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    10 Ways Technology Can Help Your Small Business

    No Doubt you are already a lean, mean business running machine. So how can tech further help your small business?…

    Often it’s just yourself along with a few members of staff. You probably won’t think that a small business can afford the type of technology to improve spending along with streamline activities, however, you do.

    What’s more, regardless of whether you require a little help doing the books for your doggie daycare business or need to streamline planning for your booming online business, odds are there’s an improvement to be made using technology, let me explain how you can improve your business using technology with a few pointers below:

    1. Make Yourself Easy to Find With a Great Website

    Customers searching for business want to see a solid, clean site. It is subconsciously classed as a characteristic of polished methodology to the customer, thus enforcing the trust aspect. Having a website will not just help your small business but by making profiles on local business sites it will also draw in new customers too, along with improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation ) through backlinks.

    A well designed along with well-presented business web page additionally builds along with improves the odds you’ll be found on web indexes when people search for a similar business like yours. Figure out how to utilize SEO practices to improve your Google page rank or ask me for a free consultation at Top Level Traffic.



    2. Extend Your Reach With Social Media

    Social Media is a viable method to improve a more grounded association with your clients, while likewise having a beneficial outcome on prospects, however, its better for branding overall just check out my profile at #techipic on Instagram if you want proof. Make sure to only share useful data with your followers, that is more important in the sea of noise with social media. This enables work to trust again, thus can position you as a specialist in your field in the eyes of your potential clients.

    3. Utilize a Smartphone or Tablet to Stay Connected in a hurry

    In case you’re in a business where customers need to contact you effortlessly, having a dedicated cell phone or tablet is an excellent idea not to mention in this data-rich world it is simply not ethical to run a business without one. Individuals need to contact you regardless of where you go. Satellite rental costs have come down over the years giving people more options when choosing their access to always-on data for their business.

    4. Invoicing With Online Systems simplified

    In case you’re giving quotes or invoices to customers onsite, having a successful cloud-based invoice platform accessible via for example a tablet with a wireless printer is essential so naturally, this will help your small business. Speaking from experience I use one daily at Best Computer Repair. Most interfaces are anything but difficult for staff to utilize or for yourself to take in. the best programs are readily available from any PC or cell phone worldwide.

    5. Utilize a Project Management or Calendar System

    A Calendar System, for example, the one that accompanies Outlook or Google Apps for Business is an incredible method to improve productivity. Every one of your colleagues can get to their timetables, customer reports, you along with your staff can offer updates in a single dashboard. Surely the power in that is self-explanatory for any small to even large-scale business owner.

    image1 (6)

    6) Consider an Email Newsletter

    Frequently distributing an email bulletin is amazingly powerful compared to other approaches when it comes to marketing or simply just to update, along with interact with your gathering of followers or audience. Concentrate on understanding what your followers are keen on finding out, make content that conveys genuine help or value but it doesn’t need the hard sell pitch, I cannot stress this enough, leave the hard pitch sell approach out of your email marketing or people will also tune out.

    7. Consider Offsite Storage

    No doubt your business has essential records or documents, ensure that your PCs are running cloud-based backup solution programs. In the dreaded hopefully unlikely event of a fire or PC crash, backup programs store a duplicate of your archives safely. Thus saving you tremendous data loss or in worst case business loss as both are more and more intertwined.

    8. Cut Communications Costs

    If your business utilizes online conference software or has a ton of remote coordinating costs, you can without much of a stretch cut those expenses. Free programs are available that let you set up a platform to talk face to face without the expense of some other platforms, shopping around or speaking to a specialist always pays off.



    9. Consider a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

    Workers use a gadget of their choice, and your small business helps counterbalance the expense. BYOD strategies can also help your small business, they are also one of the greatest tech trends in small business right now. Some business owners set up very successful partnerships with local tech firms thus have further reduced costs with added overall company exposure to all parties concerned. It’s basically free advertising with improved technology along with productivity without the expense.

    10. Make Security a Priority

    Ensure your remote systems are enhanced but mostly protected with a hard to figure out at least a 32 character password ( longer is better ), make sure it has both upper and lower case characters along with having a few special characters like ?%$”£^&*… phew! Honestly, most of us all know this, yet I still see clients of ours struggle with it daily.

    As well as having a strong password necessitate that representatives, staff, along with clients frequently change their passwords, and that cell phones have security modes both activated and enforced. Ensure that everyone has the most recent virus or malware protection also that is it is kept up to date.

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    Bio: Eric Luis Technology

    Eric Luis

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