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    Funnel Hacking Live RECAP

    If you weren’t at Funnel Hacking Live (FHL) this year, you missed out! And if you haven’t gotten your tickets for next year… well, there is already a waiting list. 

    I have been to many events that lasted 3 days, and after the last day I just didn’t want FHL to end. The vibes, the insights, the networking. I just wanted to stay in the FHL bubble. Alas, all good things must come to an end. 

    Funnel Hackers from around the world descended on the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas.The event opened with a bang! Day 1, Russell dove right into content and taught us about Creating a Mass Movement (which is included in his new book Expert Secrets). 

    The key was creating your Attractive Character, Cult-ure, and New Opportunity. 

    Attractive Character

    The main takeaways from this presentation were to:

    • Live the life your audience wishes they could live
    • Maintain absolute certainty (even if you don’t feel certain)
    • Don’t be boring
    • Care… A LOT
    • Create your own market


    Live the life your audience wishes they could live


    [Russell with Tony Robbins]

    [Russell with Caleb Maddix]

    Russell is a master at living the life that his audience wishes they could live. 

    Maintain absolute certainty

    This doesn’t mean that at times you aren’t uncertain or that you don’t feel fear. It means that you don’t show that fear or uncertainty to your audience. The certainty is in your ability to get results, in delivering service, knowing your brand, what you stand for and what you won’t tolerate. 

    [Dan Henry]



    Don’t be boring

    I hate to break it to you but most of your webinars aren’t working because you are boring. You may have great content but it doesn’t matter if people don’t want to listen to you. You want your webinar to feel like that one class with the really cool professor that you actually wanted to go to. If you aren’t doing that then no one will show up or buy.


    Care... A LOT

    A good friend and mentor of mine has a great saying for this, “I care. You matter.”

    People need to feel your heart and that you love them. During Tony Robbins’ talk, he shared that markets can change overnight. He used the example of Garmin. Overnight, Apple was giving away their $200 product for free. Because Garmin loved their customers they were able to adapt and survive despite that pivotal market shift. Love your customers, not your product.

    Create your own market

    In creating your own market you want a “blue ocean”. That’s an area where you are the only one fishing. Once others start to show up the sharks come and the water becomes bloody. So you have to go find another fishing spot with “blue ocean”. It is super important to carve out your spot in the ecosystem. 


    While you aren’t actually creating a cult, it should kind of feel like it. When people feel like they are part of a tribe and they can place their hope and faith in you as a leader, you are building a cult-ure. 

    The first step. You hold a vision for a better future, for change, and that is what they want to be a part of. 

    The second step to building a cult-ure is to help your tribe break their 4 minute mile. If they see that something can be done, and you show them how to do it, they will join the movement to achieve what was previously thought to be impossible. 

    Next you want to help them self-identify as part of the tribe. If you are reading this you probably identify as a funnel hacker. It doesn’t matter what industry -- in the world of Harry Potter they are called Potterheads. Trekkies, Beliebers, Fanilows, Fire Nation, Cheeseheads... doesn’t matter. If you are successful in helping people identify themselves as are part of your tribe then your movement will grow. (Special shout out to our fans, the Funnel Geniuses!)

    The last part of building your cult-ure is to have a Title of Liberty. This is your manifesto. Russell demonstrated his manifesto with his video for Funnel Hacker TV. Here is what the video says:

    “I’m part of an underground group of entrepreneurs that you probably never even heard of before. We don’t rely on venture capital. We don’t have goals to go public. Fighting against the big brands. We don’t have financial safety nets. Every test is with our own money. We have to be profitable from day one. If you ask the MBAs they will tell you that what we are doing is impossible. It’s happening every single day. It’s called Funnel Hacking. We are Funnel Hackers and these are our stories.”

    It’s pretty clear what Russell’s manifesto is. It’s all about building funnels -- quickly, and profitably. 

    New Opportunity

    The last piece to creating a mass movement is creating a new opportunity.

    Most people are making improvement offers, which means you are telling your prospect that they are doing something wrong. Or that they suck. People don’t want to buy from you when you tell them they suck. So instead, make them a new opportunity offer. This means that you are giving them a vehicle of change. 

    In your prospect’s eyes, improvement is hard. People that buy improvement offers have the desire but not the ambition. They don’t really want to do the work that it will take to get results. When you show a prospect an improvement offer, it can trigger memories of past poor decisions. 

