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    [Case-Study] How to Get Your Funnel Converting at 78% (All Broken Down Step-by-Step)




    Impressive, isn’t it?

    I was blown away with it, too.

    Having never seen such high conversion rates on… well, any of my funnels, ever, I was dumbfounded to discover how a dead-simple landing page (like, a third-grader could do it) could get such a high conversion rate.



    But it’s true.

    And it’s dead-simple.

    In this value-packed post, I’m going to show you exactly how I did it, step-by-step, so you can get dramatic results for yourself and all your funnels FAST. Here’s what I’m going to show you in this short & sweet case study:

    -What I did to get these incredible results for myself

    -The psychology behind why they work (and yes, for any niche, funnel, or landing page you can possibly dream of) and

    -Most importantly, HOW to make them work for you, too.

    So grab a pen (or better yet, pull up your funnel and work side-by-side with me here) and let’s get started.

    The 5 EASY Tweaks That Got My Funnel Converting at 78%


    Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.42.18 PM

    Easy Tweak #1: The Headline

    When it comes to your headline, you don’t want to leave it up to chance.

    You DO want to a.) get feedback from your target audience, and B.) split-test your headlines. So, how did I know my audience would go crazy over this simple opt-in headline?

    Well, I asked.

    I literally posted on my Facebook wall asking “Which Copywriting Template would help you out the MOST”? And Boom. Within the first 3 minutes, the responses started pouring in, and the very first (“webinar email templates”) received the most “likes” by FAR.

    Bingo. Talk about easy (and fast) customer research! Then all I did was tack on “the perfect” and “for 2017”, make my headline big and red, and that was it. Simple!

    Easy Tweak #2: The Subheadline (AKA “The Objection-Crusher”)

    There’s not much text on this landing page.. Not much at all. But it doesn’t matter.

    As long as you combat the #1 reason your audience might NOT want to opt-in, you’re good to go. In this case - I asked myself “why on earth would someone NOT want to get their hands on these completely FREE pre- and post-webinar email sequences?”

    Well… maybe they’re in a weird niche… like dog-training.

    So I made sure to let them know that, YES, these email templates will work for them niche, too.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.42.34 PM

    Easy Tweak #3: The Big Orange Button

    Obnoxious? Yes.

    Impossible to miss? Also yes.

    And a study I came across by Kissmetrics:


    Showed that, as hilarious as it sounds, click-throughs on a button scale linearly with button size.

    That means that, quite literally, the bigger the button, the better your conversion rates. So I blew this button up as big as I could.

    Now let’s talk about that button copy. As a copywriter, I’ll be the first to admit that this button is lacking creativity.... but when the goal is conversions, the simpler the better. And this button leaves zero room for guesswork about what’s going to happen when you click through.

    Add in some subtle shadow effects, and a nice little cloud icon, and you’ve got yourself an insanely clickable button.

    Easy Tweak #4: Social Proof Underneath the Button

    This part, I split tested. Most entrepreneurs and marketers have heard of this concept called social proof: put simply, it’s the idea that, if others are doing it, it must have value.

    That’s why people make such heavy use of testimonials in their marketing (or at least, they should be). Think of it like “Yelp Reviews” for your funnel.

    So I tested embedding a “page likes” plugin (URL: ) from my Facebook Business page underneath my button to see what impact that would have on my conversions.

    The results were dramatic.

    Screen_Shot_2017-10-04_at_6_29_20_AM 2

    Leaving the plugin out resulted in a 58% conversion rate. Adding it directly beneath the big orange button? 78%... which is a massive 20% increase!

    The short answer: use social proof in your funnels.

    Easy Tweak #5: Transfer

    Most people think it’s the same thing as social proof, and I can see why… because until a couple months ago, I did too.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 5.42.50 PM

    The psychological concept called “Transfer” looks and feels very similar to social proof, but it strictly relies on the use of logos and symbols, rather than a testimonial (which qualifies as social proof). I learned about this concept from Drew Eric Whitman’s book, Ca$hvertising (highly recommended) while doing some research for my new course.

    I picked the 6 most well-known logos associated with where I’d been featured (although now I’ll need to replace one of them with Funnel Magazine!), slapped them on the bottom of my landing page, and viola. Works like a charm.

    Don’t have any flashy logos to flaunt? It doesn’t matter. Just because you haven’t been featured on Forbes or Entrepreneur (you can see I haven’t), that doesn’t mean this psychological tactic won’t boost your conversions, big time.




    Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 6.48.17 AM

    You can see that this landing page is really nothing special. If anything, it’s lacking in the design department… but it works. Because I did my audience research, I made it insanely clear what they’re getting and how to get it, and I sprinkled in some simple psychology triggers to help push people over the edge.

    So here is how you can do this for yourself in just 10-minutes FLAT:

    1. The Headline: Ask your audience what they want. Then deliver.
    2. The Subheadline: Crush their number one objection right off the bat.
    3. The Button: As we can see from the data, the bigger, the better.
    4. Social Proof Beneath The Button: Add in the FB Page Likes plugin or some other form of social proof.
    5. Transfer: Pick a few logos that others are familiar with, and tack them on the bottom.

    Stop missing out on the INSANE conversion rates you could be getting right now.

    Go take action, add these into your funnels, and let us know how they go for you!

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