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    9 Key Reasons Your Company needs to Invest in SEO Services

    We easily can break down Marketing into the essential channels, mechanics, and strategies that are driving the market depending on each channel scalability and period of time this channel is being “trendy”. But what any successful entrepreneur or business owner can rely on at all time is - Search Engine Optimization. They were saying SEO is dead back in 2005, 2010, 2015, and they are still saying the same nonsense, while smart business owners silently smiling having their websites on the top of Google. Today I will tell why you need to invest in SEO right now, luckily I have 9 significant reasons for that:

    1. Higher rankings mean increased credibility – most individuals trust the first rankings they see in the Google search pages. Furthermore, it goes without saying that they search through those rankings beyond the first page.

    2. It is the most cost-effective internet marketing strategy – organic search rankings are provided free of charge which means you do not have to pay for every click to your site.   a huge investment is not required for you to become more visible and rank higher in the SERP’s.

    3. Results are permanent – unlike Paid, radio/TV advertising that fades from our memories over time, SEO services will enable you to achieve higher rankings in the SERP’s and it will most likely continue showing up in the same position with low monthly maintenance fees.

    4. SEO enhances your company’s image – in addition to enhancing website quality and making your company more visible, SEO helps your content get found quicker and easier in the Google search rankings.



    5. Quality content - having quality content is of prime importance and hiring the right SEO service provider becomes important as they will do the needed keyword analysis and then get the content written. This content not only will have the right keywords but will also be interesting to your potential clients, informative and gets returned business. One of the worst faults business make, even now, is that they produce content for search engines rather than for their customers or audience. Customers really dislike being drawn in by wrong information that was written for search engines. Whenever a visitor is frustrated, he or she leaves the website in a hurry and almost always never returns. So, content is a critical component of search engine optimization because it allows businesses to provide information through the use of fresh, relevant information.

    6. SEO is the ultimate website traffic generator – although the increase may be slow going, it is still an increase. Even if you have the most aesthetically pleasing site, it won’t do you any good if you are ranked on the 10th page of Google search results.

    7. You need to engage your target audience – not only will the search engines reward content of the highest quality, you benefit from improved customer engagement and increased rankings. It is best to find the likes and dislike of the target audience and then connect with them through email marketing, social media channels and more.

    8. Increased conversions and interest in a business. There are numerous tips and tricks prevalent in internet space to draw a lot more traffic and almost all will direct you to SEO. You should take advantage of those in order to spark more interest towards your website. A strong call to action, various registration forms, compelling videos or presentations, and ability to provide online calculation of return on investment will undeniably help you generate loads of traffic towards your company. This will enable you to get the flow going. You can easily structure your SEO process in a manner that it converts leads to higher sales. It will enable you to fully maximize your chances at converting prospects into orders.

    9. Oversee and control all processes. There are numerous analytic providers that allow you to fully comprehend each process that takes place within your website and your SEO strategy. This will enable you to improve your current business as well as to generate newer avenues.

    To conclude my thoughts from above, I want you to question yourself - “Am I doing everything possible to reach out to millions of internet users? Am I doing my best to promote my business? - and if you’re not investing in SEO - the answer is NO. Search Engine Optimization is the channel where not only money investments needed, but also time investments. In return, you are getting life-long strong internet presence and top rankings in Google search.

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    Technology Bio: Andriy Nikitiuk

    Andriy Nikitiuk

    Andriy Nikitiuk is Co-Founder at creative sales & marketing firm and an experienced Marketing Strategist inspired by innovative technologies in the digital marketing industry. He has a proven competence in SEO/SEM, other digital channels of traffic and excellent knowledge of various online resources. Throughout his career, Andriy has worked with hundreds of websites, ranging from start-ups to household names, and has awards in SEO, CRO, analytics and Social Media.

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