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    Bio: David Milton Funnels | 3 min read

    Do not Go Near The Water Until You Learn How To Swim

    That’s my father’s wisdom. I was six. I never learned how to swim, because I never went near the water.

    Marketing is much like learning to swim. You can read all the research, gather all the tips and join all the guru courses, but you still won’t know how to swim, or market.

    Joining Masterminds, reading magazines such as “Funnel Magazine” and expanding your knowledge is better than not. But, in order to stay afloat and ensure success, you need a Plan B. All through my marketing career, I’ve had a Plan B. Even a Plan R. One time I had to resort to Plan Z. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get really bad until you’re reaching for Plan ZZA.

    Here’s my point. Most people make all the preparations for ‘Launch Day’ and fail to plan for when things don’t go as planned. A very big marketer who shall remain nameless put three months of hard work into his product launch. Weekends. Late nights. No sleep. Almost forgot his wife’s first name. If he was going to fail, it wasn’t because he didn’t work hard.

    He did everything right, but he only had a Plan A. The Javascript that controlled his credit card processing crashed. Three months of hard work, down the drain.



    In a panic, he reached out, worried about his credibility. I laughed and gave him the PR fix. Six hours later he was up and running. He told everyone the response to his program was so great that they (his clients) broke the Internet. He’s still known for that. Plan B saved a $5M launch.

    “Failing to plan for failure, is failing to plan.” Again, my father’s wisdom. The smartest 5th grader I ever met. “Plan to succeed and you will fail. Plan to fail and you will succeed.” That’s my wisdom.

    Always plan for every imaginable scenario. Make provisions for alternate plans. When you think you’re done, plan some more. Don’t be ashamed to have a Plan B, R… or Z.

    Ask for help before you’re drowning. Follow the gurus in your space, but don’t copy them. You can only be you. No one else can be you. A lot of people ask me why I don’t follow any of the big marketers. I do. I steal all the best from them, put my little twist on it, and… voila.

    Follow at a distance. Never copy.

    I know. I know. This goes against at least one marketer out there. If you copy every word, every process bit-by-bit, success will be theirs, not yours. Copy. Analyze. Re-engineer. Launch. Do that and the process is yours.

    Lastly, never follow my father’s advice. Get wet.


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    Bio: David Milton Funnels

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