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    Bio: Tyler Cerny Funnels | 5 min read

    4 Fundamental Principles for Wildly Profitable Funnels

    What’s your intention of building funnels? If you want to create profit, here’s how…..

    The first step to a wildly profitable funnel is a direct result of how much you understand the 4 fundamental principles of conversion funnels.

    The principles include:

    1. Attention
    2. Interest
    3. Desire
    4. Action

    Now, before I break down each fundamental principle I want to share a story with you.

    That taught me one of the most important things about sales, marketing, and conversion funnels.

    Funny thing was…… it happened in Thailand. Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand located at a place called Secret Beach.

    I went to a restaurant located on a tip of the huge rock at Secret Beach. After ordering my food, I took a 15-foot jump from the tip of the rock into the water.

    As I am struggling to wade and put my snorkel mask on simultaneously, I am welcomed by hundreds of tiny little fish.

    My first urge is to stare at astonishment at all of them and say “Awww how cute”

    Then as my ADHD kicked in, I had a strong urge to try to catch one.

    Dozens of them were swimming within inches from face.

    Very confidently I reach out and fail epically.

    Again, I try to do it quicker. No luck.

    Finally, with all my stealth that I could muster while trying to stay afloat, I reach out for one and as I am inching closer…. the same thing happens.

    Meanwhile, I hear a girl scream.

    I turn around and notice a huge bunch of fish swimming to a piece of white bread near a woman’s head.

    As all the tourists are swimming, the local workers are having a grand time tossing white bread (apparently an extremely popular fish food option).

    Then it HIT ME. The harder I worked to catch one on my own resulted in more frustration and less results.

    This resulted in a vicious downward cycle in regards to the Law of Manifestation courtesy of Tony Robbins.

    To avoid this, work smarter not harder. Find the right fish and then the “bait.” Find a way that would allow you to feed many fish at once instead of one at a time.

    This is the secret. Create a process that will sell one to many instead of one to one. Not only that, but find something that these “fish” want.

    Depending on the fish you want to attract will depend on the food you offer them.

    Because when you do, supply is met with a surplus of demand AKA profit if you tie this analogy back into the world of internet marketing and beyond.



    Think about it.

    Every time people are pushy and try to reach, reach, reach via outreach like a cold call, cold email, cold social media messages

    It’s extremely hard to scale because of 3 reasons

    1. You are marketing and selling an “irrelevant something” to one person at a time
    2. Your results are dependent on your energy and will power alone
    3. Reaching out for selfish gain and in a pushy way will leave you empty handed

    The solution to these issues is to identify your ideal customer. Preferably your top 100 which can be learned about in Dot Com Secrets.

    Once you know them, you can enter their mind and thought processes by calling our their biggest fears and worries.

    Now you can add value. Instead of finding bait, you find something that they will love to consume.

    “Bait” doesn’t always mean the one only option at the beginning of the relationship but also throughout the entire customer lifecycle.



    This includes:

    1. Lead Magnets (initial offering)
    2. Trip Wire also known as your low barrier offer that leads to commitment and hopefully to a larger sale called your core offer.
    3. Core Offer
    4. Profit Multiplier: something you offer to a paying customer to spend more money with you. Most of the time the profit multiplier capitalizes on convenience and emotion. The customer already has their card out (convenience) and have a surplus of emotion (creating desire) to most likely make another purchase.
      Finally, that’s where it all comes together. The lead magnet needs to serve as an irresistible offer.

    By having an irresistible lead magnet, you gain the attention of the potential customer. Like bread :)

    Once you have their attention, you have to gain their interest. To increase the interest you must have great copy, consistent messaging, and a clear path for the potential customer.

    If the interest creates a surplus of emotions, desire will result. This desire needs to be capitalized with a clear call to action.

    Finally, conversion takes place through ACTION if all of these principles are aligned and carried out thoroughly.

    I never looked at white bread the same way after the experience.

    This was arguably one of the most incredible experiences of my life while I lived abroad in Southeast Asia for 16 months as a digital nomad.

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    Bio: Tyler Cerny Funnels

    Tyler Cerny

    Tyler Cerny is an international sales & marketing consultant that partners with influencers, organizations, and industry thought leaders to simplify, streamline, and scale the sales process. Social Media: Linkedin Instagram: TC_thecloser Twitter: OneCallOneClose Facebook Website:

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