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    Featured Zach Benson | 1 min read

    How To Automate Your IG Growth To 10K Followers Without Ad Spend

    We’re about to break down one of the most controversial, yet powerful growth hacks for growing your Instagram account to 10K followers without any ad spend. Note, this strategy works effectively on top of a consistent and on-brand content marketing calendar. Consistency is key, and the growth becomes easy!

    Let’s break down the Follow / Unfollow Method

    Find large influencers who already occupy your niche, go into their followers list and follow all the recent followers. Follow no more than 100 at a time to avoid being picked up as spammy behaviour by Instagram. On IG, a follow is a way of saying "Hey, check me out and let's be friends" and it will usually prompt a large amount of traffic back to your page.

    From your page, depending on how well optimized your profile is these new prospects can follow you back, engage with your content, and click on your links. Using our profile optimization method we see follow-back rates as high as 50% and an engagement rate average of 15%.

    Note, that you can repeat this process up to five to seven times a day. However, it's important to note that you are capped to follow up to 7500 people… so once you've hit this number, do a mass unfollow and repeat the process. Be careful as overdoing automation campaigns on Instagram can hurt your secret health score and we don’t want that!

    You can use a tool like Phantombuster to automate the follow/unfollow method on your account.

    Not sure where to start with growing your Instagram? Get our 3-Step IG Profile Optimization Checklist here.


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    Featured Zach Benson

    Zach Benson

    Instagram is my super-power. I founded Assistagram to help empower hundreds of Influencers and several Fortune 500 companies to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience organically. I started Assistagram to become the "marketer of marketers." I've had the honor of working with big names such as Gary Vee and Russell Brunson, and I'm excited to bring my team's expertise to your business. But only if you're seriously ready to work with us.

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