    When you provide them the new opportunity, they will make their decision to buy based on whether or not it will increase or decrease their status. 

    People crave new opportunities because they are a new discovery, there is no pain of disconnect, and they get to buy the greener pasture that they are looking for. 

    There are two ways to present a new opportunity. 

    • Opportunity Switching
    • Opportunity Stacking

    In opportunity switching, they are looking for change. They want something different in their lives. 

    In opportunity stacking, they are looking for more than what they already have. In your funnel, you want to use the stacking method so they keep buying more, rather trying to improve on what you have already given them. 

    The One Thing

    After speaking about creating a Mass Movement, Russell did a deep dive on how to create a mass movement of people who will pay for your advice.

    It starts with The One Thing. What is the one thing that your prospect needs to believe in order to buy your product or service?

    “If I can make them believe that (my new opportunity) is the key to (what they desire most) and is only attainable through (my specific vehicle) then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.”

    While this may seem like a simple formula it isn’t as easy as it seems. Here is an example of what most people come up with:

    “If I can make them believe that (cutting calories and exercising) is the key to (losing weight) and is only attainable through (my new weight loss course) then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.”

    This doesn’t work for several reasons. You are not in the prolific zone. This is not a new opportunity. This is not a blue ocean.

    Here is an example of the same belief statement written correctly.

    “If I can make them believe that (getting their body into a state of ketosis) is the key to (losing weight) and is only attainable through (drinking Pruvit’s ketones) then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money.”

    The Epiphany Bridge

    Now if you have ever heard Simon Sinek speak you know that the belief doesn’t mean anything without the why. So you must answer the question: Why do you believe that? 

    In order to share why this solution is so important to you, your prospects have to be in the same state as you were when you had the epiphany. Enter the Epiphany Bridge. Tell your origin story of what happened to you that made you believe. 

    It is super important in sharing your story that you don’t lose people because you use too much technobabble. The easiest way to stop technobabble is to use a kinda like bridge. The kinda like bridge is where you use a metaphor or simile to help your prospect understand the new concept you are teaching them. 

    Here are some examples of kinda likes within the Funnel Hacking community: 

    SLO (Self Liquidating Offer). It's kinda like me taking a little extra insulin if I want to have a donut. I know the donut is going to raise my blood sugar more than usual so I'll take a little more insulin to cover the extra sugar.

    Actionetics. It's kinda like having a personal assistant who can email, call, text, and send gifts by email.... but you don't have to pay them.

    Consulting. It's kinda like when you had a tutor in school.

    Sales Copy. It’s kinda like a bedtime story with a sale at the end.

    Order Bump. It's kinda like, "Ya want fries wit dat?"

    Cloudflare. It's kinda like a TSA checkpoint for your website

    SMTP. It's kinda like the car hop at the drive in theater that delivers all the meals to your car.

    You get the idea. The more kinda likes you have the easier it will be to explain to a novice what is is you do. If you see someone do the head cock when you say something, it’s probably time for a kinda like.

    The next element in getting people to pay for your advice is sharing the hero’s two journeys.  The first journey is one of achievement; the second journey is one of transformation. At the very basic level the story is comprised of a character, a desire, and a conflict. Russell used the example of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red is our character and her desire is to deliver cookies to her grandmother, and the conflict is the wolf. 

    In order for the story to be successful your character has to be relatable, and in order to build rapport must have two of the following qualities:

    • Victim
    • Jeopardy 
    • Likable
    • Funny 
    • Powerful

    The character must have a desire for something:

    • To Win
    • To Retrieve
    • To Escape
    • To Stop

    Through the story, the character goes on a spiritual journey and at the end goes from old beliefs and identity to new beliefs and identity. 

    Once you have crafted your story you must now share the epiphany bridge. This has the following formula:

    • Backstory
    • Wall (Vehicle they are stuck in)
    • New Opportunity (Epiphany)
    • The Plan
    • Conflict
    • Achievement/Transformation

    How to tell your story

    • Here are some questions that you will want to ask yourself to create a compelling epiphany bridge story:
    • What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?
    • What is it that you want to accomplish?
      • External: What is the external struggle you are dealing with?
      • Internal: What is the internal struggle you are dealing with?
    • What was the wall/problem that you hit within your current opportunity that started you on this new journey?
    • What was the epiphany you experienced and new opportunity you discovered?
    • What was the plan you created to attain your desire?
    • What conflict did you experience along the way?
    • What was the end result that you achieved?
    • What was the transformation that you experienced?

