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    Believing is the First Step

    I feel the reason many people aren’t successful is that they don’t commit. I don’t give myself a choice. I started doing Facebook Ads in April 2017. I had seen tons of videos of people selling over $100,000 per month. I didn’t think it was real. I decided to take a chance and spent two hours setting up my Shopify store and launched my first ad on the 25th for $5 a day. I made a sale for $17 at work after my morning meeting.  

    I was so excited I preemptively quit my 6-figure job the next day. It then took me another 30 days to hit $100 in sales.  Over the next 3 months, I sold $32,000 on my Shopify Store utilizing Facebook Ads. I was in the top 2% of Shopify stores started in April. I thought this statistic was flawed. I assumed Shopify was just boosting my confidence to keep going.  

    Rather than paying thousands of dollars on training courses, I participated in Tecademic’s free 90-Day Ecom Challenge training. I then bought a $500 ticket to a conference called TecTalks they were offering. There, they had high-level speakers teaching everything there is about Social Media and Internet Marketing.

    I called my previous co-worker prior to the conference and told him I had 3 goals;  #1 meet Chris Record, #2 meet Damien Coughlan, and #3 get on stage. In a perfect world, I wanted to get ahold of one their microphones and speak to the crowd, but I had no idea what was about to happen.

    The 90 Day Challenge included various prizes for those who were successful on Shopify.  When I started I didn’t do this for a contest. I just wanted to build something of my own.  Shockingly, I took first place in the contest without spending a dime on any training courses. My prize was a 1968 Chevy Camaro valued at over $50,000.

    I then had multiple conversations with Chris Record as well as appearing on his Facebook live stream and Snapchat story. Damien walked up to me and introduced himself. I made it on stage, was handed the mic, twice, and the whole crowd loved my short speech! This gave me the confidence I needed to tell me I was on the right path.

    Only until recently I found out that many people struggle with Shopify and Facebook Ads. Many spend thousands of dollars on training courses, ads, and waste hours setting up their store with no success. People keep asking me “How did you do it” and I answer “I just did”. For the longest time, I couldn't come up with a legitimate answer for anyone. Until now.

    I commit first and figure it out later. I quit my job after my first sale. I HAD to make this work, I left myself no choice. I spent 10-18 hours a day in my studio apartment, staring at my Facebook Ads manager until my brain saw a pattern with the data columns. I launched 10-25 products per week until I found something that worked. Grant Cardone calls this “Massive Action” I just say “GO!”

    After winning the car I was constantly hit up by fellow entrepreneurs on Facebook. I was completely new to social media. I only had 150 friends on Facebook and had never been on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Although I am 26, I never saw the benefit of Social Media and did not participate in the “fad.” Well let me tell you, it’s not a fad! This is the way the world is moving. Attention is the new money!

    When I got back from the conference, I went to work. I took what I learned at the conference and applied the strategies. The car was going to take a few weeks to retrieve because of legalities and paperwork, so I wanted to keep working. I didn't have time to watch YouTube, TV, or anything. Little did I know that Chris Record was shouting me out in his vlogs, liking my Facebook posts, and I wasn’t even paying attention.

    Then I get a call from Damien. He invited me to his Mastermind Event in Arizona. It took them three follow up calls to finally close me, and I’m glad they did. For the four days prior to going to the Marketer’s Mansion, I envisioned exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to be the most memorable guy and impress everyone with my ability. By the end of the 3-day event, nothing happened.

    I went and got an AirBNB for the last night before my flight home and made a call to my former co-worker, telling him about what had happened. The next day I decided to stop being the victim and go and retrieve my car, which had been sitting in a garage in a massive mansion on a hill, overlooking Paradise Valley, AZ. I took an Uber, which I really didn’t have the money for, to the offices of Tecademics.

    I told them that I was there for my prize, and shortly after I was given the number of Chris Record (the founder of the company). He gave me the gate code and his address and told me to meet him at his mansion. In my head, I said “Holy S***! This is Chris Record! I watched over hundreds of hours of his videos in my studio apartment on how to do Shopify.”

    I took another Uber there, utilizing my credit cards that I had got while I was making $10,000 a month in the car business. On my way there I noticed all the mansions, and could see the Uber driver did too. Now mind you, I am from a small town called Bremerton in Washington State, where they don't have mansions.

