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    Ethically Persuade Your Ideal Client into Purchasing Everything

    The reason why you should ethically persuade your ideal client into purchasing your product will result in a sustainable business model that continues to increase profit, conversion, and impact.

    Keep in mind that if you have a bad product or online course, you will fail. You can put lipstick on a pig and it will still be a pig. These tactics may work at first, but it will not provide a sustainable business if you can’t deliver results.

    However, if you have a product or online course that gets people results, then here are proven strategies to persuade even more people to buy into you and your business for the long term.

    If you haven’t read the book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini stop reading this blog and read that right away. This book will change your life just like it has for me and thousands of people around the world.

    He has provided a tremendous framework to influence and persuade anyone into anything. I am specifically going to show exactly how to do this in a client acquisition system, but you may use this to get a date or persuade your kids to clean their room.

    There are 6 key principles that Robert covers and if you implement them with pig-headed discipline in your sales funnels and client acquisition systems you will increase conversion, profit, and impact consistently.



    The 6 Principles are:

    1. Reciprocity
    2. Commitment and Consistency
    3. Social Proof
    4. Liking
    5. Authority
    6. Scarcity

    Let’s address how reciprocity can be used in a sales funnel to increase profit, conversion, and impact.

    Reciprocity - Give something without asking for anything in return.

    The ways people can give value for free for nothing in return is simple. Create awesome content. Write blogs, make Youtube videos, post on Instagram stories, interview industry thought leaders on your podcast, offer a lead magnet, etc.

    If you produce great content consistently for free, people will begin to consume more and more and start engaging. Once this happens, they will subconsciously feel more inclined to give back. That’s why if you give, give, ask, you will be extremely profitable like Gary V. He talks about this concept in his book: Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

    Great content is custom tailored to your audience on a specific platform. Great content is relevant, easy to consume, speaks specifically to the target audience and provides a solution that can be implemented today.

    If you consistently put out great content, you are consistently giving to others without expecting anything in return. This will come across and be clearly evident to your audience. They will continue to consume more guilt free until… hit them with the right hook. Metaphorically speaking, you hit them with an irresistible offer that they can not pass.

    Specifically in a form of a lead magnet. Here are over 69 lead magnet ideas. One very common lead magnet and one of the best ones would be a FREE book offer.

    Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, and Brendon Brouchard, (to name a few) all have funnels where they offer you best-selling books for FREE. They are aware of the principle of reciprocity and using it in an ethical manner to give you even more value, which results in thousands of raving fans around the world.

    They produce great content consistently, write best-selling books, and are laser-focused on giving value to their audience. If this was not the case, they would not be where they are today.

    Another great lead magnet is a free masterclass or webinar. People will frontload a webinar with so much value that they are able to ask for something in return and become extremely successful as well.

    If you ever made a spontaneous decision when it came to buying something, the concept of reciprocity was one of 6 factors that influenced you and your decision-making process.

    The more things you get for free from someone, the more you will like them. If we like people, then we are more inclined to want to be around them and support them. This is another powerful principle…..

    Likability - People want to do business with people they like

    Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion talks about several factors that enhance likabilities such as attractiveness, similarity, compliments, contact, and association.

    In a B2C setting, be real, personable, and vulnerable. If you want to grow a community of raving fans, you have to be likable and relatable. They also want to know that you have gone through some of the same struggles as them as well.

    When it comes to B2C products and services, it is very common to see an ad that uses an individual that the audience can relate to. By doing this, people will find similarities and then start to like that person. As a result, the audience will like the brand associated with the ad.

    The person used in the online world is usually the entrepreneur and Russel Brunson refers to them as a “hero."Russell Brunson breaks down step by step how to write a hero story in his book: Expert Secrets. This type of story increase engagement, conversion, and impact.

    In a B2B setting, your content needs to provide value by solving a problem or providing a solution. Instead of providing a person that businesses can relate too, successful B2B companies usually focus on the pain point and problems of the business. Relevancy is also huge too.

    I am an international sales & marketing consultant that partners with industry thought leaders to simplify, scale, and streamline their client acquisition systems. I better not get ads from software that helps me manage a pet shop. It’s completely irrelevant and I will not like the brand associated with the ad because it’s irrelevant to me. It will turn to hate if they continue to retarget me through artificial intelligence.

    However, if a CRM company shows me an ad for software that simplifies the sales process. I would be more interested in learning more. I will even be more inclined to set up a demo if I continue to see the ad 6,7,8 times because it will start to become familiar to me and subconsciously I will start like it more.

    In fact, someone must see you or your brand 7x (average) before they have enough trust to take out their credit card and do business with you. Don’t get frustrated when you contact people with your ads one or two times and there is no profit. If you want to win in the long run, you want to build a trustworthy brand.

    Also, you and/or your brand will be liked simply through association. That’s why podcasts are so powerful. Let’s say you have a funnel marketing agency interviews, Russell Brunson. People who like Russell will like your brand as well (subconsciously).

    Not only would you get people to like you more if you are friends with Russell, but you will also achieve the next principle as well: authority.

