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    7 Mobile Applications Types to Make You a Fortune

    The application market is blooming: apps are here, there and everywhere. That is why many aspiring entrepreneurs are eager to join the development race and earn a quick buck. But surely, before one makes a move, there’s a legitimate question to ask yourself: what would be the industry for my application? What problems should I address with my app? Ideas rule the world so it makes perfect sense to start with that. But before we do that, a bunch of statistics worth your attention.

    It would be fair to say that the data that gives a decent picture of the mobile application ecosystem is the statistics on downloads. As you can see on a graph below, the total number is growing at an exponential pace. According to this forecast by Statista, the total number will reach a whopping $352 billion by 2021. However, it’s worth noting that some recent studies reveal that customers are using a limited number of apps and uninstall them on a regular basis if they don’t feel they want to use them again.



    Number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2017, 2018 and 2022

    It doesn’t matter if you a rookie app developer or you represent an established software development company to start the project. One way or another, you should know the most profitable domains in terms of apps’ popularity. Let’s outline them.

    1. Entertainment

    This one is easy: everyone loves games. No wonder they have always been among the leaders when talking about apps popularity. One may rest assured that they won’t feel the lack of audience attention whatsoever. For instance, music. Can you imagine a person who doesn’t listen to his favorite song at least once a day? Sure you can, but those people are in a minority.

    Trends may come and go, but people always like to be entertained. It's in the nature of us, humans, so it would be a shame to waste this opportunity. Mobility has changed our lives and habits for good, so it’s only natural to monetize your talent as a developer by supporting the needs of modern consumers.

    2. Everyday Life

    The modern world is fast-paced. It seems like everyone is on the move, and convenience is the crucial factor when talking about providing services. Fancy to have a taxi service in your smartphone? Try Uber or Lyft. Don’t have time or money to visit a gym? No problem, here’s the list of gym assistants apps to train at home. The list is endless, and there is still plenty of space for your idea.

    3. Money and Finance

    They say: work now, fun later. While there is plenty of entertainment for those who set their priorities in the opposite way, finance applications focus on solving business needs. Nowadays, the management of money and personal budgets let you make investment decisions in a lot easier way. You can even become a stock trader using your mobile phone and nothing else.

    What are the most profitable business application concepts? For instance, you can come up with a new corporate messenger. What about a faster mobile payment application? Or maybe you’re into enterprise management software? The choice is yours.

    4. Shopping and eCommerce

    eCommerce domain is on the rise as well. In the ongoing 2018, global retail sales have been expected to generate about $653 billion, and we’ll know the exact number next year. Anyway, one may say loud and clear: shopping apps have quite a wide audience. Just take a look at the recent statistics for the American market (the numbers in the chart stand for the millions of monthly users).

    Given the fact that customers purchase something now and then, these applications will likely monetize the traffic. secondly, if we talk about generating revenue from a shopping application, it’s not rocket science: an implementation of a simple transaction is enough to earn something.



    5. Education

    You’re never too old to learn, huh? Educational apps prove this paradigm in the best way possible. Some of them are developed for children, the other for high-school students. The process of learning something won’t happen overnight so big chances are that users will be returning to your app on a regular basis. Besides, it’s always nice to provide learners with new knowledge in a convenient and accessible form.

    6. Mundane Needs

    I’m sure sometimes you think to yourself: do I need to take an umbrella with me? To get the answer, you download a weather forecast application. Do you need to convert euros into dollars? You start searching for a suitable tool application. The key benefit of such solutions is obvious: they are simply useful.

    7. Social Media

    Despite some recent scandals in the social media world, this kind of apps is still on the top of the list when we talk about profitable niches for an application developer. Like it or not, humans are social creatures, and they need to communicate one with each other.


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