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    Cheap Ways to Add People to Your Social Media Sales Funnels

    If you are a small or medium sized business owner, you cannot compete with larger companies when it comes to your advertising budget. One of the main challenges of being small is that you don’t have the money for testing and tweaking your campaigns. This is why you will have to learn how to work smarter instead of harder and get the most return on your marketing investment. Below you will find a few creative ways to add people to your sales funnels using social media.

    Facebook Groups

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    If you already have a Facebook page, and you are struggling to get more people to like it, chances are that you will have to start providing more value. Instead of setting up a one-way communication on social media, you will need to engage with your audience and understand their needs better. You can link your Facebook group and business page, and provide value to your audience through the group, get them to complete surveys, and ask questions. If you are in a trust-based business, such as coaching or consulting, you will need to get people to like you before you can market to them.



    Providing Value

    Apart from Facebook groups, you will need to find other ways to contribute and showcase your talent. You can join other people’s groups, forums, and comment on the posts, helping individuals out. This is the social media version of what used to be forum marketing around ten years ago. Focus on your ideal clients and the niche that is the most likely to engage with your business.


    When it comes to social media promotions, competitions will always do better. After all, your visitors will first ask the question: “what is in it for me?”. The rules of setting up competitions on Facebook and other platforms are changing, though. You will need to be careful about asking people to like your page or comment, as the algorithms are more sophisticated than ever before, and you might risk getting your advertising profile banned.

    Influencer Marketing

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    If you are a new business, you will need to reach out to your target customers. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, you can tap into other people’s audiences. Influencer marketing can get you more results than paid advertising. You can offer something for free to other people’s subscribers or simply ask for a mention if you feel that your offer is valuable for the audience, so you can grow your own email list or follower base.


    If you have a limited reach and follower base, but would like to build an email list to add people to your sales funnel, you might want to look for cross-promotion opportunities. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, you can join forces with a florist, and recommend each other through your social media pages. Both businesses will benefit from the cross-promotion, so it is a win-win situation.



    Online Chat Implementation

    When doing business online, one of the main challenges you will face is getting people to trust you. It is not likely that people will simply click on your payment button the first time they land on your site. First of all, they want to ensure that you are real. They might also have questions. If you implement an online chat on your website that is linked to your social media, you can add people to your sales funnel automatically. You can link your autoresponder to the Facebook page, so you can send out relevant updates and offers later.

    Facebook Lives and Webinar Funnels

    One of the best ways of adding people to your sales funnel using social media if you are in the software, consulting, or coaching business, is creating Facebook lives and linking them to a webinar registration page. You will get people to stop and listen, commit to turning up, so it will be much easier to build a relationship with them than trying to convert cold traffic. Webinar funnels are great if you want to create an opportunity to showcase your value.

    If you would like to increase your conversion rates and add more people to your sales funnel, without spending a fortune, social media offers a lot of opportunities. Try one of the above methods and see how you can improve your digital marketing.

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    Bio: Laura Farkas Funnels

    Laura Farkas

    Laura Farkas is a sales funnel designer, working with small and medium sized businesses in the UK. She is passionate about making marketing funnels work. She writes for related magazines, such as CopyPress, Funnel Magazine, and FeedFront. Website: Facebook: Instagram: @marketingfunnels22 LinkedIn:

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