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    10 Hot Tips to Using Social Media Marketing Effectively

    You are going to learn ten easy steps to use social media marketing effectively in your business. It can be a little daunting to consider using social media to market, especially if you are not an expert or you are only just discovering the world of social media and its many features.

    Having clarity in your digital marketing efforts will relieve you of the stress of overwhelm and not knowing what you are doing consistently. Social media is an essential tool for being seen by your audience on a regular basis and build your brand online. The best way to build your brand is to captivate your audience quickly and articulately. Having a clear plan will assist you in achieving this. The more focused your marketing efforts are, the more focused your returns will be. Social media marketing is the best way to position yourself online in a way where your prospects know who you are, what you or your product or service does and how to connect with you.

    It’s an easy way to build relationships, followers, business networks and an online community. It’s also a valuable resource to responsibly collecting the data of your clients and campaigns so you can evaluate what is working and what needs to be reviewed. Focus on the solutions to your client’s problems.   



    1. Have a Clear Plan

    Having a clear plan is about being very well prepared in your actions on a consistent basis. You are twice as likely to succeed with your marketing by knowing what you want to achieve before you get there. The plan shows you the way to track your progress.

    2. Know Your Target Market

    Conducting market research to identify who your target market is and what their needs, wants, desires and problems are will give you the information needed to market effectively to them. By knowing their demographic profile in detail, you will know how to attract them into your marketing and sales funnel.

    3. Focus On Engagement With Your Audience

    Include ways for your audience to engage with you and your content. The easiest way to do this is by asking a question or encouraging them to ask you a question. Create like, comment and share campaigns to lift your engagement. Comment and like on their reactions to your content.

    4. Research

    Using research to gather data, facts, and statistics for the content you deliver will not only help position you as an expert but will be most effective in engaging with your target audience. Knowing internal and external factors that affect consumers decision making and purchase behavior will help your marketing ROI.

    5. Pick & Choose Wisely

    The reality is that not every social media platform is going to suit every business, service or product as much as others. And not every campaign on social media is going to give you a positive ROI. Knowing where your audience is consuming content is where you need to be seen.

    6. Create Valuable Content

    Valuable content is the type of content that you give out for free and is better than some of the content your competitors are charging money for. Creating value post after value post consistently is going to bring in more leads, shares and referrals.

    7. Establish Metric Evaluation

    Likes, comments, and shares are just vanity measurements. They are great for engagement metrics but also look at how much reach your posts are getting and how many clicks back to your website or link. Organic reach is at an all-time low so using ads to drive traffic is beneficial.

    8. Know Your Competition

    To market effectively online, it pays to take a look at 3-5 of your top competitors content to see how you can differentiate yourself and see what content they are getting the most engagement with. Know what hashtags and keywords they use.



    9. Optimize Your Posts

    Look up the analytics of what the best times to post on different platforms are to get the highest possible organic reach and engagement. Research the top ten hashtags related to your content. Engage with the audience as quickly as possible to stay relevant in the newsfeed.

    10. Rinse & Repeat

    Continue to analyze your marketing efforts and see what needs tweaking and improving to get the best results.


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    Bio: Michelle Ciantar Social Media

    Michelle Ciantar

    Michelle Ciantar is a PR Communication Consultant who works with companies and businesses on effective communication strategies in digital marketing, brand reputation management, social media marketing, crisis communication and professional communication practice. Follow me on Instagram @michelleciantarofficial & Twitter - Michelle Ciantar @shellmc3

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