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    9 Branding and Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Online

    Consider These Top Branding and Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Online to Elevate Your Brand to Another Level.

    Digital Marketing is a vital part of any business or brand nowadays. It’s necessary to give it the importance it needs; however, like any marketing strategy, it’s also important to note that proper execution is part of the process.

    Yet, how do you know what are the errors that could also affect your online marketing methods? Let me share with you a few notable branding and marketing mistakes to avoid so you can achieve even more success in the digital world.

    Mistake #1: Not Having an Audience Target

    In marketing your product and/or service, having the right the audience is one key element to have. One of the main mistakes that many digital marketing strategies have is not being aware of their target market or perfect customers.

    This can create an impact in their marketing strategies and message overall. If the message is unclear, and confusing, it can hurt the business and sales. Campaigns can fail because they don’t have the appropriate impact to reach the intended customers and audience.

    ·How to avoid it: Analyze your audience. Study the type of people or audience that follow you, their age, current trends in the market (you must be careful with this.

    I will explain it later) and learn which messages your audience responds the most. Having a type of target helps you to better guide your campaign, produce better results and ensure that people will see it and resonates with your message / product / service.



    Mistake #2: Skipping Data Analysis

    How can you tell if you’re on the right or wrong path with your campaign if you’re not checking to see what works and doesn’t work in your marketing strategy? Not checking your analytics can be an expensive mistake you can make especially if you’re spending a lot of money to market your product online.

    It’s best to always analyze your data so you can identify when to continue or when to stop promoting a type of campaign or strategy. This process is what I also call, trying it, testing it, tweaking it and tracking it (4Ts of marketing).

    ·How to avoid it: If you don’t have time to read the data daily or weekly, you can hire a professional data analysis service to maximize your investment. The data can help to distinguish and identify which trends make your numbers grow, recognize which keywords are working, what is your audience target interested in, and what messages or campaigns most people respond to. All this will help immensely to perfect your marketing strategy.

    Mistake #3: Jumping into Every New Trend in the Market

    I know it is advisable to use the new trends in the market to get closer to your audience and become viral; however, not all trends favor all types of campaigns. It’s not always advisable to try each new trend that appears in the market based on popularity in an hour, unless you’ve studied the trend enough.

    ·How to avoid it: Again, market research and data analysis are beneficial for your business. Identify new trends, check if you can apply it to your brand, stay active but do not fall for everything new that appears without studying its behavior first.

    Mistake #4: Lack of Interaction

    Although having the right marketing strategies are keys to attracting your perfect customer, knowing what they want and giving them value, without a good relationship with your audience, or building and nurturing good relationships over time, people will eventually forget.

    Many companies believe that digital advertising is enough; however, it takes more than just advertisements. Acknowledge that your customers are people too. Having that personal connection and exceeding their expectations can go a long way. It’s a great way to increase their attachment to the brand.

    ·How to avoid it: Interact with your audience in the social networks of your brand. If you lack the time to do so, hire community managers specialized in dealing with costumers (social media management).

    Second, listen to your audience, follow trends, respond to messages in a personalized way and make any kind of positive interaction. In no time, you will have a place in the heart of your followers.



    Mistake #5: Unclear or Inexistent Goals

    It can be a challenge to measure the efficiency or progress of a marketing strategy if the goals are not set. Appropriate goals, anyway. Having the right goal in mind, it becomes easier to focus your marketing strategy and meet your expectation. If you have different goals that go in different directions, it will take you much longer to achieve them.

    ·How to avoid it: Before starting any type of advertising or strategy, state your goals and write them down. Be specific, be clear and be realistic. You must consider what is possible to achieve and what it would take to get there. By having clear goals and actionable steps, you can avoid losing focus on the advertising campaign.

    Mistake #6: Not Using Available Marketing Channels

    According to, of the 4,021 million people who use the internet worldwide, 3,196 million are active users of social networks. With this in mind, it’s impossible to ignore social networks in your digital marketing strategy. Using only the main website or blog is a very inefficient way to market today, so it is best to use all available channels.

    ·How to avoid it: It is recommended that your brand has accounts in every important social network. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, just to name a few, have multiple millions of people waiting for you. In addition to your social networks, a very well-designed website can also help increase brand awareness for your business.

    Mistake #7: Robotic Attention

    Nowadays, chatbots are commonly used by companies. Yet, customers, especially loyal customers can identify when they are talking to a machine that responds automatically and when there’s human behind the keyboard.

    A common mistake is to use the so-called "bots" that respond automatically. Unfortunately, this reduces the sense of personalized attention that often customers want in a brand or business.

    ·How to avoid it: There are different options to personalize your message sent to your perfect customers and public. One, you can hire a full-time team to handle customer service during business hours. If this is not possible, you can set a message for your customers in advanced that you’ll respond to them as soon as possible.

    Now, if you desire to use the chatbot, then be honest in your message and set the message with something like, "This is an automated response, leave your question / suggestion / comment and it will be answered as soon as possible.”


    Mistake #8: Use a Single Strategy on all Your Platforms

    The public that visits your Facebook business page may not have the same interests as the public that visits your blog or your LinkedIn profile, so if you use the same strategy for all of the networks, it may not benefit your business and your audience.

    This is where analyzing and doing market research play an important role in determining what your customers want, desire and how to serve them in a higher platform. If you skip this part and don’t do a market study and analyze the information of your customers, you could be making a vital mistake that can cost you a lot of money.

    ·How to avoid it: It’s important to note that the success and failure of your campaigns must be studied. Again, it is necessary to read and analyze the data of your audience to know what they like and to meet the type of audience you have in each of the social networks.

    This is how you’ll find the right strategy to use. This also builds online presence for your brand in various social platforms, thus increasing brand awareness and success of your campaign.

    Mistake #9: Bad Design (Website, Campaign, and Social Networks)

    Digital brand and design are keys to having a successful branding and marketing strategy for your business. Much like creating brand awareness through social media networks, so are the design and appearance of your business online.

    One of the fastest ways to get attention and get more eyeballs to your brand is through visual appeal. Although, sticky phrases and a cool name are part of your marketing strategy, don’t overlook the visual component.

    A good design can make the difference between someone who stops to read what you have to say and someone who keeps scrolling and passes your promotional image.

    ·How to avoid it: Hire a good graphic designer or team of designers to create a style uniquely for your brand. You want your brand to be internationally recognizable; thus, a global brand! Representative colors for your brand (branding colors), logos, promotional images (marketing materials), and an attractive composition for your website (content writing) will generate a positive response in people who run across your campaign.


    At some point, many business owners and agencies have made one or more of these mistakes when starting a new business campaign. But, it is never too late to adjust some strategies to make it work for you. By implementing these strategies in your marketing campaigns, you’ve done half the battle. Now, you’re set to gain even more success!

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