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    Bio: Tim Lyons Funnels | 4 min read

    5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Increase Conversion on Your Funnel Up to 35%

    As the owner of a digital marketing agency, I’m constantly on the look-out for new ways to increase conversions for our clients. The techniques below have proven to be reliable across the board for our clients.

    1. Create a Pop-Up to capture customer information prior to sending them to the order form.  Whether a consumer loses their WiFi, can’t find their credit card and times out, or gets distracted by a call, text or family, there are many reasons why a potential consumer gets all the way through to your order page and leaves without completing a purchase. In fact, the latest data suggests that up to 68% of potential customers who get through your funnel all the way to your order form will bail without making a purchase (Abandoned Cart). That’s why we ensure every funnel we create has a pop-up enabled to capture their name and email address before they can get to the order form. Then, if a prospect does not purchase, we send them through a 3-5 email & SMS abandoned cart sequence over a span of 5 days. Each email or SMS has an increasing sense of urgency and includes a link back to the order page. And, even better, if the potential customer accesses the order form again from the original source they used, Click Funnels will auto-populate the order form for them with any information that was already entered before they left!



    2. Utilize Live Chat versus Bots. While there is definitely a time and place for bot marketing, we have found that including a live chat feature on our funnels increases conversions. Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine whether or not there is a live person on the other end of your conversation, and that’s fine for general questions such as hours of operation, address and whether an item is in stock. But, what if you are selling a product and someone has a question about a potential safety or allergy concern? Or, whether a color really looks like the picture? Or, in our industry, whether it is possible to participate in a challenge if you have an injury. And, or what kind of results can I expect?  Sometimes, it takes the added touch of a live human on the other end of the chat to really convert a client.

    3. Install Heatmap code to record prospect behavior.  This is something we have grown to rely on heavily over the years to optimize our funnels. When you install a piece of code on your landing pages from HotJar (or other services), it produces a video heat map that shows you what consumers are reading, how far down the page they are getting before bailing, where they are trying to click…this way, you can move information around on the page to make sure that they are seeing what you want them to see and you can tailor your funnels to align with consumer behavior.

    4. Install pixels onto your landing pages for retargeting campaigns. Similar to number 1 on this list, pixels are perfect to keep your message and/or product in front of those who visit your landing page but do not follow through with a purchase. With pixels, you can retarget these consumers with ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other networks and tailor your messages according to based on their behavior.



    5. Create a Deadline (using Deadline Funnel). Deadlines in any offer are a perfect way to create urgency and generate conversions, but what about an evergreen offer. We use Deadline Funnel for an evergreen or tripwire funnel in that they create a sense of urgency for each and every prospect. Deadline funnels are uniquely designed to be based on time – the time a person receives an email, the time they open an email or the time they visit a page. This will start a timer on the page after which point the cost of the product or program will increase or bonuses will be removed from the offer. Each visitor will have their own unique deadline and allows you to create urgency even in long-term evergreen style campaigns.

    As marketers, we are always searching for the best way to increase conversions for our clients. Incorporate some of the ideas mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way.


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    Bio: Tim Lyons Funnels

    Tim Lyons

    PROFIT MARKETING SOLUTIONS FOUNDER, TIM LYONS OPENED HIS 3,200 SQUARE FOOT GYM, PULSE FITNESS, IN 2009. By 2015, Tim had increased membership to expand his facility to 8,000 square feet and become a sought-after business marketing consultant. Tim knows firsthand the challenges of gym ownership and recognized early on that many of the tried and true ways of fitness advertising were fast becoming obsolete. Tim began studying rising trends in social media and internet digital marketing. Through building his own brand, Tim has devised industry-specific marketing strategies to help other club owners get better results for their business.

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