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    7 Necessary Steps To Creating A Tribe of Raving Fans Who Buy Everything You Have To Offer

    Every business owner wants to have raving fans who love what they create or produce! Everyone should want a tribe of fans who shout to the rooftops about your products or services.

    Think about sports teams, and the NFL is a great example. We all have our favorite teams and we’re pretty passionate about our teams. Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I am, of course, an Eagles Fan for Life even though I now live in sunny San Diego, CA.

    What if you had fans like your favorite sports team has? Can you imagine what that would do for your business?

    I remember back in 2012 when I launched an advertising service offer and the results were sooo good that one affiliate really got behind it and shared it with his community and BAM we took that service from $0 to over $70,000 a month in recurring cash flow.

    It was exhilarating. I mean imagine $297, $497, and $997 recurring subscription payments hitting your account every few hours! It was amazing, and that’s what happens when you produce a product that produces results for others.



    They love it and they share it with everyone.

    It’s certainly happened to me and it’s happened for my clients too, because now we manufacture raving fans as much as possible.

    It’s what we all want and we know is the lifeblood of any successful business that has been around for more than a decade.

    Think about it. How many companies do you know that have been around for 10, 20 or even 50+ years. Think about Apple, Microsoft, or Budweiser. I mean the list goes on and on and you know what? Those big brands have raving fans who love their products and who in some shape or form shout to the rooftops about their experience with those brands.

    Let's take Apple for example, we wear their watches, we carry their phones in our pockets and we use their computers. We can’t get away from Apple unless we completely changed brands, and then we’d just be a fan of another brand.

    So, here’s the steps that you need to thoughtfully consider when you go about crafting a user experience in order to create your own tribe of raving fans who buy everything you have to offer in your business.

    Step 1: Irresistible Money Magnets

    Do you have something that your perfect customer desperately wants or needs? An "irresistible money magnet" is something that you can use to position in front of our ideal and perfect customer to get them onto your list so you can build a relationship with them and eventually turn them into a buyer, if done properly.

    A few examples of irresistible money magnets are: webinars, free reports, free video series, checklists, free + shipping offers, samples, downloads, etc. There are 21 different types of irresistible money magnets that you can use to build your list in your market. Some of them will make sense and some of them will not.

    The biggest thing that you need to be thinking while you’re creating your own irresistible money magnet is, “what does my avatar (a.k.a perfect customer) desperately want or need?” Answering this question will help you create ideas that you can test.

    You can also do some market analysis and see what your competitors are doing and then model them, but make sure to make yours unique and better. Remember, just because someone else is doing something similar, that doesn’t matter. You have your own unique fingerprint right? If so, then what you create will be unique in it’s own way. Just make sure you don’t copy someone else word for word in order to truly make it your own. This will help you stand out as well.

    Step 2: Capturing Leads

    Building a list today is more important than ever, however, acquiring this list looks a little different than it did compared to just a few years ago. In the past we would primarily build email lists and use email to market to the people on those lists.

    Now we can use a variety of ways to capture leads including: ManyChat, Pixels for Remarketing, Live Chat and SMS along with traditional email list building.

    Now, you may ask, “which one should I be doing Bryan?” You should be doing all of them, in my opinion. And if you’re not doing one of these, you need to get in the game already. You are behind the 8 ball.

    Step 3: Developing Relationships

    This is where the rubber meets that road and where I see most people drag their face across the cement trying to figure it out. Typically I see people focused on list building but then when it comes to developing relationships with people, they fall flat on their face. Don’t be that person.

    Be strategic. Think about how you would build a relationship with someone that you meet out and about in your town or city. You probably wouldn’t try stuffing some sales pitch down their throat the first minute you meet them, unless you just like rejection.

    Building relationships takes some time and investment on your part.

    The same applies when it comes to the internet and developing relationships with your prospects online. What I recommend is that you bring your expertise to the table for free and provide results in advance. This means they can produce results by doing what you teach them or inspire them to do. Once they get those results, they are not only able to continue purchasing with you, but they can also be a testimonial for you as well.

    The more you can build this relationship and provide results the better your results overall. Just be sure to ask for testimonials and get creative with the way you get them. If you provide free value before they give you money that’s great because when it comes time to them giving you money for whatever you offer, they will be more likely to say "yes" to whatever you offer.



    Step 4: Converting Sales

    Next, after you’ve developed that relationship by providing massive value, then it’s time that you make an offer and get them to give you money for whatever it is that you sell.

    I use this 4-part formula for making offers that has treated me well over the years.

    Part 1: Here’s what you get. List all of the features of what they are actually going to receive when they buy from you.

    Part 2: Here’s what it will do for you. List all of the benefits that each feature will do in their business or life.

    Part 3: Here’s what to do next. Tell them what to do next such as: buy now, join now, register, etc.

