inappropriate.
    • people unfollowing you. Soft bans (occurs when you've done too many actions too quickly)
    • Posting inconsistently
    • Changing your display picture
    • Changing your username

    Respect The Algorithm

    Instagram rewards consistency like no tomorrow. It's not uncommon for big accounts (100k+) to post up to three times a day to maximize growth. If you don't post for a few days, you're compromising your account's potential for organic growth. Sometimes not posting for a few days can even stop organic growth permanently.

    So if there's anything to ensure you do to guarantee success with Instagram its to be as consistent as possible. Post once a day.

    An Instagram post's lifespan is the most paramount in its first 10 minutes of going live. The more engagement it receives within this time, the more it'll reach the rest of your followers and the likelier it'll reach the Explore page, which is where you are exposed to new eyeballs (and hopefully new followers).

    Not sure where to start with growing your Instagram? Get our 3-Step IG Profile Optimization Checklist here.

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    Featured Zach Benson

    Zach Benson

    Instagram is my super-power. I founded Assistagram to help empower hundreds of Influencers and several Fortune 500 companies to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience organically. I started Assistagram to become the "marketer of marketers." I've had the honor of working with big names such as Gary Vee and Russell Brunson, and I'm excited to bring my team's expertise to your business. But only if you're seriously ready to work with us.

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