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    5 Types Of Email Campaigns Your Company Should Be Using

    Every good entrepreneur knows that email campaigns are important for business. But it can be difficult to know which types of campaigns to implement. Below are the five types of email campaigns your company should be using:

    1. Welcome Email Series:

    This is the most important campaign to have in action.

    This email campaign is triggered each time you gain a new subscriber. This sequence should be anywhere from three to seven emails. If you can establish a solid relationship with your reader, they will be more likely to read the rest of your emails going forward and listen to your calls-to-action. In this sequence, you should politely introduce yourself and your company and invite the readers to do the same. Ask them to respond to your email with a few facts about themselves, what they are interested in, and how they found you. If you have the capacity, read and reply to all of those emails! The people that are most engaged are most likely to become paying customers.

    2. Post-Purchase Campaign:

    Set up this campaign so it triggers each time you get a new customer. This sequence should be three to five emails, thanking your new customer for their purchase and offering them advice about the best ways to move forward. You can give them tips on how to best utilize their purchase and ask them for feedback (an easy way to collect testimonials!). This builds trust with your customers and keeps your brand top of mind. You can also use this sequence for an up-sell or cross-sell by saying something like, “This product goes great with x! Click here to upgrade now”



    3. Cart Abandonment Campaign:

    This sequence is for people that begin their checkout process but stop halfway through. Since you already know they are somewhat interested in your products, it is a good idea to stay on their tail. Offer a small discount or include some last minute incentive that will urge the customer to follow through on their order. These emails tend to have higher open rates and conversions and can boost your sales tremendously.

    4. Newsletter:

    Newsletters are great for keeping your company and brand in front of your audience. Newsletters should be valuable - give your audience access to new products/discounts, educate them, or simply entertain them. These emails will help build brand loyalty and keep you top of mind. Be sure to send these out on a regular basis - at least once or twice a month.

    5. Re-engagement campaign:

    This is a sequence for inactive subscribers. Email list churn rate is about 25-30% per year. A re-engagement campaign could be the solution. Send out a short campaign (two to four emails) giving your readers *one last chance* to stay on your email list. You could offer them a coupon or another incentive. If they don’t engage, it’s time to take them off your list. Unengaged users add a dead weight to your email list and negatively affect your deliverability rate.

    These are only five of the many types of email campaigns. Is there one that I missed? Leave a comment and let me know!

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