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    Tod Holland

    At 18 years old Tod got his Real Estate License in the competitive California market. At first he has no idea what he was doing and spent many sleepless nights trying to research how to market himself. After analyzing thousands of marketing tips he realized he there was very little distinction. Worse, Tod felt like there was almost no way to make himself stand out as an agent because it seemed like everyone was going after the same audience. When Tod presented his case to his broker he was laughed out of the room, this is when he decided it was time to quit. Soon he would find himself in the world of Digital Lead Generation. At 24 Tod had only a handful of sales under his belt and was leaving arguably the best real estate company in San Francisco to build a fully virtual, digitally focused, real estate company. His idea was not something San Francisco had ever seen nor did he have any idea on where to begin. He immediately joined several masterminds on digital lead generation in hopes of learning to provide an amazing solution to his agents. After 4 months of mastermind training Tod had been offered to teach the very skills he was learning. How exciting to finally be granted the kind of position he’d been dreaming of! Since then, Tod has created numerous successful companies that help businesses connect with their perfect clients, automate their processes, and maximize efficiency on one core belief: Holding true to one’s own values; becoming the best means taking the responsibility to pass on the craft as passionately as possible. Tod is currently an Instructor for Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing. He presented at Break Free Academy Live Event in 2017. He also created and presented content for 5 seasons of Funnelchat, a video podcast style weekly lesson for The Tribe, Entourage, and Funnel Closers. He is also Chief Economist and Digital Marketing Consultant for HOM Sotheby’s Int’l Realty, Co-founder of the first 100% virtual real estate company, and the Digital Marketing Contributor to the Xpansion Team where he coaches hundreds of agents on social media practices, lead generation, automatic conversation, and other strategies. You might also be surprised to learn that Tod is passionate about transcendental meditation and uses it as a cornerstone for how he works! Books Social Media Sales Mastery, a 30 page workbook breaking down social media algorithms in easy, applicable models of agents and loan officers.

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