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    3 Mistakes High-Ticket Coaches, Advisors, & Service Providers Are Making with Their Funnels

    If you want to sell premium services to premium clients, but you’re struggling to get a predictable stream of qualified, high-targeted leads through your funnel, you’re probably making at least one of these 3 mistakes…

    Mistake #1: Watering down your offer.

    If you own a $4.5 million Lamborghini and the check engine light is on, who you gonna call?


    Bob’s Motors that serves all makes and models?



    Or the Lambo Specialists that do one thing and one thing only: Keep your Lamborghini purring like a sleeping lion?

    When you have a million-dollar problem, you want to go to the person who specializes in the million-dollar solution.

    Problem is, most coaches, advisors, and service providers selling high-end solutions are showing up as generalists who can do anything for anyone. This not only waters down your message and makes your offer less attractive, but it pushes away the people who need you the most and is searching for a specialized EXPERT.

    The High-Ticket Pro isn’t afraid to niche down and specialize. Because he knows his most IDEAL prospects, the ones who need you now and is willing to pay you premium prices, have a million-dollar problem only a specialist can solve.

    The pro also knows that with specificity comes powerful CLARITY...

    Specialized Offer. Easy Messaging. Higher ROI.

    Besides attracting more of the ideal, high-end clientele you really want, having a specific, targeted offer makes your messaging easier and helps maximize your ad spend.

    When you try to speak to everyone, you’ll attract no one. But when you have a single offer for a specific person, it’s easy to pull out the core message to attract your ideal client.

    Instead of struggling to find the right Facebook targeting, this message itself does all the heavy lifting for you. Only those who resonate with your specific promise will raise their hands and interact with the ad, ensuring you get the most qualified people into the top of the funnel right from the start.

    Mistake #2: Giving up too easily.

    Selling high-ticket is a numbers game. If you’re not mentally prepared for what the numbers look like when sending traffic to your funnel, it can be scary.

    A lot of marketers bail on their ads before they ever hit critical mass and really start to see results.

    For example, if you’re selling a $5,000 package, there is going to be a longer sales cycle than if you were selling a $47 product.

    If you want to offer something that is truly life-changing and transformational (and charge accordingly), then you have to get on the phone and have a sales conversation.

    But taking someone from total stranger to the point that they trust you and feel comfortable enough to have that conversation doesn’t always happen overnight, or with one webinar sent to cold traffic...

    People need multiple touchpoints and a high level of trust in you and your brand before they may even be willing to get on the phone with you, much less buy from you.

    (More on that in the next mistake…)

    Let’s say you’re running a webinar to a phone call offer and getting registrants for $7 each. You get 150 people to register at a cost of $1,050. 3% book a call initially.

    You get 4 phone calls out of your first webinar. One doesn’t complete your required application, so you cancel the call. Out of the remaining three, 2 show up. One is a great fit and interested but not ready to get started just yet, so you schedule a follow-up call.

    On the surface, you’ve just spent over $1000 with nothing to show for it. Looking at that number, the amateur marketer would give up.

    The Pro Knows Something the Amateur Doesn’t…

    Another 8-10% of people are going to convert into booked calls after the webinar because you follow up with them. And they will more than make up for the $1,050 in ad spend.

    For example, over the next 30 days, you get another 12 calls from the original 150 webinar registrants. Even if you close just one of them, that’s $5,000 from $1,050.

    Your offer is validated, your webinar is converting. From there, you can work on increasing your close ratio, tightening up your follow-up messages, and growing your profit margin.

    As Ryan Deiss says, “He who can spend the most money to acquire a customer, wins.”

    Remember: When you’re selling high-ticket, you do not only get bigger results than your competitors who are selling low-end courses and info products, but you can also afford to spend more than them to acquire a client.

    Know what you can safely invest to land a big-ticket client, and you’ll win without stressing over the numbers.

    And don’t forget that the real fortune is in the follow-up...

    Mistake #3: Ignoring the 97% of potential buyers.

    For the 2-3% of hyper-responsive buyers who immediately convert into phone calls, strategy sessions, and face-to-face meetings, there’s an ocean full of them who aren’t ready to hop on the phone with you… at least not yet.

    Ignoring the potential buyers hiding just beneath the surface in your funnel is like ignoring an iceberg:


    It Can Sink Your Business...

    If you’re not reaching out to the potential buyers just beneath the surface before AND after your funnel, you’re missing valuable opportunities for sales conversations and leaving a LOT of money on the table.

    As mentioned before, the sales cycle is longer when it comes to a high ticket. Just because someone doesn’t enroll or book a call immediately, doesn’t mean they’ll never do it. Many people won’t sign up for a call or buy from you 30, 45, or 90 days (or longer) down the road.

    To keep building the relationship, follow up with valuable content and case studies that seed your leadership as a coach, advisor, or other professionals who are known for getting big results.

    As Scott Oldford says, you need “omnipresence,” which can be accomplished easily through a robust retargeting system that does all the hard work for you.

    One of the ways we take this above and beyond for our clients is creating a 30-day Daily Email Follow-Up Campaign. We keep following up with story-driven content that ties into a pain or desires your market feels.

    These "edutaining" emails are addictive to open and read and motivate prospects emotionally through real-life stories they can relate to. You can send them every day without feeling intrusive or "salesy."

    Follow These 3 Simple Rules to Sell Your High-Ticket Offers with Success



    If you want to avoid these mistakes and fill your pipeline with more calls and high-ticket sales:

    1. Don’t water down your offer. Create sticky messaging built around ONE clear offer designed specifically for ONE ideal client. Clarity and simplicity are highly underrated.
    2. Don’t give up just because you don’t see instant ROI on your ads. Know your numbers so you can spend more than your competition to land the big fish.
    3. Don’t ignore the 97% of potential buyers who aren’t ready. Build a relationship with them and stay top of mind by putting out valuable content and creating robust retargeting campaigns, not stock follow-up emails that are easily forgotten and lost in the inbox.

    Want More, BETTER Leads?


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