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    Are You In Full Control Of Your Data?

    For most companies, the main asset you have is control of your data...

    However, members of personnel need usage of your company data to allow them to do their task at times. Some staff members may invest their overall career into your company. However, these days so many people only stay for a brief time frame and whenever someone leaves, what info do they have on their cellular phone, laptop, tablet or even have access to in the Cloud?

    How will you protect your computer data in this connect anywhere community?

    Your data could be on a safe and sound server in an undisclosed location, but more regularly today is anywhere ‘in the Cloud’ that can be accessed from (and downloaded to) laptops, cell phones, tablets - actually, it’s obtainable from any net enabled device Or even worse, do you have control of your data? Not to mention, you backed everything up including your unknown sensitive data tracking keylogger virus? Regardless of where your computer data is stored, it’s necessary to make sure it is properly secured.

    Encrypting the info and having robust passwords is certainly an important first step.

    The next thing is the option to secure and even wipe data remotely. There are many services available that permit you to do this and thus enable you to take control of your data. If an associate of your workforce leaves their notebook in a taxi or their cellular phone was stolen, your data could be wiped. It has two benefits - your industry data is secured and you adhere to data protection legislation.



    What exactly are your policies on info storage and management?

    Can personnel bring their own device? (BYOD) Instead of using company provided cell phones or laptops? If so, can you demand that apps or software products and services are installed to permit for the security you will need in order to keep control of your data? What happens when they even unwillingly install a virus?

    If you provide your employees a phone, notebook or tablet - are they clear on what these can and can’t be utilized for?

    How will you monitor data, telephone calls, or texts? It might seem to be like YOUR GOVERNMENT, but if you are providing a mobile phone for your staff, doesn’t it make sense to have the ability, and right, to know precisely what that phone is being used for? After all, the device could so easily be used for things other than work otherwise.

    Then there is the duty of care for your own member of staff.

    There are numerous applications that will allow for the tracking of an employee’s mobile phone, and whilst some might accuse you of being controlling, isn’t it essential for your employees’ welfare that you know where they are? Especially if they are out on their own? Your lone worker plan could even include having the ability to monitor where they are during working time, so tracking their mobile is a perfect way to do this.


    So, between the policies you have in place, along with the solutions and applications that are set up such as above on the products you provide along with those belonging to your workers, you possess a robust plan to protect your employees along with your business data.

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    Bio: Eric Luis Technology

    Eric Luis

    Hello, my name is Eric Luis, I have a drive to produce a positive difference in the world through technology. Being a creative web designer along with computer technician, I enjoy working with brands to explode their online business. Ranging from full web based business systems to small business websites, covering all aspects of digital business optimization from social media management to web design, SEO, branding, content marketing, digital advertising, email/video marketing, eCommerce etc I am also a passionate blogger in the world of tech, health/fitness or finance, so you should be able to find me on most social media platforms usually sharing my latest article in the hope to make a positive difference. SEO & Digital Marketing Manager, Computer Technician, Health Coach Gave up working a 9-5 job to work 16 hours straight haha Although this way I chose the coffee breaks. Focus on my own business, along with enlightening, empowering and helping others to do the same. Passionately exceed my client's expectations, with the wide range of products and services I offer. Been online since 56k dial-up modems and using a computer since the Commodore 64.

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