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    Clickfunnels: The Secret Ingredient To Membership Site Success

    Clickfunnels: The Secret Ingredient To Membership Site Success

    Membership sites. We have all heard about them, researched them and have been told, countless times, that they are the holy grail of business. We have also heard about the flops. The failures. The loss of time and money.

    Because of these known facts, many Business Owners, find the whole concept of creating & running a membership site exciting, yes, but also incredibly daunting. I mean they are already insanely busy running their brilliant, main hustle, right? Where on earth are they going to find the time to create the structure and content for this potentially lucrative side hustle? If they can find the time to create one, how can they be confident that it will not end up on one of those statistic sites?

    Do these concerns sound familiar? If so, then I have great news for you! Building a membership site does not have to be time-consuming, stressful, or end up as a failure. How do I know this? Because I have seen it work firsthand, time and again, for clients. Today, I am going to share with you the recipe to a successful membership site. Are you ready? Awesome! Let’s get started.

    Ingredient number one is to know your niche. When you are passionate & confident about what you do, why you do it (any Simon Sinek fans out there?) and whom you do it for, the vast majority of the excuses and what if’s, simply melt away. For example, if you are incredibly passionate about something, you will move heaven and earth to make it happen. So instead of thinking “I do not have time to have a membership site,” you will begin to have thoughts like, “How can I create time to have a membership site?” See what I mean? Being passionate, confident and driven in regards to your niche, changes your mindset.

    Ingredient number two is to start before you think you are ready. You know your niche, you are excited, and you want to share your knowledge or gift with the world, but there’s something just holding you back. That is called lack of confidence and fear. Fear of failing, not feeling confident in your abilities and even fear of rejection by your target market, are all things that can keep you from jumping head first into creating your membership platform.

    The thing to remember here is this. You will never be completely ready. There will always be one more area to learn, or get better at, or target audience analysis, to do. Instead of getting stuck on the endless wheel of “what if”, just start. You will never advance if you never try. The greatest things in life, lie just beyond our comfort zone. Muster up a little faith in yourself and choose to take a chance on you. You deserve it.



    The third ingredient is a special one, and it is what I want to focus most of our time on here in this article. This component is called ClickFunnels.

    ClickFunnels is to a membership site, what baking soda is to a cake. For all of you non-bakers out there, baking soda is what makes a cake rise and become that big, beautiful masterpiece, instead of flat, sad looking, pancake. In short, it makes the cake a success. You can have all the other ingredients (which are important!), but without the baking soda, you risk a lot of lost time, money that you spent making and buying the other ingredients for the cake and ultimately, disappointment and frustration. The same applies to your membership site. You can have the niche, and you can feel confident in yourself, but if you don’t invest in a platform that will enable you to create and run your membership site in a professional, streamlined, easy and time-saving way, it is likely that you will become frustrated, by the feedback of disgruntled members, money that you’ve invested in something that hasn’t worked and time that has now been lost.

    I am going to walk you through a few of the amazing features that ClickFunnels has, and how they will help you in the short term and long term, as you create and manage your membership site.

    The first perk of ClickFunnels is that it has incredible drag and drop design editor, that makes your process of setting up the layout and design of the site, so much simpler, less time consuming & cheaper! Let’s dissect this a little bit. With most of the site hosting platforms, you either end up with something that looks super cookie cutter, because it is too hard to figure out how to use the interface, and after spending countless hours trying to learn the program, you just give up and choose that template that’s already been designed for some bakery down the road. Sure, it does not represent you, but at least it has been done, right? The other option you typically have is to hire a web designer/developer. That is expensive, and for many business owners, it is a cost they just cannot commit to pursuing.

    ClickFunnels alleviates all of those possible scenarios. First of all, they have amazing templates that are anything but cookie cutter! So if you do not want to tackle creating impressive membership pages by yourself, you have a whole host of incredible templates to choose from!

