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    Computer Tricks to Save Time for Everyone

    These 8 shortcut tips will help you to speed up your daily task work, to stop wasting your time.  Here are a few things you can do while using your computer.

    Tame your email:  Email is a important part of our communication tool, however it is also a huge time waster.  Organize your inbox regularly every time you log in to your inbox, the first thing is to keep it empty, however there will be some important emails you may want to keep, you can create a new folder and save important email to the email folder.

    Learn Keyboard shortcuts:  To master any application, your fingers and mind will need to memorize the “hot” keys combinations to navigate without the mouse.  As I have to do a lot of it in order to work fast with my design works as well, it speeds the process.  Most of you probably know the most basic ones, holding down the Control key while hit “C” key for copy and “Control V” for paste, however there are many more in Windows, desktop app, and more.

    Add a second monitor:  If you regularly work with multiple programs at the same time like I do, minimizing and maximizing windows apps eats up more time from you than you realize.



    Use USB drive or Cloud server to save files:  If you tend to fill up your hard drive with all your files and pictures then later cleaning up your space when you need to, you are slowing down your computer more.  It is best to save to USB drive or on One Drive or any cloud server.

    Create a separate user account:  If you have a personal and business/professional information on the same computer, it would be best to have it separated. When it is mixed on your computer it creates confusion where you last left off or put information in, therefore slowing you down.

    Create separate user account for doing your work on your home computer, and it will help to minimize distraction and more easily to find work files and applications that pertains home or work applications when you need them.  To create a new user account in the Window 8, go to setting screen and click on the Users icon, at the bottom, you will find the option to add a new user, from there you will be able to set it up.

    Speed up your boot up time:  If you have been using your computer a long time, there are chances that your computer may become sluggish. The reason why, it is the program that run at the same time you startup your computer, are running all at the same time.

    Go to the startup folder, turn off, clear out or close out the ones that you don’t need to pop up when starting up your computer. It is best to have only one application to run when you start up the computer and you can still open up your application programs when you would want to use it. It will help to speed up the boot up process. Cut down the browser tabs clutter:  

    When there are many tabs open, it eats up RAM and slows down your computer.  However, if you needed to have a tab open to work back and forth between tabs, best to use one tab and use the + tab to make another tab on the same task bar, this will help with time saving by viewing everything on one task bar and when you are done, it will be easy for you to close all tabs.  



    However, when you need to close all tab at once it will automatically be stored in your list to browse later and reopen what you may need.

    Use Business card OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app:   If you are entering your personal, potential client or business clients business card information into your address book by hand, you will be wasting your time.  It is best to go paperless by using a app with OCR skills.  

    Evernote Hello (available for iOS and Android) lets you take a picture of the business card from your smartphone or android, then it scans the text, and digitizes it then adds the details to your contact list.  It saves me a lot of time of writing and typing and plus I can retrieve it anywhere, whether on my computer, laptop, phone and etc…


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    Heide Hargreaves

    Heide Hargreaves is a business and life communication expert, fitness trainer, speaker and author. She is the founder and publisher of two magazines: International Fitness Fashion Magazine and Influential People Magazine, as well as the founder of Human Communication Institute, a company that has helped train countless people in communication and body language from her best-selling guidebook Statements of Power.

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