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    How to Brand Your Personal Facebook Profile

    Today I want to share with you the number one pitfall that most entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating a brand.

    And that pitfall is not keeping your brand consistent.

    Across the board, your branding should be the same.

    One of the simplest ways to do that is leverage platforms like Canva and Google or hire somebody who can help you create a nice cohesive brand that you can then put on social media.

    I've put together a series of swipe files, different images that you can swap out the text and you'll be able to instantly create your own cover and your own graphics.

    If you want, you can also take a look at my profile and research what I'm doing.

    You can see the coloring is almost all the same. It's almost all yellow, which is part of my brand. People know that I'm going to post with a yellow background.

    If I send out a Facebook birthday congratulations message, it'll be a picture of the minions.

    And of course they are yellow. Obviously, branding to be perfectly clear is way more than just the color.

    But having that top of mind, when somebody comes to my profile, they know what is a personal post and what is a business post.

    Create that anchor/trigger to get the response that you want through your hook posts and all of the other components in swipe files.

    And if you downloaded the checklist yesterday, you will have all the different steps.

    Today I’m sharing the swipe files.

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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Featured

    Hawk Mikado

    Hawk Mikado is the Publisher of Funnel Magazine. The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He’s the Creator a powerful process to launch your new solution in as little as 30 days Hawk is an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, family man, who has fun every day and truly loves innovative marketing. He has a passion for working with leaders ready to step into the spotlight, gain freedom, and build their community. He enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Kate, traveling the world and going to Disney, Club 33, and Resorts. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping leaders succeed.

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