    However, if you do want to try your hand at creating something that is truly your own, it could not possibly be easier! Each element is simply drag and drop. Do you want a text box? Sure no problem! Just drag it to where you want it on the screen, and there it is. Do you want to edit a photo size? Just click on it, and you will have the whole menu open for you, so you can choose the change you wish to make (see photo).

    image4 (4)

    ClickFunnels wants you to succeed, and they want you to pursue your dreams, so that is why they have created such an incredible platform that gives you all the tools you need, to create a professional, converting, membership site.

    To further prove that, let’s take a look at behind the scenes of how easy it is to create your content.

    Inside the funnel, there is your membership area tab. When you click on that, it brings up a screen that enables you to add your lessons or your content, if you will. (see picture)

    image1 (17)

    All you have to do is click on Add New Lesson, fill in the information regarding your content, and then you get the chance to create what that lesson page will look like, utilizing the same easy, drag and drop editor as we talked about before. This is also where you can choose to drip or delay some of your content. For example, if you have a video series, you may choose to only release one a day, for a week or two, to help ensure continued engagement.   (see picture)

    image5 (4)

    You can also, restrict access, based on what tier or products your members have purchased. So if you are a musician, for example, and you have a thank-you package for your members who pay $15, $30 & $50 a month respectively, you can go ahead and create all of those thank you package lessons/content pages, in the same membership funnel. All you would have to do is tell ClickFunnels what product a member must have purchased, to have access to a particular tier. The highlighted product is the one that must have been bought, to access this module. (see picture)

    image3 (5)

    Here is a snapshot of what the content could look like on your membership site, once you have uploaded and designed it. This membership site is under construction, and there is much more that can, and will, be done to maximize the effect of the page, but this is a sneak peek into the process. I hope it will help you realize the potential that is here for you! Honestly? The possibilities when it comes to creating these sites are endless!

    image6 (2)

    The last feature that I want to talk to you about today is the email sequence & automation function that is built right into the ClickFunnel platform. Many email integrations and programs can be difficult to work with and understand, as well as being an additional cost each month. With ClickFunnels, you can say goodbye to that extra cost and hassle.

    Actionetics is the email and automation part of ClickFunnels. It allows you to quickly and easily create singular emails or email sequences that can be triggered by your funnel, to send to your customer. Do you want your members, to get an email after they reach the end of the welcome module? No problem! Actionetics can help you do that! Do you want an email to go out as soon as your member has created their account? Sure! It can do that too. Want to know a little secret? ClickFunnels also can send texts to your members, right from their platform! How amazing is that? They are ahead of the trends and have packed their program full of everything you could ever need for your membership site, to be successful.

    Here is an overview shot of how an email sequence can be set up. Say that you start your membership with a webinar that explains your membership site and gives them a place to sign up.

    image2 (6)

    You could create an email sequence that starts with a confirmation email when they register for the webinar and ends with a reminder email that starts 15 minutes before the webinar begins.

    After the webinar is over, you can target your potential members again with emails! Whether they missed it, didn’t stay until the end or stayed but did not sign up, there is an option for everyone. You can just create an email under any of those categories, using the same editor that we’ve talked about through this whole article, and Clickfunnels will do the rest! (see photo)

    image7 (4)

    Communication is one of the greatest tools you have with your clients, and with this built-in email integration and editor, ClickFunnels ensure you have the support you need to utilize that tool to the fullest!



    Beyond these three examples of how ClickFunnels will help you with your membership site, you should also know about the support. You can plug into the community on Facebook and receive so much encouragement and also find many your questions can be answered there. Additionally, the ClickFunnels staff support is truly a 5-star experience. They will walk you through the building process, with excitement and passion. They love what they do, which is all about helping you succeed!

    Now you know the recipe to creating a rockstar membership site and the secret ingredient that gives it that extra sweet smell of success. I trust you have been encouraged and empowered through this article, to set aside your fears and move ahead in your journey as an entrepreneur. A year from now, you will be glad you started today, and you know what else? The members of your site? They will be thankful too! Go Forth & Create Greatness!

    —Holly Ogg

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    Featured Bio: Holly Ogg

    Holly Ogg

    A Funnel Hacker, Graphic Designer, Marketing Magician & Writer, who believes in the magical, world changing ability of music, funnels and coffee.

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