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    15 Advantages of Having a Present-Day Website For Your Business

    1. Obtain better results for your business

    It is likely that your website is the primary source of marketing for your business and something that your customers revolve around the most. Your website should be properly optimized for appropriate keywords that correlate with bots of search engines. This is important because people browse the internet in order to search for what they are looking for. It does not matter whether you are doing most of your work off the grid, chances are that your customers are still likely to expect to find further information about you online.

    2. Makes the best impression of your business

    The essential thing that you need to comprehend is the importance of the first impression. The very first time your customer sees your website, it should attract him to further browse along. The way your page is structured will be the decisive factor for clients when it comes to buying from you. This is why you should direct enormous effort into properly designing it in order to make it look appealing and easy to interact with. This will reduce the so-called “bounce rates.” The phrase suggests that your webpage may not be compelling enough if people are observed to be leaving a few seconds after they have seen it. Proper design will definitely increase your chances at sales and leads.



    3. It is the center of your online presence

    Modern tendencies and web applications enable web developers to easily integrate your website with other online social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, to name just a few. This means that you should be able to concentrate all your interest towards your website in order to make it the heart of your online presence. It will easily enable two-way communication with customers through RSS feeds as well as social media feeds. A lot of different applications will enable you to interlink your website with the online presence of other social media.

    4. Increased conversions and interest in business

    There are numerous tips and tricks prevalent in internet space to draw a lot more traffic. You should take advantage of those in order to spark more interest towards your website. A strong call to action, various registration forms, compelling videos or presentations, and the ability to provide an online calculation of return on investment will undeniably help you generate loads of traffic towards your company. This will enable you to get the flow going. You can easily structure your web page in a manner that it converts leads to higher sales. It will enable you to fully maximize your chances at converting prospects into orders.



    5. Enhanced ROI

    This really depends on the type of business you are running. Typically, only a few sales are required to fetch return on your investment.

    6. Responsive website design

    All modern web pages are extremely responsive. This is due to the fact that most people use their mobile phones in order to browse the internet. At least 35% of your customers will access the website through their mobile devices. According to ITU, at the end of 2018, there were 6.8 billion subscriptions through mobile devices worldwide. This is roughly equal to 96% of the population on earth. It is not surprising that your website has to be optimized in order to be accessed through mobile devices.

    7. Easy administration processes, optimize productivity

    The most recent management systems are extremely user-friendly and easy to manage. They will allow you to run the website without having to spend additional money on professionals. This will invariably lower overall cost of ownership. A proper management system is very flexible and fully customizable, so it is bound to satisfy your every need.

    8. Online Security

    The world of internet technology is constantly changing. Hence, you will need to make sure to adopt proper precautions in order to ensure the security of data that is stored on your website. This is in case hackers or scammers decide to take it offline and do some serious damage.



    9. Makes it easy to navigate through

    A website that is properly structured, compelling, and easy to go through will undeniably provide an enjoyable experience to your customers. This is essential when building a website, so it is suggested to ensure it is part of its core. Poorly designed websites that are a burden to navigate through tend to drive customers away.

    10. Make sure it is search-engine optimized

    You have to take into serious consideration the optimization of your website in terms of search engines. This will directly reflect on the ability of your clients to easily locate your page. You must find and use proper keywords based on the research of your desired audience in order to maximize interest in your business.

    11. Latest standards for compatibility

    New features are invented every day. This is because the world of technology is constantly improving in order to meet the client’s needs. That is one of the main reasons that it is vital to stay in touch and be competitive. You have to make sure that you are using the latest standards like W3C HTML5 in order to boost your overall accessibility and outcome. You must keep in mind that Google is capable of penalizing websites for not using the latest standards.

    HTML5 grants you access to some really good features such as embedding video, audio, and drawings without having to use unnecessary plugins that will slow down overall performance of the website. HTML5 enables you to implement better forms. It makes the application process easier with tools such as drag and drop and discussion boards.



    12. Compliance of law

    These days, websites are structured in ways that are fully compliant with legal provisions such as EU law requirements to use cookies as well as other needed certifications. There is an e-Privacy Directive of the European Union from 2012 regarding cookies needed in order to track visitors.

    13. Oversee and control all processes

    There are numerous analytic providers that allow you to fully comprehend each process that takes place within your website. This will enable you to improve your current business as well as to generate newer avenues.

    14. Hand-to-hand with your other business processes

    With modern applications of website interfaces, you will be able to fully integrate your website into your business and make it a window towards your services. You can easily interlink your webpage with other sources of marketing that you use.

    15. Fully customize your website for business requirements

    These days, websites are built in a manner that will allow their owners to fully customize them. This helps them include everything that might stand chance at generating a positive impact on their business. With modern website building technology, you will be able to interact with various groups of potential customers and provide them with services that will satisfy each one of their specific needs.

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    Technology Bio: Andriy Nikitiuk

    Andriy Nikitiuk

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