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    Failure is a MYTH. Victory is INEVITABLE!

    “No one should ever give up on their dreams! Not as long as there is Clickfunnels!” – Julia Antufjew

    The one page letter that saved my life was enveloped in BLUE. Who would have known that the Blue Envelope will inspire two of my favorite funnels, both reflecting the True Goal? This write up is about one of them…

    The End

    Inevitable end… Few things are more exhausting than waiting for your own execution… The dark, cold place of infinite boredom… When you know that your work of 10 years is in ruins… I failed… I am so tired… No, there is nothing future can bring me… Nothing but the ultimate boredom… Tomorrow my workers will line up for payments… Tomorrow my suppliers will smell the ugly stench of bankruptcy and gang up as hungry wolves, teeth bared to bite.

    My partner abandoned me. I am not crying. All tears have dried out. I am tired. I am empty. And what is left – the ultimate boredom, covering me as a sticky blanket, making breathing seem obsolete…

    Knock, knock.



    - Yes?

    - There is an envelope for you. It is BLUE!

    In the moment when I have given up on myself, drifting off and submerging under the thick polar ice of failure, the single-paged BLUE-enveloped letter by my friend Coco has torn me out of the icy lethargy and warmed me up to life, washing away fear, boredom and imagined loneliness!

    “Failure is a myth, my dear Jane Rene… Victory is inevitable!”

    (Jane Rene Maria, that’s how Coco calls me.)

    The True Goal

    I am an entrepreneur, and financial goals have always been my Northern Star. That’s until I’ve failed. That’s until I’ve opened my Blue Envelope…

    Cleaning up the mess, I’ve understood that there is no other True Goal but to help. Touching peoples’ lives in a helpful way – that’s what matters. Everything else is clapping dust out of our pants. Since then all our new projects are aligned with the True Goal.

    Interestingly the Blue Envelope did not disappear out of my life but formed an important part of My Secret Online Fitness Game: a 16 weeks interactive playfulness that helps women to get fit, deal with fear, discover their True Self and start living fully and daring greatly.

    [Not only have I lost a company during my times of failure. I’ve lost my fitness, self confidence and personal power. While cleaning up the mess – I’ve gained it all back, losing 30 pounds of excess weight and creating the Game, based on my own fitness battles, for all women to enjoy.]

    The game participants are instructed to open the Blue Envelope on the day they want to quit. The journey to claim back your fitness is a tough one. Same as in business, the failure rates are high. The Blue Envelope keeps inspiring my fitness warriors to never quit.

    Writing the Blue Envelope to the game members, I’ve noticed how strong it is. Each and every time, while being written, it does remind me of my purpose, my strength, and encourages me to take it further.

    If the Blue Envelope could talk, one day it would ask me this one question:

    “What is the most important learning you would love to share with the world from your 10 years of operations?”

    And I would answer without any doubt: “I would love to share with the world HOW TO NEVER QUIT.” All other knowledge is secondary as for uncontrolled failure wipes out everything.

    And if the Blue Envelope could answer, it would smile and whisper: “Yeah! That’s exactly my mission”.

    The Clickfunnels and Technical Implementation

    I’ve learned from Russell Brunson to implement quickly. The Blue Envelope can not talk, however I’ve heard the question. It took me one day to put the Blue Envelope page online. This is the finesse of the Clickfunnels. It breathes live into our dreams.

    The Blue Envelope page is done by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur in need of help, strength and encouragement during difficult times, can go to the page and open the Blue Envelope, written by somebody else.

    Who is reading the Blue Envelopes? – Everyone who needs it, everyone who is about to give up on her or his dream.



    Who is writing the Blue Envelopes? – You!

    Imagine, writing a letter to your future self, using your best words to convince your future self not to quit on your dream. Shall you read this letter in times of need – you will cry, all covered in goose bumps, realizing that you can not give up on this person from the past, who has such a blind believe in you! Anyone else, reading your letter of encouragement, will feel the same. Anyone else, reading your letter will press on, will never quit!

    Everyone of us has a Blue Envelope inside of us; a Blue Envelope which will

    breath life and new strength into someone reading it in times of need.

    The Blue Envelopes are being opened randomly. So in order for the page to work we had to integrate random presentation button into the Clickfunnels.

    The Blue envelopes have to be submitted automatically. Therefore we had to integrate some kind of form processor into the Clickfunnels.

    Here are the steps of implementation. A great example of a fully working page with a twist (I consider the random presentation algorithm to be a “twist”, as for few users could program it just like that), done in a matter of few hours (internet is slow middle in the forest here in Finland, where my family vacation takes place).

    Step 1: Get Domain Name:

    Step 2: Get Blue Envelope Logo from Great resource, giving access to a wide array of logos at a low cost. I strongly recommend purchasing informational product logos with Graphicriver, considering logo adjustments only after project shows significant positive cash flow.

    Step 3: Home Page Funnel, Theme Conquer – downloaded. (The new Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook in the Clickfunnels is great and has a variety of extremely good looking themes).

    Step 4: The algorithm for random page presentation downloaded from and integrated on Thank You page. This is a great function which also can be used for split testing of unlimited amount page variations (in case you want to go beyond two).

    Step 5: The Wufoo form integrated into the page, enabling entrepreneurs to write a Blue Envelope for the mutual benefit:

    Step 6: Actionetics set up.

    Step 7: Blue Envelope awareness campaign started: inviting entrepreneurs to write a Blue Envelope for everyone who needs strength and encouragement, while facing the greatest monster of our time – the Failure.

    We all need our True Goal. What is interesting about such a Goal is that you don’t look for it. It rather finds you. It knocks on your door one day and breathes purposes into everything you do!


    Website: Clickfunnels

    Autoresponder: Actionetics


    JS algorithms:

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