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    3 Tips for Leveraging Your Personal Facebook Profile for Business

    I've been getting questions about setting up your profile and monetizing it and making sure all the things are right, and how to actually generate leads and how to generate sales.

    So I’m going to answer your questions today


    Q: What are some of the things that, that people often ignore inside of their Facebook profile?

    A: With all the changes that have happened in 2019 now, I'd say probably 90%, maybe even 99% of entrepreneurs are actually ignoring their Facebook personal Facebook profile as a way to grow their business. And that's one of the biggest mistakes that you could be making.

    If you can leverage your Facebook profile, you can be generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in business every single year without ever touching Facebook ads. And that's just my personal experience.

    Your profile is made up of seven different components that actually make up the conversion machine that your profile is.

    And if you can understand and have each of the components in place to drive traffic, builds interest, create trust, and really help people understand who you are as a human being, then as an entrepreneur or business owner or business professional, you're going to be able to absolutely crush it.

    Go to

    Q: What do I do after my profile is all set up? How do I make sure that it's branded and how do I make sure that it actually converts for me?

    A: The biggest thing here is you have to make sure everything is aligned. So pick your brand, make sure that you can do kind of model your brand so that your cover, your featured images, all your posts, everything is in brand or is talking about something personal that's happening with you and something that people can relate to.

    And when you can do that, you will be able to attract your ideal audience because they can see that everything is uniform. When they are on your page, it's uniform. When they click through it's uniform. Everything has to be on-brand every single place that you go.

    And that will help you leverage your personal profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    Facebook is one of the largest and we've leveraged the same exact strategy on all of the different platforms. Facebook just happens to convert the best for us.

    If you want to get access to the swipe files, with the cover photo, your featured images go to


    Q: Why should I leverage my personal profile and how, how will it help me get the results that I want to get?

    A: So one of the biggest things that we talk about and that we leverage is what we call a hook post. Now, this hook post is designed to create engagement, get people to connect and actually have a conversation with you, then get the resource that they're requesting.

    This is something that is extremely pivotal. And once you can learn how to do this, you will be able to completely transform your business and generate hundreds and hundreds of leads every single week.

    I highly recommend checking out my profile, Just look it up and you'll see some of the hook posts that we've done along with some of the other posts that I do from time to time and just to get you an idea of what we're doing now.

    If you want support with all three of these components and you'd like to be able to actually grow your business and leverage Facebook and have us help you with that, we're doing a live workshop where you'll be able to go through the entire process, get this support, ask questions, and go through this process step by step.

    If you have any other questions, we will be answering those live during the workshop, so make sure you join us during that workshop if you want your questions answered live, or comment below.


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    Bio: Hawk Mikado Featured

    Hawk Mikado

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