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    A Lesson In Selling Yourself From ClickFunnels

    Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden everyone is talking about “funnels"? Why did all of a sudden in the past couple of years is everyone suddenly talking about them? It’s the hottest buzz word on the block right now, and every business without one is sorely missing out. And yet… If you try to go to any business and sell them one, they will look at you like you’re crazy. I know this because I sell over five funnels a week. The key to selling them (and making tons of money doing it) is by NOT calling them funnels.

    The fact is, the word is mostly popular in a world Russell Brunson created.

    Welcome to Russell World

    I don’t try to sell funnels to people who know who Russell is, simply because I understand a simple fact: Russell IS the product. The happy-go-lucky wrestler guy that drops more “uhhs and uhms” in his videos than a freshman in speech class. We all want to know how he took complicated pieces of technology and turned them into MILLIONS of dollars on REPEAT. Why the hell wouldn’t we want to know that. He’s just like you… hell, he’s just like me.

    That’s something you can connect with, something you can resonate with; but what you really connect with is the fact that you can FEEL that he’s really being himself.



    Flaws and all, he’s presenting you with his truth, his message, and that’s what we will continually pay for.

    Think about it: Do you honestly NEED Russell’s platform, funnel swag, blueprints, etc? Absolutely not, and yet you will continue to purchase HIM so long as he’s helping YOU find what it is YOU are missing. So long as he continues to provide you with his message. If you message, they will come.

    "Influence is getting someone to ask what you’re selling, and have them believe it was their idea.” -Marshall Sylver

    To further this point, let’s take a look at the history of funnels. Before they were called funnels, they were called “squeeze pages”, “landing pages”, etc. I’ve duplicated everything in ClickFunnels with various pieces of other technology and made the same if not more money.

    I once built a six figure business with a “funnel” I made using a $40 a month Weebly subscription. Leadpages, Samcart, Kajabi be damned. Katrina Ruth makes millions of dollars every year using sales letters written on a simple Wordpress blog. Her thousands of students follow the same model and receive similar results, while never spending a second worrying about “competition”.

    Speaking of which, why don’t people like Kat, Dan Henry, Ryan Stewman, Gallant Dill, and Russell worry about competition or people stealing their ideas? Because they are selling themselves and their lifestyle. As Ryan likes to say, “I got that shit you can’t hack.”

    They get on the camera, blogs or podcasts and bare their souls to the world. The more they do this, the more the universe responds by sending them clients that want to buy whatever it is they are selling. They create communities for people to be a part of, and physics dictates that an object will expand to fill the space around it; so long as you create the space.



    Now, you could keep doing what everyone else is doing; I see it every day. There’s no shortage of people selling what everyone else is selling. However, what the world really needs is you, the real you, and lots of it. Not your niche. Not your e-commerce. Not your ads course. People will pay for you, all you have to do is give us the content and something to buy and with enough time, that will happen no matter the price point. Once you learn how to be unapologetically you, you’ll never have to worry about competition, running out of money, or what to sell.

    How do you know what to sell?

    It’s pretty simple, you just take a page out of the ClickFunnels playbook: Various times throughout the month, Russell will just ASK. That’s right; whether in the ClickFunnels public Facebook group, mailing list, or funnel page, he is continually asking and surveying what his audience needs to further their business and their lives, and then providing that to them. Every product is a reflection of this very simple concept, ClickFunnels being the most obvious and profitable example.

    So, are you ready to start flipping the whole world on its head and putting your personality on the shelves? If so, get ready for some major pushback. The universe will test you when you do this, because you are doing what few people will do. The minute you start mass producing a raw, uncut version of yourself and how you really feel, instead of a watered down Disney account of events that happen in your day to day, you will see many people currently in your circle begin to change. So, I’m giving you fair warning up front that this will not be easy, but it will totally be worth it in the long run, and by far the best possible way you could ever create your life and business.

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    Bio: Patrick Grabbs Funnels

    Patrick Grabbs

    Patrick Grabbs grew up in the trailer park slums of a lower income neighborhood outside of Dallas, TX. His mother gave him an old Tandy computer that was being thrown in the trash when he was a kid, and from there a passion was born that would stay with him through drugs, gangs, and eventually prison. While doing time, he read his first self-development book by Tony Robbins and his thought process began to shift. Totally free and clear for over a decade now, he spends his days waking people up to the fact that they are living in their own prisons, and how to find the purest form of financial and mental freedom by sharing their own unfiltered messages with the world. You can follow him on: His personal blog provides information on waking up:

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