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    Tina Brinkley Potts

    Tina Brinkley Potts is an award winning author, business strategist, online marketing trainer, and success coach. Coaches, consultants, experts and small business owners from over 70 countries watch and apply Tina’s video trainings and strategy sessions to grow their businesses and careers to expert status. Tina’s expertise includes creating client attraction systems that integrate your desired lifestyle and personality and mentoring women how to hone and market their storehouses of knowledge, education, and experience so they can chart their unique path to the dollar amount they desire. Social media Facebook @Tinabrinkleypottsllc Instagram: @tinabrinkleypotts Twitter: @tinapotts Tina Brinkley Potts, CEO Business Strategist, Online Marketing Trainer & Success Coach Tina Brinkley Potts LLC (302) 342-1150 Office (302) 450-1775 Business Cell 2018 Business Consultant Of The Year Delaware 2018 Woman Of Achievement Delaware

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