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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Featured | 3 min read

    Doing This One Thing On Facebook Added $143,000 to My Business

    I wanted to share something that will change your life over the next few years.

    And it's got a short learning curve so hopefully, you will start to implement this.

    My Facebook profile has generated over a half a million dollars in about three years in revenue from all of the different components that we've leveraged.

    Not my business page, not my groups, none of that.

    The main components that you need to have on your profile in order for this to work are number one, you have to have your profile in brand.

    So everything that you do on your profile has to convert and has to present you and your brand in a positive light.

    The second component is that you need to make sure that each of the seven parts of your profile is completed in a way that is designed to help you generate leads and generate sales.

    The third component is the hook post. This is the actual thing that helps you generate leads and make money with your profile. I'll be going over that in-depth inside of our workshop.

    Now, once your profile is set up, there's something really important for you to do.

    Go into groups that have your ideal target audience and start to help them unconditionally without reservation, not holding anything back.

    For the longest time, I refused to do this. One of my mentors who is great at building relationships told me:

    “Go into these groups. Do an amazing job of building relationships, going in and supporting people. But I want you to give unconditionally and do it publicly. So don't send them a message behind the scenes to help them, give them the answer on the post. Search for people who are looking for help and then answer their question with text or with a video or something that helps them and answers everything for them. Do not hold anything back. Do not leave anything out. Really give your all, and when you do this, you'll end up with more business than you know what to do with.”

    And at first, I didn't believe him. I really thought that I was just wasting my time but he said to do it for 30 days straight. I thought I would give it a shot and see what happened.

    So I was doing about 30 minutes a day to start. And by the end of the first month, I was doing a couple of hours a day of this because I was seeing such amazing results.

    I was getting so many leads and so many client requests that it just completely blew out the water any other type of marketing that we're doing to grow our agency and to get leads in, to get clients in.

    What I want you to do first of all is join the workshop.

    Go to to join the Facebook Optimization and Monetization workshop.

    You'll go through the entire process to optimize and monetize your entire profile and set it up so you can start to make money. Then I want you to go into Facebook groups and find people who are asking for help and give unconditionally

    If you can spend 30 minutes a day doing that one thing alone, I can almost guarantee you, even if you left out all of your other business systems, you could easily add six figures to your business.

    And I know because of the very first month that we did it, we added over $143,000 in revenue.

    So make sure you implement that immediately in your business, make sure your profile is designed to convert, and you'll be on your way to crushing it with your Facebook profile, not even having to spend money on ads.



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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Featured

    Hawk Mikado

    Hawk Mikado is the Publisher of Funnel Magazine. The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in Funnels and Live Launches. He’s the Creator a powerful process to launch your new solution in as little as 30 days Hawk is an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, family man, who has fun every day and truly loves innovative marketing. He has a passion for working with leaders ready to step into the spotlight, gain freedom, and build their community. He enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Kate, traveling the world and going to Disney, Club 33, and Resorts. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping leaders succeed.

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