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    Facebook Ads done right - 6 Ways to effective Facebook advertising

    Have you ever uttered these phrases before?

    “I’ve tried Facebook ads before, but they didn’t work”

    “I wasted too much money and got no results from my ads”

    “I’ll just run some Facebook ads and the money will start POURING in!!”

    Utilizing Facebook ads for your business is a fantastic way to increase your audience, generate higher sales and explode your revenue. But if you don’t understand the basics of a good Facebook ad, you can end up wasting your money and getting no return for your investment.



    Here are my top 6 ways to improve your Facebook ads and increase your chances of ad success.

    1. Know your target audience

    Knowing your audience is critical to the success of your ads. You need to be very clear on who you are speaking to in order to attract them to your product or service. This means knowing:

    Who they are

    Where they live

    What they like/don’t like

    What age range they belong in

    What their gender is

    What interests do they have

    When it comes to selecting interests for your target audience, there are a few different ways you can test them out.

    First, if you have a bigger budget, test each interest group separately. This will show you which interests are actually performing the best for you and can save money in your ad spend by not showing ads to people who aren’t interested in your product/service.

    If your budget is tighter, then put a few interests similar in nature under one ad set and test a couple of different groupings.

    If you are super clear on who your target audience is and know exactly what their interests are, then you can run all of them together.

    Once you have an understanding of who you are speaking directly to, you can craft your ads specifically for their pain points, increasing your chance of success.

    2. Creative

    Creative means the images or videos you select for your ads. This is usually the first thing your audience notices when the ad pops up in their newsfeed. Your creative should attract to the emotion you are trying to convey to your audience with your product or service and not always a picture of your product.

    It is good to keep in mind that Facebook has a 20% text rule when it comes to ad creatives. This means that you should not have text taking up more than 20% of the space of your graphic. Facebook won’t reject your ad based on breaking this rule, but it will severely limit the reach of your ad, causing you to spend more money than necessary to reach your audience. (There are exceptions to this rule, including book covers, product shots, and posters for events)

    Facebook allows you to test 6 different images under one ad copy, giving you the ability to see what images resonate better with your audience. Sometimes what YOU think will hit, turns out to be incorrect for your audience! If your budget allows, test out at least three images but preferably all six.

    Carousel style ads are a great way to showcase multiple products in one ad. These work great for ecomm businesses who sell many different products.

    A video is probably the best creative to run for an ad, especially to a cold audience. Video ads are hard to avoid in your newsfeed so they can attract your target audience much quicker than an image can.

    One of the greatest things a video ad can do is give you the ability to create a custom audience from the people who viewed your video. This valuable custom audience can then be targeted with a second ad, moving them from a cold audience to a warm audience.

    3. Copy

    The words you use to talk to your audience about your product or service will go a long way in whether they will know, like and trust you. But there is more to copy than “Buy my products!” You want to hit on your audiences pain points, then make it clear your product or service is the solution. When writing copy, it is important to test out numerous types and styles to see what is hitting with your audience.

    Short copy is quick and to the point. This can be as short as a sentence or two, or longer to hit the pain points. It shouldn’t take much to talk about what you are trying to sell them or get the audience to take action on, whether that is a link to your sign up pages, or a purchase page, or even just to comment on the ad itself. But short copy doesn’t mean skimping on details, it just means getting to the point a little quicker.

    Long copy is designed for storytelling. These type of ads require a larger investment of time from your audience to actually read it through, but when done right long form copy can do marvelous things for your bottom line.

    In long form copy, the audience needs to walk the path you are sending them on. They need to feel the pain points, experience the struggle and ultimately come to the conclusion that your product or service is going to solve their problems.

    Other things that help with the copy, in general, are the use of emojis and pattern interrupts. Emojis, while silly and cute do actually serve a purpose. They help drive home the emotions you want your audience to experience in your copy.

    Emojis can also be used as a pattern interrupt. Pattern interrupts are done for two reasons - they help break up larger portions of copy and they act as a visual shock to your audience as they scroll through their newsfeed. A good pattern interrupt will get the reader to stop and take notice of your ad and ultimately read through your copy.

    Whether short or long form copy is used in your ads, make it compelling to your audience. Tell the story, solve their pain points, make a difference in their life.



    4. Header

    The header is your subject line. This is what can attract your audience to click the link or press the button to Learn more. But it’s often the forgotten line of copy in an ad. Don’t neglect this line!

    Your header needs to tell your audience what this ad is for. Is it a webinar? Is it a form? Is it something they just need to watch? You can showcase this in your subject by using block letters and brackets to drive home the point such as [DOWNLOAD NOW] or [$1 TRIAL FOR 7 DAYS]

    You don’t have a lot of space to use for a subject line, so make it short and to the point, but yet catchy and inviting.

    5. Social proof ads

    Many Facebook advertisers miss this tiny way to make a big impact to the reach of an ad. Ever notice that when viral posts come across your newsfeed, they have not only 1+ million views, but they have hundreds of comments and shares? While some posts can create this kind of reach organically, nowadays a boosted post or an ad needs to be done in order to gain traction to viral content.

    By running an ad to a high performing post on your business page, you are able to keep the social proof already showing for it. This becomes a more attractive ad to your audience when they see hundreds of comments and shares below it.

    Use your already well-performing posts to your advertising advantage!

    6. Test, Test, Test

    If you are still just learning about your audience, your offers, and your voice, you need to spend (and money) testing. Test everything. Test your copy, your creative, your audience and your offers. The more time you spend up front testing out all of the little intricacies better your ads will perform in the long run.

    Besides, testing can be a lot of fun! You never know what may or may not work for your audience!

    Ads are a great way to add a jetpack to your already great existing products or services. They can bring you a larger target audience, increase your revenue and explode your growth. By following my 6 ways to effective Facebook advertising you should see some major improvements on how your ads are performing, giving you a far better understanding of how to make your ads work for you.


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    Kelly Sturtevant is a Social Media Strategist and Facebook Ads Manager who specializes in digital marketing strategies to help Entrepreneurs and business owners grow their online presence, generate leads and attract their ideal customer to their products or services.

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