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    Fail Forward, Or Die Tryin’…


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    Have you ever met a person that was so good at something it's like they were born that way? Or someone so knowledgeable in their field, hobby, or interests, that people from all walks of life seek them out for advice and direction? My guess is you know at least one person like this in your circle of peers. Truth be told, you may know several people who fit this description, but you've just been oblivious to it... until now.While your subconscious mind works silently in the background to identify these individuals, I want to take you back to your childhood for a moment.

    Remember the first time you tried to ride a bike? Did you sit down, put your foot on the pedal and take-off down the street? No! Of course not… I’m guessing that experience went a little something like this:

    You climbed onto the seat, nervously (or excitedly) gripped the handle bars, pushed the pedals down as hard as you could, then slowly started to move forward…

    Just as you begin to pick up speed, all of a sudden, you feel yourself starting to lean dangerously to one side.

    The next thing you know, you fall off the bike, slam into the ground and scrape yourself up for the first time.

    Once you’re done crying and wipe the tears from your eyes, you’re faced with a choice: Either stand there, upset and discouraged… or get back on the bike and try to ride again.

    Eventually, the more you “fail”, but continue to practice, your skills will slowly but surely increase. Over time, you’ll be able throw away the training wheels, and ride smoothly into the sunset.

    This, for many people, is the first conscious and memorable experience we have with determination. More simply put, this is the start of building WILLPOWER in your life.

    So, what does this have to do with marketing and building businesses online? When you first start out, much like learning to ride a bike, or with any skill you wish to acquire, it’s important to understand one very simple concept…

    YOU-WILL-FAIL… sometimes horribly.


    It’s a hardcore fact you just can’t escape. And the more you try to avoid it, the more likely it is slowly creep up from behind and make you its next casualty.

    The good news is that you have the ability to recognize your mistakes, analyze what went wrong and what went as planned. Then, take stock of where you are now and gear up to take another crack at it!


    Whether it’s affiliate marketing, ecommerce, scaling paid traffic, or just getting a solid understanding of the basics of entrepreneurship, it’s going to take some determination to push through the roadblocks and avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead…

    Like forgotten land-mines in the jungles of Vietnam, or a poacher’s trap in the forests of Africa, if you walk around long enough, something’s going to catch (or explode on…) you eventually

    On the flip side, the more you move forward, take calculated risks, and make sound decisions when faced with adversity, eventually… you-WILL-succeed!

    When I first started on the path to becoming an online marketer, I was so clueless it was comical! I didn’t know how anything worked and the worst salesletters & VSLs on the planet would have me maxing out my credit cards to buy all kinds of courses, programs, and “reports” on making money, and living the “laptop lifestyle”



    This caused two things to happen:

    1. I went broke on infoproducts that taught outdated strategies & tactics which produced zero results and zero ROI for the money I spent.
    2. I quickly learned what not to do, what doesn’t work, and to not trust every person claiming to be an “expert” just because they said so.

    Unfortunately, this was a MAJOR setback for me at the time. I was constantly between jobs, and could barely afford to put gas in my car to make it to the next paycheck.

    At that point, I was faced with a choice… give up on my dreams, and focus on getting a “stable” career in the job world (which ironically is not stable at all) or continue to pursue my goals despite what so-called family & friends had to say about it.

    Thankfully, I chose to listen to my own inner-voice, and through the power of DETERMINATION, I eventually found someone who was actually making a full-time income online.


    I ended up purchasing a 1-hour phone session with this guy, which led to me making my first sale through PayPal within two weeks of our conversation! The first time I got a notification of a payment in my email I felt like I had just won the Superbowl!


    And yes… it was THAT EPIC for me… I’ll never forget it.


    Although that may seem like a small victory in the grand scheme of things, I now have larger, much more AWESOME stories that produce similar feelings.

    Because as the rapper Meek Mill would say… “It’s Levels To This $h%t”.

    But I would never know or even imagine what those levels of success could be like if I wasn’t determined enough to fight my way to the top!


    I’m not saying I’m some phenomenal 8-Figure guru sipping champagne on a yacht in the Caribbean… yet. ;-)

    But I AM saying, it’s possible.

    As long as you know something is attainable and you’re willing to accept varying degrees of “failure” at some point, and most importantly, you have an undying willpower to move forward and breakthrough the challenges that stand in your way…

    Whatever desires you have in your heart can be yours.

    Don’t think you have what it takes to succeed? Think about it like this:

    If you’re lucky enough to work a fulltime job in today’s world, you already have the indispensable trait of determination. You’re just focusing that energy on a 9 to 5 instead of building a business…



    Think about it…

    -You have to show up, ON-TIME, every day.

    -You sacrifice 35-40+ hours weekly… plus overtime.

    -You make sure the work that’s done is correct and up to standard (hopefully lol).

    -You offer suggestions on how to improve the workplace.

    -And you’re always looking for ways to get the job done faster, better, & easier.

    Did I mention all this has to get done with a “smile” on your face?!

    Well, the beauty of doing your own thing online is that you get to use all these traits on a daily basis and not have to put on a front for people at the office (or wherever it is you work).

    Or kiss-ass to management in the hallway to get some lousy raise that won’t put an extra $20 in your pocket at the end of the month.

    If you feel like crying in the corner because “life is so hard…” you have that privilege. Because no one will see you, so no one can judge you. :-)

    As long as we wipe those eyes, stand up straight, and decide that we’re going to make things happen no matter what, everything will be ok. I promise. ;-)

    Life will get better….

    Even when it’s hard on us.

    Just pick up your bike (goals, dreams, desires), unscrew those training wheels and ride like the wind!

    Thanks for reading…

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    Bio: Loren West Leadership

    Loren West

    Want to meet a guy who’s passion for psychology & marketing borders on the obsessive? From the epicenter of BBQ & Soul Food, and the birthplace of Rock, RnB and “Trap” music (Memphis,TN), comes and Email Marketer & Ecommerce fanatic that wants nothing more than to RULE THE WORLD through high-ticket sales. (*Cue the sinister background music…) Born from a lineage of HIGHLY-Successful Businessmen, Doctors, Artists, & Activists, at an early age, Loren knew three things he wanted to have/be in life… 1.)Own & operate his own business. 2.)Become a creator of art in many forms (Comic books, Cartoons/Anime, & Music). 3.)Travel the world… learning history, making friends, enjoying great food, and living life to the FULLEST! Although “The-M” is his home, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to many different cultures, and experiences while living abroad as a youth. Places like Siena, Trieste, and Milan, Italy to name a few… are the European cities he called home, and where he developed a taste for high-fashion, fragrances, fast-cars, sport-bikes, and the BEST pasta & brick oven pizza you could imagine… On the flip side, the summer he spent in Manila, Philippines, was one of the most memorable moments in his life. exposing him to some of the friendliest people of Southeast Asia, and the most beautiful beaches & jungle scenery on Earth. With semi-world travel under his belt, and being blessed enough to grow up in one of the most unique cities in the US, Loren’s outlook on life and the world around him, has helped to shape who he is, and plays a major role on the IMPACT he’ll make on this planet... Thank you for reading! Catch up with Lo on social media: IG: ExotiQLo

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