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    5 Killer Ideas For Creating An Effective Lead Magnet

    1. Cheat Sheets – Cheat sheets are the gold standard in regards to popular lead magnets. Who doesn’t love a high value cheat sheet that gives major (actionable) value in a short easily consumable pdf?

    I’ve even noticed today that people are now becoming even more interested in extended PDF’s, but they have to have major value on every page. Literally gold nuggets have to be scattered all over it.

    A cheat sheet must address a major problem for the target audience you’re after and it must give solid solutions.

    2. Webinars – Seemingly everyone today are creating webinars and being their own keynote speaker. Why is everyone doing it? Because it is actually effective. An average webinar today has about 28 participants, 2 presenters, and about a 65 minute run time.

    A majority of the time webinars are ran in order to quickly and accurately educate existing and potential customers. If you haven’t tried implementing a webinar into your funnel you’re missing out on a grand opportunity.



    3. Reports and Guides – Now these types of lead magnet have to come with a killer title. Because just the word (report) screams boring! Now if you said something like “Download Our Most Sought After 2018 Marketing Report That Generated $12.5 Million in Revenue” many of us would be all over it and downloading it.

    A report has to be through and compiled with heavy gold nuggets. Another example is for example a company in florida that sell tickets to fun and entertaining events in Florida. They would probably create a downloadable guide such as (Florida’s Fun Things To-Do Complete Guide for 2018)!

    If I was looking to travel to florida and was targeted with this ad I would probably download it.

    4. Free Trial – Now let’s just get this out into the air. Who doesn’t like free stuff? With that in mind who wouldn’t want to try something for free that they actually need? This is the power of offering a free trial as a lead magnet (mainly for SAAS).

    If people never heard of you and have no clue who you are, chances are a majority won’t take action on your $47/month software. Hence the power of offering a risk free-trial. It allows someone to get their hands dirty with your product and still have no risk.

    5. Survey and Quiz – With this type of lead magnet you have to be very strategic. I personally don’t act upon these unless they are well targeted and entertaining. You really have to capture the emotion of your prospects to get them to opt into these. But once they do you can get some very valuable data.



    Many marketers use these types of opt-ins for market research and also for filtering out tire-kickers. I hope these 5 ideas have your thoughts turning and your brain pumping. But don’t just sit back on this information take action and put together an effective lead magnet.

    In all honesty one of the keys to scaling an online business is having a few solid vessels for lead generation. So let’s take action and expand.

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    Philip Gillins

    Philip Gillins is a Minster, business consultant, and Health & Wellness focused Digital Marketer. He graduated with his Master’s in Business Administration. Also he owns a Facebook group of 10,000+ members called The Entrepreneur Syndicate. The group is focused on building up Christian entrepreneurs from all over the globe. He currently resides in Massachusetts and came up from South Carolina in 2010. He literally came up with all that he had with no job, barely any support, but a drive to succeed. He currently owns Gillins Consulting Group located in Massachusetts.

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