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    7 Hacks To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement Without Spending A Dime

    2.23 billion people log in to Facebook every month which is proof enough that the platform offers massive opportunities for almost any business. However, the average engagement rate for a Facebook post is only 3.91 percent. So what can you do to better leverage the platform without breaking the bank? Here are 7 tips to increase organic Facebook page engagement that you can easily implement for your business.

    #1: Engage, entertain, educate!

    Your Facebook audience is not looking for a sales pitch, and they’re certainly not going to engage with one. People want to engage with content that entertains them or improves their lives in some way, even just for a minute.

    Questions to guide you:

    • What gets you to react, comment or even share? Were posts you recently liked funny, or interesting?
    • What makes your audience laugh and what are they interested in?
    • What brands, influencers/celebrities, magazines, TV shows, movies, books, restaurants, podcasts, music, sports etc. do they follow?
    • What problem can your posts solve for your audience?
    • What do you wish every single potential customer knew about your industry?


    Pro tip: Find viral or trending content (e.g. search on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Google News/Reddit for keywords) and share it to your page or ask engaging questions related to these topics.



    #2: Use eye-catching creatives

    Your number one goal on social media is to stop people from scrolling. If you want to stand out in a crowded news feed, attention grabbing visuals are key. Posts including images see above average engagement rates.

    Take simple shots with your phone, no fancy camera needed. If you want to do quick edits you can use tools like the free Adobe Lightroom App. On sites like Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels you can find a wide variety of free stock photos. To add text and other elements apps like Canva or InShot are easy-to-use solutions.

    Pro tip: People love behind the scenes photos! Don’t be scared to get real and just be you.

    #3: Spice up your copy

    Copy can make or break your post!

    The first line plays a significant role. It needs to stand out and resonate with your audience so they’ll want to keep reading. Get creative and think about what stops you from scrolling. Not everybody loves them, but emojis are a great way to interrupt text patterns and grab people’s attention.

    To make your post look nice and easy to read, you can add paragraphs for some extra white space.

    Pro tip: Links can reduce the reach of your post which is why you often times see the link in the first comment instead.



    #4: Leverage the power of video

    People look at video content five times longer than at static posts. Not only do videos get more attention but they also get 6.01% more engagement on average.

    The best way to get started is to do whatever you feel comfortable with - recorded or live, short or long-form, stories or posts. Any type of video is great!

    With that being said, Facebook lives are a fantastic way to get people engaged. It gives you a chance to share more about yourself, your business and your mission, and allows your followers to interact with you immediately.

    Pro tip: There are studies claiming that vertical (aka. story format) and square videos perform better than landscape videos these days. Try both and see what works best for you!

    #5: Engage with other pages

    Did you know that you can engage with other pages as your page?

    You can like, comment and share other pages’ posts with your page. This will help attract attention and increase the reach of your own page.

    Pro tip: You can like other pages as your page. To do this go to a page, click on the three dots below the header image and select “Like As Your Page”. (Note: might only work on desktop)

    #6: Timing & consistency

    When and how often should you post on Facebook? Truth is there is no magic formula. What works for one brand, might not work for another.

    Be sure to post at a time when your followers are online. You can use the Insights section on your page to find out when your audience is active. Find the right timing and be consistent with posting so you stay top of mind with your audience. Facebook recommends at least two to three times a week, however, most businesses post once a day or more. Testing will help you determine when and how often you should post to get the best results.

    Pro tip: In Insights you can also see what posts and post types get the most engagement and other valuable information about your following.



    #7: Do your research!

    Researching competitors or pages with similar audiences might just give you the inspiration you need.

    Check out what they post, what type of content they use and what works for them. Nobody likes copy-cats but collecting ideas of what gets people engaged can be a big timesaver for creating your own content.

    Pro tip: If you don’t know your competitors yet, you can search for industry relevant keywords on various social media platforms and check out the pages that show up.

    Last but not least, even though it might be tempting to ask for likes and shares, don’t do it! Facebook considers it as engagement bait and will penalize you by downranking your posts in the Facebook algorithm meaning they won’t show up for very many people.

    While it is true that it has become a lot more difficult to get good engagement on Facebook pages, it’s certainly not all pay-to-play. By following these tips and putting an integrated social media strategy in place you can fully leverage the power of Facebook for your business.

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    Social Media Bio: Tanja Falkner

    Tanja Falkner

    Tanja is a social media specialist & digital marketing consultant. Together with her sister & business partner she helps entrepreneurs in building an online presence & growing their business. Being a passionate traveler, she loves connecting with people from all over the world.

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