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    8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Beginning Your Next Marketing Campaign

    Whether you’re running a brick and mortar business, an online business, a product based business, or service based business, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin your next marketing campaign. Mostly, it’s centered around knowing and understanding who is it that you will be serving, what it is that they hope to get out of doing business with you, and how exactly will you serve.

    Below are 8 of many questions we use inside our marketing agency before we launch any campaigns for a new client. These are questions you want to sit down, to spend the time to ask yourself before you start your next marketing campaign.

    1. How would you describe your perfect client? (Age, gender, income, job, hobbies, lifestyle, etc)

    Ideally, this is the first and #1 question you should be asking before embarking on a campaign. Whether it’s for a product or service that still exists, or for something that’s in development, you need to know who it is you’re trying to reach. By understanding this you will have a much clearer picture of where to find your ideal clients & customers. This question will allow you to dial in on your targeting whether you’re using offline or online marketing strategies.

    Be as specific as possible, because as the old saying goes “If you try to please everyone, you’ll please no one”. Although your product or service may be a good fit for many types of people, your messaging will only resonate with 1 type of person at a time. It’s also okay to have multiple types of perfect clients or customers but be sure to keep these separate.



    2. Who would NOT be good to use this product/service (age, gender, location, lifestyle, interests, income etc)?

    Just as much as you know who is going to be a good fit for your business, it’s important to know who’s not going to be a good fit. Whether it be by age, gender, or some other lifestyle traits, it’s necessary to know who you don’t want to waste your marketing dollars on. For example, if you are a butcher, knowing that vegetarians will not be a good fit for you will give you a much clearer picture on the messaging you shouldn’t use, and where you shouldn’t be marketing. 3. What is the ‘hell’ your ideal client wants to avoid?

    This question is important for understanding the current state that your client is in or wants to avoid. By getting an accurate description of the worst-case scenario, or the hell, for your clients, you can get a better idea of how your product or service helps them.

    In addition, by clearly articulating the ‘hell’ of your ideal, your marketing message will resonate strongly. In a perfect world, your ideal client will find your marketing message and say “Hey that’s me” or “that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling but too afraid to say”.

    Think deeply about what is the ‘hell’ your ideal client is currently experiencing or wants to avoid.

    4. What is currently keeping them in their hell?

    This question is one that is often overlooked when considering marketing messages. What has been the missing piece that is keeping your ideal client or customer in hell? Has it been due to finances? Has it been availability? Has it been not knowing that a solution exists?

    Write down all of the reasons your client has been stuck in their hell, so you know how your product or service can save them.

    5. What is ‘heaven’ for your ideal client?

    One key part of marketing is being able to accurately describe the transformation your clients and customers will go through by using your products or services. It could be something small such as “I can finally wear a blanket while having my arms free” or something large like “I can finally spend more time with family because my business has been automated”.

    What is the one thing above all else that your client or customer wants to achieve? Once you understand that, you will know how your business fits in the process.

    6. What is stopping them from reaching Heaven?

    In the same vein as wondering what’s keeping people in their hell, ask yourself what’s stopping them from reaching heaven. While this is a similar question to #4, it makes you ask what are things holding your client back. While finances may be keeping them in hell, maybe fear is keeping them from achieving heaven.

    By asking the same question on the of the coin, you can uncover any missing pieces that are holding your client back, and know how you can help them on the journey to heaven.

    7. What are the hopes and goals of the person looking to use this product/service?

    Now that you know both the heaven and hell of your ideal clients or customers, you can have a better understanding of exactly what someone expects to get out of doing business with you. It could be something a simple as having a clean face because they purchased a razor, or as complex as saving their business from bankruptcy by utilizing mindset and coaching.

    Get clear on what people expect to achieve with your product or service.



    8. Why would someone NOT use this product/service?

    Lastly, it’s important to know why someone wouldn’t use your product or service. We all feel like we have the best thing since sliced bread, and no one should ever turn it down, however, there may be some hesitation or rebuttals. Getting an accurate picture of the reasons why someone wouldn’t use your products or services will let you be pro-active in overcoming those objectives.

    By understanding who may not be qualified to do business with you, or understanding common objectives people may have, you can get a head start on solidifying your marketing and sales messaging.


    Darryl Turner

    DJ Turner is the CEO of Reisender Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook Advertising & Sales funnels for local services based business, and online coaches within the dental industry. Over his career DJ Turner has worked to build sales funnels powered by Facebook that have resulted in over 500% ROI for his clients. Previously he served and learned as a Marketing Director under one of Russell Brunson Inner Circle Members. While travelling often, he currently resides in Basel, Switzerland with his wife. Titles: Sales Funnel & Facebook Advertising Specialist | CEO Reisender Media Website: (under construction) | (under construction) Social: | @DJTheMarketer

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