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    5 Tips to Skyrocket Your B2B Lead Generation with Content Marketing

    5 Tips to Skyrocket Your B2B Lead Generation with Content Marketing

    Consumers today are aware that they have access to a vast amount of information online that they can use to make better buying decisions. In the case of businesses, decision-makers rely on high-quality content to finalize their options.

    With all the pieces of content out there competing for your target market’s attention, how will your audience be able to find the content you produce? More importantly, how can your content marketing initiatives provide you with the leads you need for your business?

    Here are some actionable tips you can implement right away to leverage content marketing in boosting your lead generation.

    Secure buy-in from everyone in your business.

    Content marketing is a long-haul game that won’t get you tremendous results overnight. It requires full commitment in order to see your long-term plan through and not throw in the towel after a few weeks of low engagement. Getting everyone in your business, not just your marketing people, on board with your content marketing plan will drive consistency in your messaging and overall efforts.

    Recognizing the unique ways every person in your business can contribute to your content marketing success -- whether it’s as elaborate as developing strategies or as simple as sharing your posts -- allows you to leverage the resources you have. Marketing, sales and even employees on the front-lines can bring in valuable insights on how you can produce content that will resonate well with your market. Having your team work together towards your content marketing goals will open up lots of opportunities to drive results.



    Identify and build your personas.

    Even though you are selling to businesses, you are communicating with specific persons – not organizations. Determine the best persons to target with your content marketing campaigns and get as much information as you can like job title, issues they face, priorities, values and spending habits. Build a buyer persona profile ( that summarizes relevant information about your persona and serves as a guide for every piece of content you’ll produce.

    Develop your own content marketing strategy and plan.

    Success in content marketing revolves around gaining your audience’s trust. Focus on understanding your audience’s pain points and create a strategy around positioning your product as a solution. Plan around how you can best communicate to your prospects – the best platform to use, the most effective type of content to produce, among others.

    Map out the process it takes for a cold prospect to convert into a paying client. Every piece of content you’ll publish should aim to guide your prospects from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next, closer to making a decision to make a purchase. Keep on testing different elements and documenting your strategy until you find the most effective means of driving potential leads to your business.

    Set up content gateways to qualify your leads.

    Getting a lot of leads is pointless if they don’t end up buying from you. Qualifying leads is important to separate those who are not really interested from those who have real intentions to buy. Requiring your prospects to fill out a form in order to access a valuable piece of content lets you measure your conversions and identify the people you should focus your marketing on.

    Your lead magnet document should be irresistible enough for your prospects to give you with their contact information. It should demonstrate your expertise in your field by providing quick, actionable solutions to your audience’s most pressing problems.

    Build relationships with your audience consistently.

    Content marketing, unlike some forms of outbound marketing, allows you to have 2-way communication with your audience. Engaging in conversations with your prospects strengthens your connection with them and provides you with priceless information about the market you serve.

    Consistency is crucial in content marketing. Be at the top of your prospects’ minds by continuously delivering content that is relevant to their interests and needs. Deliver value every step of the way and you’ll get value in return.

    More and more B2B marketers are realizing that their traditional, aggressive marketing methods don’t work as well as they have. There is a high probability that your competition utilizes content to vie for your prospects’ attention. Are your content marketing strategies good enough to stand out?

    Content marketing is a great way to cultivate one crucial factor that drives conversions -- trust. Prioritize your prospects’ needs and develop genuine relationships with them when strategizing your content because business professionals like dealing with other businesses that have their best interest at heart.

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