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    Book Marketing Mastery for 2019

    The author-industry is going through drastic changes as online publishing and marketing become the new effective way to affordably create a book and become published.

    Many Indie authors are rising over the traditionally published authors by out creating, outselling and dominating the charts with their message. The old pay-to-play methods of getting on the Best-Sellers list of the past are succumbing to the new age of the industry.

    There is absolutely no better time to become an author than now!

    I must discuss with you the recent changes that occurred in 2018 so we can set out eyes on 2019 a fresh perspective.

    Over the last year, we have seen set a plethora of changes in how we use the internet for business.

    What do we do now in the aftermath of all these changes? What are the lessons learned?

    1. The social media powerhouses are not our friends!
    2. We need to create and dominate our own small section of the internet.
    3. There are billions of users on the internet and part of that could be yours if you have the tenacity to reach out and take it.

    We need not be afraid of these changes. They have changed the world for the better by protecting everyone online.

    Remember this: people are still making money online and finding ways to thrive.

    Whether you are published traditionally or self-published, your book will only be successful with proper marketing to prospective readers and building an author platform. Who better to market your books than you?

    Especially, in the new social media world, every business needs a face with a creative strategy.

    So, where does the new author start?

    Start Marketing Your Book At Conceptualization


    Your book marketing efforts start NOW! Let’s get people involved in your project and use social media as a tool to introduce your book and its message from the beginning. It’s a must that you begin building your fan base today because once your book is ready to launch you are going to want someone to sell to. Beyond your friends and family!

    Begin with relationship building in mind first. Your first several hundred fans will be excited about your upcoming works and that is what you want. You want people to be excited about what you’re doing now and what's to come.

    Get on Facebook and tell everyone that you are about to launch something massively awesome! Peak their curiosity and get them involved in the journey.



    Book Project Management


    Let’s take a moment and talk about an author’s priorities.

    We spend so much time on the things that don’t make us revenue. We miss learning to manage our projects effectively and focus on the things that will.

    Think about it…What are the different areas authors must manage?

    · Doing research

    · Writing the book

    · Building your team

    · Marketing and promotion

    · Working on your content platform

    What you focus on will depend on your specific goals for your book project. Your high-priority tasks will change depending on where you are in the process.

    Creating a project management plan that lays out the project’s scope, maps out the timeline and gives a detailed breakdown structure of tasks will make it easier for you to work with your team and set deadlines that are realistic.

    Project management can be applied to small administrative projects like writing a book or organizing a book launch. In fact, if you use project management the launch event is simply one task to be planned and managed during the process of launching a book.

    The secret to book project planning is a process known as chunking. Chunking breaks down the process -- from deciding what to write and when, through the editing, graphic design, and so on -- all the way to the actual launch and beyond.

    Once you have all the tasks, map out the sequences of tasks and determine their dependencies. That means working out the order in which tasks need to be completed, identifying those tasks that can be done at the same time and those that can’t be done until another task has been completed.

    This is also where you will allocate your resources and set a budget to how much certain task will cost or how much budget you should leave available to these tasks.

    Planning is where you start thinking about marketing and audience building tasks because these activities can be done at the same time as writing. The final planning task is to develop the plan of the book.

    It’s one thing to plan the overall project. It’s another to develop the plan or outline of your book before you move to the actual writing period. Lastly, avoid linear thinking such as thinking you must write the book before you can do anything else.

    Brand Awareness

    Constantly think in terms of making your brand familiar through reach and awareness campaigns. If you have a lead character or you have special artwork that brands your book it’s important that you start making people familiar with your style and brand now.

    For example, if you’re writing children's or young adult books one of the best ways to market your book is to send teachers and librarians posters and other classroom materials that can be hung on the wall or placed for students to see. Think about the amount of organic reach this will install in their minds.

    Have you ever known a teacher who wouldn’t find value in having support on school supplies given to them by a supportive author? Follow up with the platforms that your audience uses most. like Youtube and Instagram. Use advertising strategies to reach deep into your target market.

    REMEMBER if your marketing efforts don't immediately go viral, don’t panic and definitely don’t give up. Watch your numbers and be consistent in creating noise about your brand and book by communicating daily.

    Always focus on the big picture, because creating a presence and building a following takes time. Everything you are doing online has a digital footprint. Follow your insights and analytics. Assess what you need to do by following the data. Measure what works and what doesn't so that you can spend your time on strategies that will be most valuable for you and your goals.