    Answer these questions and your story will be so powerful and engaging that people will pay you for your advice. As the saying goes, “Facts tell. Stories sell.”



    The Big Idea

    Todd Brown also spoke on day one and presented The Big Idea. This goes back to The One Thing that you are selling. Once you have found your big idea it’s all about how you position it and get people to find out more about it. The big idea starts as a promise, then you expand on it, and finally you add a unique mechanism. This keeps your big idea fresh in the marketplace.

    The main things you need to develop Big Ideas are:

    • Lots of ideas from lots of input
    • Lots of ideas to choose from
    • An ability to look for new or unusual combinations or connections
    • An idea that you believe in, are excited about and want to share with others

    The Big Idea Formula

    Emotionally Compelling (Primary Purpose + Unique Mechanism) + Intellectually Interesting = Big Idea

    With that it was time for lunch, and then we jumped back in to drink from the firehose some more.

    Brandon and Kaelin Poulin spoke about how they launched their brand Lady Boss. The six keys that contributed to their success (both tangible and intangible) were: 

    • Their success is your success
    • Culture is Key
    • Authenticity
    • Be Facebook Native
    • You can’t Scale Alone
    • Facebook Live Webinars

    Using these keys, Brandon and Kaelin were able to build a profitable and growing business with Facebook at the heart of engagement. So much so that Kaelin could invest $2400 on a Louis Vuitton backpack. More on that later…

    Following Brandon and Kealin’s talk was a surprise visit from JP Spears who got the audience in stitches with his dry humor and charm. 

    After our next break, Jim Edwards did his presentation on copy blocks. Everyone in the audience (including me) took pictures of his slides. 

    Note: You can download them at

    By taking a few keywords like LEGO and connecting them together you can create awesome copy that converts on your page. 

    Jim identified three types of Funnels

    • Belief Funnels
    • Income Funnels
    • Freedom Funnels

    Level one is the belief funnel. This is the funnel where you believe this will work for you!

    Level two is the income funnel. These funnels kill your day job and let you funnel builds full time. These funnels don’t make you rich but they set you up to be rich.

    Level three is the freedom funnel. This funnel allows you to buy your dream car or home in cash. They can make you millions.

    So looking at your funnels are you at level one, two, or three?

    Great funnels have three things in common: Market need or the solution you are selling. Sales Copy or the offer in your funnel. Traffic or the people saying yes or no to your offer.

    The basic building blocks of copy are your headlines, bullets and Calls To Action (CTA). You can build all of your funnel pages with just those three elements (and you probably want to throw in a video or two). 

    The icing on the cake to make the sale is a guarantee.

    Following Jim Edwards was membership funnel expert Stu McLaren. He shared the story of making his first sale in which he spent $900 to make $7.95. The kicker was his brother-in-law had asked someone he knew to buy the product. But that one sale was the momentum for Stu to build his company and create a tribe of people.

    Now Stu and his wife Amy are using their business to make a positive impact in the world. If you are a ClickFunnels user and have launched a funnel and gotten 100 users then you have helped contribute to their mission. 

    Amy started World Teacher Aid and has been helping build schools in Africa. During the event, between ClickFunnels and the Mastermind that was sold at the end of the presentation they raised over $250,000 in just 3 days. 

    That night there was a speaker round table. I have never seen so many people huddled around a person as Stu, Russell, and Trey Lewellen were mobbed. It was like when everyone gathers around a big bon fire. 

    After some networking and connecting with the ClickFunnels team (massive insight in just those conversations), we hit the bed exhausted. 

    Highlights from day two had to be the Podcast Funnel, Caleb Maddix and Emily Shai, as well as Trey Lewellen and Amazon expert Jason Fladlien.

    Justin and Tara Williams did their presentation on Podcast Funnels. The key takeaway was not to focus on the podcast but to use it as a vehicle to sell your products and services. 

    The reason for creating a podcast is to share content. The podcast then leads to your magnet which goes to your core offer. 

