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    ClickFunnels for Driving Content

    I have a confession to make. When ClickFunnels launched the viral video campaign in September of 2016 what got me most excited was that they were going to have Gary Vaynerchuk keynote the event. I had been following the behind-the-scenes for the creation of the video so while I was excited about it, I was more excited about catching the keynote after the event was over (although I did watch the live stream). Why? Because Gary is such a prolific content creator and preaches about the long game.

    The long game is what supports your funnels. Too many people think creating funnels will solve all their problems. They come up with an idea, create the thing, then launch the funnel. To crickets. Bringing content and funnels together is the true sweet spot. In fact, it was content that converted me into a ClickFunnels fangirl. I had been a customer, left, then after reading “Expert Secrets” started consuming all the content ClickFunnels was creating and became a little obsessed (and of course became a customer again). Expert Secrets was the missing piece of the puzzle to me.

    I’d been creating content for years, but never really had a strategy to what I was doing or better yet, a very clear ‘why’ for what I was doing. I hated doing keyword research (still not a huge fan, but understand the value) and I didn’t want to continue simply creating free ‘how to’ videos… there was more I wanted to say and contribute.Here’s the crazy thing…

    Once I started doing that, I realized it’s also what my audience wanted to from me. They were looking for more than I was giving them from the content I was creating. What I realized after reading Expert Secrets was that I needed to get clear on my message, but not just in a way that made sense to me, but in a way that solved problems for my audience. If I was going to shift my content I needed to know where people were struggling.

    There were plenty of times I had done the customer avatar exercise, surveys, and a few other of these types of practices, but not in the way Russell teaches in Expert Secrets. This was a case of “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” I was tired of trying to just model what I saw other people doing. I was ready to dig in and go through every step of the process and then do it again until it felt right. My initial plan for implementing all the work I was doing with Expert Secrets was for my SaaS company, LeadSurveys. But then I realized it was exactly what I needed to scale my content and content creation.

    Expert Secrets gave me the foundation for just about everything in my business. My podcast, webinars, emails, blog posts, videos, social posts…you get the picture. I felt like I had discovered this ‘secret’ to marketing. The funny thing is that it isn’t a secret at all, it’s simply that it doesn’t seem ‘sexy’ so no one talks much about it. From the time I started my online journey in 2008, untilthese past couple of years what was highlighted in this space was overnight success, fast paths to wealth, and effortless income.

    All of that is changing. Why? The market has matured. You have people like Russell who spent 10 years in Internet Marketing before launching ClickFunnels or Gary Vaynerchuk who spent all of his twenties working in his dad’s liquor store preaching the long game and value. Which is why ClickFunnels is perfect for driving content. As someone who grew a business based on and built on WordPress, I think people are often surprised when I say I use other platforms, like ClickFunnels, for anything in my business when I can do just about everything I need in WordPress.

    The reason is pretty simple. ClickFunnels makes it easier to create funnels and marketing pages. Period. Anything that can save me time is a valuable investment. Here’s how I’m using ClickFunnels to drive my obsession with content. There are a few different funnels for my content that are all built in ClickFunnels:


    • Squeeze pages / opt-in funnels
    • Webinar funnels (I LOVE the Perfect Webinar Script)
    • Free + Shipping
    • Membership trial

    All of these funnels are based around content (or learning how to create better content, which is what my core offer is about, content creation).

    Both funnels have an email sequence but the goal is to see which path people are more engagedin: messenger or email (the email sequence for the funnel that includes messenger doesn’t start until after the bot sequence is done).I have two different opt-ins I’m testing:

    • A Quick Content Cheat Sheet (infographic with an audio. I like to include audio or video anytime I can with a lead magnet. It connects you with your new subscriber on a deeper level)
    • Content Crib Notes: these were inspired from Funnel Graffiti. Content templates so people don’t waste so much time formatting their posts

    I’ll be split testing both offers to see what converts better, but the goal is to get people into a trial for a membership called Content Creators. I have two funnels I’m testing with this front end offer. The first includes a Facebook Messenger Bot, I’ve played with this a bit but would really like to get this working consistently with a live stream strategy. Here’s what those look like:

    Facebook Messenger Bot sequence:
    Optin-offer ⇒ Thank You Page with video & link to Messenger Bot ⇒ Link to Content Creators Facebook group in bot sequence ⇒ content tips ⇒ membership trial

    Basic opt-in:
    Optin-offer ⇒ Thank You Page with video & OTO for ‘EVERYTHING is Content’ Mini-course ⇒downsell to trial for membership (as well as a OTO for membership if they take the first OTO).

    All of the funnel pages are built in ClickFunnels, but the focus is on Content. My content may exist on my WordPress site, but without quality traffic it doesn’t matter how the good the content is or where it lives. That’s why I’m using ClickFunnels to drive people to my content.

    Because of the content I create I know where people are struggling in their own content creation process (this is one of the qualifying questions we use when people request to join the Facebook group) and use those pain points in my copy on my funnel pages. Your content should be driving people to your funnels and your funnels should support your content, all the time.In the words of Gary V., “Putting out great content is always the right idea.”


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    Featured Bio: Kim Doyal Funnels

    Kim Doyal

    Kim Doyal, also known as, ÒThe WordPress ChickÓ, is an entrepreneur, coach, author, and speaker. She has built her lifestyle business using WordPress, podcasting, creating content, and a commitment to ÒJustShowUP.Ó Widowed in 2003 with two small children, she was determined to build a business that allowed her to be at home while doing something she loved. Kim is the Co-founder of the new SaaS company, LeadSurveys. LeadSurveys is a tool that allows you to create simple surveys that segment your subscribers so you can convert subscribers into buyers. Kim works with entrepreneurs to build their online presence, connect with their ideal clients, and 'show up' in a way that resonates with them. With a successful podcast and content creation program she's able to work directly with entrepreneurs who believe in doing things their 'own way' and in a way that resonates with them.

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