    Leverage Other People's Audiences To Share Your Book Message

    Get in front of as many influencer and blogger outreaches as you can. This is social media reality and now influencers have such a huge impact in helping others achieve organic online success. Through the use of their social media platforms, podcasts and livestreams video,

    the right influencers can set you up to their audience and get new eyes on your works.

    Blogging is great in creating backlinks back to your site and it helps in ranking your website on Google.

    Basically, Backlinks = Traffic.

    Backlink building is when you are getting a link from someone else’s site that drives traffic back to your own. And the more credible and authoritative the sites that link to you are the higher you will be in the rankings.

    Audience sharing is the new word of mouth! Take action and contact them.

    At OmniPresence Studios, we use a system I have dubbed “Social Prospecting” where we create a list of our perfect influencers. Once we have these parameters set, we create a multi-touch social campaign to build a relationship with them and get them fully on board with our message and opportunities.

    Backlink and influencer prospecting building takes time, patience, and effort. When you go down the route of using this method of outreach to create a quality prospecting campaign, you need to be prepared to do what it takes to build relationships.



    Social Media Best Practices


    One of the biggest problems for everyone who is using social media is having enough content and creating content that is engaging. Creating an editorial calendar can help you pre-plan your content quarterly. One of your daily posts must simply be an engaging question.

    For Facebook, the goal is to have your audience engage with you beyond "likes" and emoticons. Ask questions that create more than a "yes" or "no" response and gets your audience participating on your posts. Facebook loves content that they see is engaging your people. This will ensure that those people who are engaging will see your content when you post. Plus, people love answering questions.


    Next, create post that peaks curiosity at the beginning and then tell a story. For example, "I cannot believe that I totally sucked at..." then lead them to the goal. If you are using links, be sure to place them in the comments section so that Facebook will organically expand your reach. And NEVER sell on your personal page. Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook so adding links on posts will flag and slow your reach on a post. Lastly, ALWAYS remember to post only 5% about selling and 95% relationship building valuable material. Social media is a relationship building tool, not a sales platform.

    Be sure to leverage LIVE video, as well. Create a 10-20 minute live around a central topic or something that is trending for the day. Then, repurpose the content for other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. They are great to repurpose for other channels and don't need to belong. Focus on creating topics around what is trending and add that to the post.

    It is not necessary to feel that you must go out and conquer all social media channels at the same time but begin to use them in your strategy. Conquer one at a time and encourage organic growth.

    Therefore, it’s important to have content planned out so that you can go on each platform learn the best practices for your audience on each one. You need to be able to use your time to study the behaviors and research how your competitors are using their platform.

    As you read, remember to think in terms of reach and awareness every day.

    Don’t put all your valuable time and effort into one platform because it is not evergreen and in constant flux. Can you imagine logging onto Facebook one day to find that ALL of your memories from the beginning are GONE? How devastating that could be to your business and your personal life. Facebook has been known to go on sprees and shut down big influencer pages because they were using their personal pages to sell. Facebook is not our friend.

    To gain reach on your business pages you must pay. You do not have control over these social media platforms and for whatever reason they deem fit. They can take down your business pages and personal pages for not following their terms.

    Which is why it is even more important than ever to create your own space on the internet. You may ask Is a website even relevant anymore? Can you build your entire business life using just a blog, Facebook and Twitter? ... and then the answer is, Yes, and at what risk?

    It’s IMPERATIVE you have a place that you control! Your website is the only true space on the internet that you control. It’s wise to have one. Even a simple one-page website that can collect emails, collect tracking and pixel data, and contact requests is better than nothing, let’s face it: you need to be found online.

    Your job in marketing yourself is to remove as many barriers as possible for potential readers. You want it to be easy to find you, easy to learn about you, and easy to buy your book.

    Step 1: Getting ready to write your book? This article covers up-to-date author marketing tactics about book project management, brand awareness, and social media best practices. Launch your book project with success in 2019!

    Step 2:

    Step 3: Include LINKS to ALL image you do not own!! (Get FREE images at If you provide images with no link this will delay publishing your article.

    Step 4: Strategy & Tactics

    Step 5:

    1. Being a successful author these days means knowing how to market and promote yourself and your book here is how to get started at the conception of your book idea.

    2. The author-industry is going through drastic changes as online publishing and marketing become the new effective way to affordably create a book and become published. Learn more on how you can get started planning for a successful book launch.

    3. I can’t believe how many authors are suffering from a lack of knowledge of how to launch their book. Read on how to create a successful book marketing plan and use social media to drive your traffic.

    4. Do you have a book idea? Read this to learn more about book project management, brand awareness, and social media strategy to consider at the conception of your book idea.

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