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    Connect and Convert the Four Core Personality Types

    Connect and Convert the Four Core Personality Types

    According to the DISC, there are four core personality types.

    There are many types of personality tests and classifications, but this has been the most simple

    and straightforward one that I have encountered.

    Understanding these four personality types will allow you to bake them into your copy so you

    can influence, persuade and motivate readers to take action regardless of their personality type.

    Here is what the DISC stands for:

    D - Dominant

    I - Inspiring

    S - Supportive

    C - Conscientious

    Dominant personality types are the aggressive, direct, action takers. You know you have

    encountered a dominant person when they want to be in control, want to have options, be the

    best, and get respect.



    Through your product and service page, include a section of copy that talks about how your

    product/service will enable the reader to be the best in the industry, acquire the advantage, and

    have more control over their destiny.

    In addition, mention the words like limited, exclusive, and new. These words will create a sense

    of urgency and the feeling of missing out if they choose not to take action. This will irritate them

    because they don’t want their competitors to know something that they don’t or even worse….

    be better than them.

    This type of language is effective when communicating with D type people.

    Inspiring people seek recognition, popularity, and affirmation. These people love social proof. If

    you can provide a testimonial describing someone who was the “average Joe” who

    implemented your strategies to earn $10K a month it will lead to effective communication.

    Inspiring people are motivated to be your poster child. These people are your life of the party

    and center of attention.

    Talk about how much fun your customers would be able to have when they are making $10K in

    passive income. Potentially gift a free car or trip to somewhere exotic to motivate these types of

    people. This is one of many reasons why Russel Brunson created the exclusive Dream Car


    Also, include group photos of people using your product/service in a social setting. Graphics like

    this will resonate, speak to, and connect with inspiring people.

    Since I type people love recognition, consider creating an awards ceremony at a live event.

    Something like this will motivate and inspire these people to obtain recognition and affirmation

    for their hard work.

    Supportive people seek stability, security, and appreciation. Talk about how your service can

    provide more consistency, predictability, and security.

    Talk about how this protects the person against their downside and how they are losing money

    by not taking action now.

    Supportive people are usually analytical thinkers that will only make decisions if the numbers

    make sense and there is a clear ROI.

    Make sure to include numbers, percentages, and ROI moving forward to speak effectively to

    this type of person.



    Certifications are also great ways to provide a tangible result associated with an info product.

    This will appeal to supportive people as well.

    Conscientious people seek confirmation, values, and excellence. Talk about how much more

    can be given to the world after using your product/service.

    Discuss how much of an impact your customers will have now that they know how to create a

    passive income stream for $10K a month.

    Implement a social justice element to your business.

    Toms shoes is a great example through their One for One Program. For every pair of shoes you

    purchase, they will donate a pair to someone in need.

    Conscientious people appreciate and value initiatives like this and factor this into their decision

    making process.

    They are extremely conscious of their global footprint and impact on the word through their


    Now that you know the driving forces behind the four core personality types, you can include

    elements through your long-form sales pages, webinars, websites, and funnels that connects

    with each personality type and motivates them to take action today.

    Tyler Cerny

    Tyler Cerny is an international sales & marketing consultant that partners with influencers, organizations, and industry thought leaders to simplify, streamline, and scale the sales process. Social Media: Linkedin Instagram: TC_thecloser Twitter: OneCallOneClose Facebook Website:

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