    On my way I was looking around and saw a few mansions on the hill, I said in my head, when I buy a house I might as well go big and get a house on the hill. Well, Chris’ house was the last one on the top of the hill. We pulled up, I got out, tipped the Uber driver 20%, entered the gate code, walked by Chris’ orange Rolls Royce Ghost, and knocked on the door.

    After hanging out with Chris all day, getting a cameo in his new rap music video, freestyling in his ghost, and going to a high-end restaurant that Chris paid for. After dinner, he asked, “Do you want to stay the night?” I had a flight in the AM, but this was Chris Record, I said: “Sure, if that’s cool with you.”

    Fast forward 3 days later and I am video chatting with my friend from Bremerton, hanging by Chris’ infinity pool, telling my buddy exactly what to put in a suitcase because I wasn’t going home. My friend packed a bag for me, drove my other car down to Arizona and I moved out of Bremerton (which I had planned to do since I was 4). 

    At this point Chris had just finished saying that I had to move out because all the rooms were full (I was staying in a guest room of one of his employee’s that was on vacation) Immediately after the video chat I did a live stream on Facebook stating that I wasn’t going home and if anyone had a couch I could crash on, please let me know.

    Within 5 minutes Damien Coughlan texted me saying he was going to Ireland for 3 weeks and I could stay in his master bedroom in his mansion overlooking Phoenix! All I can say is follow your fears! Do things that make you uncomfortable. Take chances. Take big risks to get BIG rewards.

    Everybody laughed at me when I turned down a manager position at a Toyota dealership for $150,000 a year to start an online business. Nobody’s laughing anymore. As Post Malone says “Now all I hear is Congratulations!” I am currently living in one of the richest zip codes in the country.

    In a house next to Nicholas Cage, where Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman used to live. Oh and along with six billionaires. My business partner has made over $100,000,000 online in the last 10 years. In the last 24 hours, he has helped me make over $4,000. He says this is small potatoes and I am going to be making $10,000 per day (profit) before the year is out.

    I have been to four states in the last four weeks. Lived in four different mansions, stayed in seven various locations, and work from anywhere there is a WiFi connection. I have been to a movie set, met multiple producers, had a movie audition, hung out with Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, closed my way into a meeting where the only requirement is you're a millionaire (which I am not yet), went to a movie premiere, made it on the red carpet, and met over 50 millionaires, 10+ deca millionaires, a handful of hecta millionaires and a several billionaires.

    I’m just a kid from a small town of 160,000 people. This is just the beginning. The first step to success is believing you can. In my head I am a billionaire already, I think that is why I can carry conversations with high producers and not get scared. Everyone is a human with their own faults, fears, and awkward tendencies. 

    When I was a child I was the shyest kid around, always got straight A’s but couldn't carry a conversation. I was never the “cool kid.” In high school, I started using drugs. Then I made “friends.” I found out people made money selling these drugs. So I built a $1,500,000 weed business with over 10 employees, got addicted to prescription painkillers and was arrested (multiple times).

    I went through rehabilitation and gave up on my dreams of becoming rich. My goal was to make $50,000 per year. I attended two years of community college for an AA in Computer Programming and three credits before graduation, I dropped out to try my hand at selling cars. It was either continue for two more years to get a Bachelor's in Computer Science and go $60,000 in debt with student loans or speed up the process with commission based sales.

    Within a year and a half, I was making $10,000 a month but was unhappy working for someone else. I quit my job and dedicated myself to succeeding. I wrote Bremerton Billionaire on my bathroom mirror, along with $100,000 by September 10th (hit $120,000) and $1,000,000 by the end of the year. Every morning I saw those goals when I looked in the mirror. Now less than 6 months later (as of writing this) I'm in a coffee shop in Orange County, writing for a magazine.

    The one word I have for anyone trying to succeed is… GO!


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    Andrew Hall

    Andrew Hall is the CEO of Hall of Marketing and Manager at Car Buying Magic, he lives in NewPort Beach, California. A great entrepreneur, the #1 Top Producing Car Salesman at his Dealership. He helped his customers saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Cars.

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