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    Do You Run A B2B Operation And Would Like To Get New Clients On Autopilot?

    How about nine new clients in a month?


    In this article, I’d like to outline some of the things we’ve done in my video production company to acquire new clients on autopilot.

    This wasn’t always the case...

    We used to have a website with a contact form. Prospects would fill it out.

    We’d annoyingly try to find a time that suits to talk for both us, have the same conversation with every prospect, where they ask for a proposal.

    We’d spend hours crafting a nice proposal, which then would get rejected as we’d frantically follow up and kept asking ourselves why this sucks so much.

    Well, there’s a better way.

    What I realized was “people are never going to buy from you if they have unanswered questions”...

    But if I could actually answer all their questions on the spot, why couldn’t they become a client right then and there?



    No contact form, no live chat, no phone call, no proposal, just order.. and let’s go!

    .. The same way they shop bikinis or posters online...

    Well, it turns out it’s possible... you just need to build a B2B funnel that can close deals for you!

    Here are some of the things we did to accomplish this.

    Get over false beliefs around “people don’t read long texts/websites."

    It just ain’t true. If it’s relevant, they’ll read. This is important because if you have this belief, you won’t really make this work.

    Start treating your website like the salesman that it is

    Your website can close sales for you while you sleep, even if you sell Facebook ads, social media management, or any other B2B service!

    What you’ll need to do, as I alluded to earlier, is give people ALL the information they’ll need to make a purchase.

    They’ll need to know your price.

    They’ll need to know your process.

    They’ll need to know a bunch of other things depending on your offer. One example for us as an animation company is that people often want to know if we make videos in several languages, they want to know who owns the video rights when it’s been produced, etc.

    These are all questions that need to be DIRECTLY answered on your website if you want to make the sale when you’re mid REM sleep.

    Turn your service into packages.

    This might sound hard, but if you just think about it, you can probably pull it off.

    So many B2B service businesses use a contact form because they’ve convinced themselves that “every client needs something different”.. Ok sure, that may be true but if 90% of what they all need is the same then why not just turn it into a package deal that can be advertised on your page, ready for purchase?

    This is what we do, and to customize their orders, we simply put add-on services when the clients fill out their brief on the thank you page

    Provide testimonial overload

    One of the things we started to do was ask everyone for a testimonial, and post it on our site. My thinking is that on the 43rd testimonial any skepticism they had left will be shattered, and they may proceed and buy.

    Retarget people who don’t buy

    This doesn’t really have to do with the website itself, but just do it.. okay?

    My Facebook retargeting ads have had an ROI of up to 1400%.

    Add bulk discounts if possible.

    We’re kind of getting into business growth tactics here, but I just had to throw this one in there. It won’t make sense for a lot of you readers, but for some, it will be a game changer.

    Again, we sell video production.

    I added one paragraph on our site saying 10% off if you buy 3+ videos.

    In 3 weeks 5 new clients took us up on our offer, 1 client had done it in the previous 4 years when we never asked.



    By the way, we’ve gotten up to 22 new clients in a month, I literally just didn’t put it in the title because I thought some might call bullshit and not read the article.


    Also, our average order value is close to $1,400.

    Hope that’s motivation enough to turn your B2B service business into a machine that can close new clients on autopilot.

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    Bio: Robert Neckelius Funnels

    Robert Neckelius

    Robert has built and automated a 6-figure B2B service business. After sharing the insides of his business he was continuously asked to explain and teach more people how to replicate his results, especially by solopreneurs with a little bit of traction, who found themselves held hostage in their own business. Apart from running his B2B business Robert shares his knowledge through his blog and webinars.

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