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    3 Tips on Getting MORE Leads for Your Business

    If your business isn’t getting leads, it’s most likely to fail.

    A lead is a prospect who may be able to become your client or customer, as long as you play your cards right. A firm’s responsibility may be in many different things, however, over 50% of the business’s goals solely focus on the lead generation aspect according to studies.

    Here are 3 tips on how to get more leads.

    Tip #1: Have an Omnichannel presence.

    A big mistake most marketers make is they focus too much on one or two channels. This isn’t a great strategy as platforms such as Google and Facebook constantly update. With new updates comes bugs and results can be volatile.



    What we at CANZ Marketing recommend is that you should be focusing your lead generation efforts on multiple platforms at the same time. Even though this may not seem very efficient, unfortunately in the online world, things can be shakey and you don’t want your results to drop all of a sudden.

    Also, you want to get as much exposure as possible, so the more channels you are visible on the better for your business. As Warren Buffet says “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

    We had a client who owned a dental practice that we were using Facebook and Google ads for, all of a sudden it tanked.

    Thankfully, we still had Facebook ads running for them that kept their business running while we figured out what exactly happened. If we only focused on that one channel we probably would have lost the deal.

    Your business should have an omnipresence across all marketing channels.

    Tip #2: Nurture first!

    Another mistake that is made by many marketers is that they try to get leads too fast. What I mean by this is they don’t nurture the potential lead. It’s like going to the bar and asking the girl you just met for her hand in marriage.

    You should try to nurture leads first by showing them who you are and what you can do for them. Then you can maybe give them something totally for free, no strings attached. Finally, after a while, you can try to convert them as a lead. You can use this process on any marketing channel, specifically Facebook ads.

    Always remember, value first, then ask.

    Tip #3: Get your existing clients to bring in more clients for you.



    A business should never overlook its current clients. As long as you are doing a good job of giving them what they are paying for, most of them will be happy with your ambassadors.

    Depending on the business you run you can offer them compensation for each person they refer to your business or anyone who becomes a client of yours due to their efforts. We did this early on with our marketing agency, CANZ Marketing, and we now have multiple clients who are getting free services and some of them even get a monthly cheque from us making up to an extra couple thousand dollars per month! We offered them a 10% lifetime commission on anyone they bring in for our marketing services.

    They did, and are now reaping the rewards while we benefit from getting new clients.

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    Traffic Bio: Zarar Ameen

    Zarar Ameen

    CEO of CANZ Marketing, LLC Zarar Ameen is the Founder and CEO of CANZ Marketing, a SuperPower for Online Paid Advertising with an Expertise in Building and Implementing Marketing Strategies to get the two things you Desire Most:1. Increase in Revenue2. Decrease in Marketing/Acquisition costsCANZ Marketing provides a specialized solution for their eCommerce store owners and lead-generating clients. Whether you're looking for a strategy to increase qualified traffic to purchase products from your brand - or generate qualified potential business in the form of leads for your company, CANZ Marketing is your marketing partner!

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