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    6 Tips For Making Your Branding Stand Out Amongst The Noise

    Does your business struggle with visibility and awareness? Have you recently googled the word “brand”? If you have you will know that 4 billion results will populate in the search. Branding is so often misused that the term has become confused and meaningless. BUT your brand is an essential piece to your business puzzle and must stand out.

    Think of it this way. Your brand is your symbol of your army, loyalties, and will be what people remember for eons. Look at Facebook, Coca Cola, and Ford, in fact, you don’t need to look because the symbols arrive in your mind without much effort. I bet you could even sketch the symbols close to exact.

    Brand identity is sometimes confused with brand. Your brand identity is a collection of visuals and messages like your logo, icon, tagline, stationery, colors, packaging, etc. Those elements help people recognize your brand. But your brand is more. It's a perception of you that you own.

    How will your brand stand out 30 years from now? How do you want to be remembered amongst your competition and how important do you think branding is? Will you have brand equity? Your brand will ultimately be what people think of when they think of you and your company. So how does your brand make people feel?



    Here are some tips  to consider  when creating your brand identity:

    1. Create a Style Guide- A huge part of your branding is visual and a style guide will allow for you to quickly use colors, fonts, images and other visual elements to show what your business is about. It is also a great reference for you to use as a starting point when working with graphic and web designers.  

    2. Typography- Choose typography at least 2-3 styles that will match well together. For example, header, body, and subtitle fonts are usually all different.

    3. Logo- Have a primary logo with two other alternatives to allow for versatility. Sketch out your logo ideas and have at least several to choose from.Consider what the logo looks like on a white background, colored background, and photo background.

    4. Get Opinions-Use social media to assist you in finding the right branding style that will convey best and make sure that they give you a description of why they like a certain one. People will chime in, especially, those in groups.

    5. Be Consistent- Ensure your brand is consistent and matches on your website, social media, and printed materials. As you're thinking through your branding, strive to be as detailed possible to make it easier on you in the long run; becoming intentional about the details makes for a more cohesive, professional brand. 

    6. Identify Your Target Audience-The most efficient way to build your brand is to identify your audience and find the need you can fill that no one is attempting or few are attempting. Creating graphics and logos around this one thing will also set you apart. Think of Coca-Cola, they created a brand of the red color banner with the simple text. This has allowed them to stand out from the sea of other caramel colored sodas of its time. Fulfilling one need is one thing that is valuable to your market is very powerful.

    When in doubt hire someone. As I said your brand will be what people will embed in their memory. It will be the driving force to how they remember and feel about your business. So the best way to ensure that you get the best of quality is to hire someone who has the skill set and portfolio to prove their successful brands. Once you have identified your target audience, brand, and competitors. It's time to start defining how you will communicate with your audience to create brand awareness. 

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