    Authority - someone perceived to have more expertise or power

    According to the Stanley Milgram experiment, the higher the perceived authority you have then the more likely someone will comply with you.

    That’s why if you have a best selling book, associate with industry thought leaders, or provide consistent relevant content then you will be viewed as the authority in a specific niche.

    Associating with authoritative figures in an industry can be done through podcasts and guest blogs on huge publications such as WSJ, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. This gains immediate credibility and authority subconsciously.

    There is a very fine line with the topic of authority that you must be aware of though. Many people use a majority of their time creating and stressing out over fancy funnels, websites, and online software without prioritizing the client.

    You will gain authority in a space if you have social proof that you get results period. If you want to be an authority, get results. Any guest blogs and interviews is the icing on top.

    So if you are an agency that builds marketing funnels, you better have a sleek, well-designed sales funnel that converts. Ideally, you should have one of the highest converting funnels in 2018.

    Coming across as the authority is also extremely effective in high ticket sales calls. Authority is everything. They must trust you if you want them to pay thousands of dollars with you. A great approach to take is the doctor frame. Think about the last time you went to the doctor’s office. The doctor asked you questions to diagnose your problem and then he/she provided a solution (medicine) to your ailment. You didn’t give the doctor objections. You trusted their judgment. Keep in mind the doctor also did not try to justify his/her services and could care less if you use the medicine as it would only be hurting the person in need of the solution.

    Finding a niche where you focus on delivering results in a specific industry will also make you come across as the expert over others as well too. Owning a funnel marketing agency is one thing, but being able to narrow it down for an ideal client such as SaaS Software companies another thing. You will automatically gain the trust from these companies if you position yourself as the expert in a narrow space vs. a wide broad audience.



    Another great way to gain authority is through our next principle: social proof.

    Social Proof - proven results and testimonials

    Show social proof that your product, service, or online course work. The best way is to show video testimonials.

    A lot of people do screenshots and quotes, which are good but they can be better.

    Try interviewing them on your IG Live, do a podcast episode focusing on clients who have gotten rockstar results.

    People are also more inclined to “fit in” and do what others do. Facebook now has 1.7 billion users and it is a lot easier to get more users compared to when they had one user, Mark.

    Try creating a community that injects FOMO (fear of missing out) into them if they do not do business with you.

    This will result in automatic trust, credibility, and trust. Try to include social proof on your long form sales page, webinars, blogs, etc. This will increase conversion, impact, and profit.

    If you haven’t done so already, look at all the social proof Russell Brunson provides on his FREE book offer page.

    Another way to increase profit is through scarcity.

    Scarcity - lack of supply used in a way that creates urgency.

    This principle is a component many great offers are missing. You may have a great product, be an authority, have social proof, and are likable but if there is no sense of urgency to do business with you then you will be broke.

    There are different ways to create urgency, such as one time offers. You can provide a discounted rate to sign up today. You may limit the amount of clients you work with and once you hit that number you create a waiting list.

    Some people will even put a countdown clock on the sales page that will automatically turn you into a state that will make you want to make a decision.

    Now the last and probably one of the most important principles: consistency and commitment

    Commitment and Consistency - create consistent value that aligns with your offers and gain commitments

    Success in the online marketing space comes from gaining attention and micro commitments.

    How can you create an ad that will gain the attention of your viewer when there are billions of social media users?

    By creating content that is quality and relevant, you will stand out. Once you start getting attention, people will notice you. They will subconsciously make micro commitments when they click on your stuff to engage in your content or visit your sales funnels.

    This chain of micro-commitment will then turn into reading or watching your content for “long” periods of time.

    Now that people have made multiple micro-commitments to consume your content, they will be more likely to look into your offers such as your lead agent in the form of getting your best selling book for free or attend a free masterclass.

    Now if they want to participate in this free offer, they must give you personal information (name, phone, and email). This is another micro commitment. This eventually leads to them pulling out their credit card to pay for shipping.

    Now since your credit card is out (and saved into the system), they are more inclined to make another purchase. That’s why there are one time offers, an opportunity to take advantage of the core offer, and even an opportunity for an up-sell or to attend another webinar.

    Aristotle said it best, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

    If someone consistently consumes your content, they are subconsciously making micro-commitments.

    They are committing 5, 10, 15, 60 minutes of their time to read their blog, binge on Youtube, and take notes during their webinar.

    By doing this, they are subconsciously identifying themselves as a supporter and someone who is interested in learning more about you, your brand, story, and offer. Especially if they come back to your content, spend longer times engaging with your content, and share it. If this is the case, you should retarget them because they are basically raising their hand telling you that they want more of you and your brand.


    Create a product or offer that results in a moral obligation to share it with the world. Once you have created that offering (and it gets AMAZING RESULTS), implement these principles of persuasion to ethically persuade your ideal client into purchasing everything that you offer.

    Tyler Cerny

    Tyler Cerny is an international sales & marketing consultant that partners with influencers, organizations, and industry thought leaders to simplify, streamline, and scale the sales process. Social Media: Linkedin Instagram: TC_thecloser Twitter: OneCallOneClose Facebook Website:

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