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    Corporations Can Be Great Leaders

    What is corporate citizenship? “Corporate citizenship is the term used to describe the contribution a business or organization makes to the local community or society as a whole. These contributions include not only the company’s core business activities but also its investments in the local community. An organization’s long-term success depends on having favorable corporate citizenship. For this to happen, the company must successfully engage with its employees, shareholders, business partners, customers, the government, and the rest of the community. These relationships are vital for a business that wants to have successful financing and social standings within the community. Corporate citizenship is often referred to as corporate social responsibility or corporate governance (Corporate citizenship (corporate social responsibility), 2018).”

    Corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations all fall under this responsibility of being a good corporate citizen. When an entity behaves as an individual then stakeholders know how to approach the organization when they are in need or support. Usually, there is a link that is located at the bottom of the company’s page to contact them. A great example is Home Depot’s page they have articles and videos on protecting the environment, showing how they train their employees, supporting their communities and being active in diversity and inclusion (Corporate Responsibility, 2018).

    Being the right kind of corporate citizen is having “relationships that are vital for a business that wants to have successful financing and social standings within the community. Corporate citizenship is often referred to as corporate social responsibility or corporate governance (Corporate citizenship (corporate social responsibility), 2018).”

    Home Depot continues to support their stakeholders by “building a great place to work for our more than 400,000 associates, constantly improving the sustainability of their products and operations, and giving back to the communities.” This is an in-depth view of what they do throughout the year for company and community growth (Corporate Responsibility, 2018).

    This allows a view of why leadership style and what kind of corporate citizen an organization goes hand in hand. It gives a clear view of what steps a leader may have to take for the growth of the surrounding community sometimes based on the wellness of the company (Carson, 2012).

    Whole Foods is able to show how they go about different regions of the world to get the foods that their customers want without damaging the environment (Pilat, 2010).

    It is important for leaders and the ones who follow to know what type of leadership they are and who they are working with. The breakdown of styles of coercive, command, authoritative, affiliate, visionary, pacesetting and democratic goes more into depth on when a leader needs to change their style for the best results to produce the best project outcome (Career, 2018) (Styles, 2018).

    Using best industry practices to help to approve one's skills is important to keep good employees interested and motivated. The techniques that are provided will give leaders or aspiring leaders off to a great start (HR Management, 2018).



    Teamwork is very important to accomplish many projects quickly and effectively. Having the right leadership tools in place can make it easier for this is really necessary to go to the next level.

    A great example is of John Mackey the CEO of Whole Foods had made a long-term decision that would affect the short-term sales of the company but would help the community and environment. The store “is the result of an idealistic attempt to change the way people eat, making them healthier while promoting sustainable, fairly harvested foods and ethically sourced meats.” This, of course, meant they would have to find vendors that met a certain standard to be stocked at the store (Clifford, 2018). They have continued this path by on the purchase of some fish. They were purchasing cod in the northeast which was depleting the schools of fish in that region. This does not make everyone happy probably due to revenue is not being maintained in that area anymore. This choice will allow for fish to replenish in that area so Whole Foods can start buying from this area again (Carson, 2012). Whole foods did not completely stop selling this kind of fish but begin to go to different reasons to find more stocked areas where they could fish. They were also looking for groups that used techniques while fishing that was beneficial for the environment (Pilat, 2010).

    They are able to create and purchase products that are classified under their Eco Options standards. This standard is when “the supplier must document attributes that prove it has less of an impact on the environment than comparable products in the same category.” This can sacrifice the short-term revenue in the company just buying any product so the long-term outcome will be beneficial for the what the community was asking for, which was a greener product and to help with keeping the environment clean.

    Each problem can become an outstanding opportunity that will allow others to see the great leader that you are and a great leader that you can become. Things can be uncertain at times but as a leader, it is important when to ask for help and how to help others to reach their potential so they can help you in the long run

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