    Part 4: Here’s why now. Create some urgency for them to act and to get in the game. Without urgency people put it off or lose interest. You must get crafty here and create urgency within your prospects so they actually pull out their credit card and give you money for whatever it is that you offer.

    Step 5: Adding Outrageous Value

    Now, you’ve processed their order for whatever it is that you offered them. Next, it’s time to start stacking the value and make additional offers that they can say YES to because it’s something that solves a problem or a need.

    For example, your out at a restaurant and you order a chicken salad and the waitress says, “would you like avocado with that?” Then all of a sudden it’s an extra $1.75 for two slices of avocado. Bam - and just like that, you were up-sold, and they increased the average cart value meaning which means how the amount each person spends when they come in to buy.

    This is an important number that you should know about your business and about your funnels.

    Step 6: Delivering Awesomeness

    Next, is where we get to actually create that WOW effect within our customers so they will get excited about sharing what we have to offer. There’s a few ways that we deliver awesomeness that I’ve noticed that not a lot of people do until of course I’ve started sharing these best practices.

    #1: Call customers at any level. It doesn’t matter if they spent $7 or $5,000. Do you call your customers or do you have someone on your team that cares enough to call them and welcome them and find out if there’s anything that they need help with? We do.

    I started doing this back in 2012 and I was shocked to hear how many people were blown away by this simple gesture. The cool part about it is that we get some incredibly valuable data about our customers and their experience so we can continue to make it better, which is something you should adopt into your way of thinking as well.

    #2: Ship them some stuff. We ship welcome packages, t-shirts and all kinds of stuff that people love.

    Step 7: Raving Fans

    Lastly, if you’ve done all 6 steps up until now, then you should have created a raving fan who is just as excited about promoting your business as you are.

    I suggest that you create a tribe name or slogan that they can identify with. Here’s an example: GoPro. It’s a great company and I more so love the slogan that they have associated with their brand. “Be a hero” and they have stickers that people put on their cars, computers and who knows where but they identify with “being a hero” when they slap that sticker on their card

    In Summary:

    When you focus on working backwards and your outcome is to create a tribe of raving fans, you begin to think differently about how you architect the experience that your prospects and your buyers go through.

    Shoot, if you don’t think about it, someone else will! This is how disruptors come into your market and make a dent, then begin to take market and mind share.

    It’s the easiest way to differentiate yourself, because most people are just thinking about making money and just converting sales.

    They are short sighted of creating a tribe of raving fans and for some reason think that “raving fans” is something that only big brands focus on. It’s definitely not. I think about it with every funnel that we build for ourselves and our clients and partners.

    If you need help designing, building or launch your own Perfect Funnel System for your business, we would love to help! Since 2006, we have built over 1,650 funnels that have gone onto generating in excess of over $60 million. We can help you too.


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    Featured Bio: Bryan Dulaney

    Bryan Dulaney

    Bryan Dulaney is the CEO & Founder of the Perfect Funnel System and he believes that your expertise, powered by “the right system”, can Change the World! Bryan is an entrepreneur at his core. At the ripe and young age of two, he unscrewed his entire crib and said, “I will never be put in a box!” At age eight, he cleverly started selling Jolly Ranchers to kids at school. As one can see, Bryan has always had an entrepreneurial drive to create, market, and constantly contribute value to the world. Bryan had two great family mentors in his life while growing up, his grandfather and his father. Bryan’s grandfather, who’s fishing invention sold for $3.3 million in the 90’s, is responsible for sparking Bryan’s natural creativity he consistently provides us with today. Also, Bryan’s father’s business was one of the largest brokers in the supply chain technology industry. Bryan’s father completely revolutionized the way business can be conducted today between buyers and sellers, which clearly helped nurture Bryan’s innovative mind and the thought leadership he brings daily. Fast forward to 2006, when Bryan started his internet marketing career, he has since earned the “Two Comma Club” award several times over with the multiple companies he owns. Notably, Bryan has also surpassed over $10 million dollars in revenue with just one funnel for his business, Perfect Funnel System! He is 1 of 17 people in the World to have received this award at Funnel Hacking Live 2018. Perfect Funnel System is a premium digital marketing agency where Bryan helps you to develop out winning products & services for your business. If you need help with building funnels, creating products or services that sell, or need help bringing your products and services to your market, Bryan and his team can help. They have built over 1,650 funnels that have gone onto generating over $60 million online. If you’re an expert, author, speaker, coach, agency, ecommerce store owner or purpose driven entrepreneur let Bryan and his team help you setup a Perfect Funnel System so you can take your business to the Next Level and beyond. Bryan is on a mission to raise up World Changers and Thought Leaders who Give Generously, Live Epically & are Wealthy in all areas of life.

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