    • Use podcast to create a following
    • Launch program/product
    • Get paid to create the program
    • Customers become your tribe

    Key aspects of a podcast include:

    • Theme
    • Name
    • Cover art
    • Summary
    • Intro/Outro
    • 3 podcasts
    • -Website with CTA
    • Social media for sharing
    • Submit to iTunes
    • Strategy for ratings and reviews

    Do not get stuck on the name of your podcast. Start with the theme and what you are going to be sharing with people. 

    Remember the podcast is the thing to get you to the thing. 

    Emily was our youngest speaker at the event. If you have had doubts about your ability to use what Russell has been teaching, remember that kids like Emily and Caleb have been doing it… for years.

    Emily started out like any kid wanting to make money. So her parents told her to create a business. She wrote a book on how to have an awesome sleepover and she made $20,000. She went on to sell to car dealerships and finally got to the point where she wanted to automate her business. Enter ClickFunnels. Now Emily is rocking it with funnels and with a little help from her parents (now they don’t have to drive her to all the dealerships) she is up and coming in the world of business. Oh, and she gives away girl scout cookies at her talks… now that’s good bait. 

    While Tony Robbins wasn’t speaking until the end of day three, I believe that the next Tony Robbins graced the stage. Caleb Maddix is a most eloquent speaker and holds the audience in the palm of his hand, hanging on every word. This kid knows what he is talking about. As an entrepreneur who is going to make a million dollars this year, it’s obvious why others want to listen to him. At 15 he is already an accomplished author, speaker, and social media expert and is launching his new continuity program Maddix Book Club. If you are a parent you probably want your kid in his club. 

    He is also innovating on the webinar concept and turning it into a game show. Since his target audience is kids, he his creating a message that will resonate with them. Learn more about Caleb Maddix in his feature article in this edition of Funnel Magazine.

    After lunch, the man the myth, the legend Trey Lewellen spoke on E-commerce. I spoke with Trey and he shared that between all the products they are selling they are doing $1 million a month in sales. That is a $12 million business. And he made it look easy. All it came down to was numbers. 

    Now keep in mind that his methodology is working for physical products. And the numbers don’t lie. 

    The key takeaway from this funnel is allowing your customers to buy more of the same thing. Let them get 2 or even 10 of what you are selling. An easy way to over deliver is if you buy 1 you get 2 of a product (it’s sold as a set on Amazon). When they buy 2 they get 3. When you buy 3 you get 4 and so on. 

    Amazon is similar in that all you have to do is put up your funnel with your brand and sell the product through Amazon. The key with this is offering a discount code or coupon to get opt ins. Selling samples of a product is another great way to make a lot of money with the Amazon funnel.

    That evening, I grabbed Caleb for a photoshoot and we had a ton of fun running around the hotel. 

    After kicking it with Caleb and Matt (his dad is a firecracker if you haven’t met him), it was time for the Hack-A-Thon. This is probably the greatest implementation lab of all time. Even if it does end at midnight. Many people launched their webinars, got feedback on copy, or had their funnels fixed. I was working on getting the print edition of Funnel Magazine done (it’s now available at a funnel near you!). We hackers are a different breed. After being escorted out of “Hacking Headquarters”, I proceeded to work on the magazine in the bar, working on two laptops until 3:00am in the morning. That my friends is dedication. And everyone attending was super supportive of this crazy behavior. 

    The weird thing was that I was wide awake and I hadn’t even taken the Ignite supplements that were handed out at the event. I contemplated staying up all night talking. However, I knew it was important to be fresh for Tony Robbins the next day.

    That morning I woke up and got out of bed faster than I had in months. I was so excited to see Tony Robbins and wanted to make sure that I got a seat close to the front. Hawk and I tag teamed so he got breakfast as I ran downstairs. Camera in hand, I raced to the front of the room. Then, in a heart-stopping moment, I was bumped and my camera fell off my shoulder and hit the ground. I looked at the camera. I had dropped my phone so many times that I didn’t realize that my lens was nowhere near as sturdy. I took off the lens cap to find...


    [Camera lens]

    My heart sank. Luckily it was not my only lens or I wouldn’t have been able to cover Tony’s talk. I was more scared to tell Hawk. I pushed it to the back of my mind as best I could and was blessed by the presence of Garrett White. This man may be just a little bit more intimidating that Tony although he claimed to only be the warm up.

    Garrett had three mantras in his talk. The first was that in order to be successful in business and with funnels, you need the belief that you are a marketer. Say it loud, say it proud. I AM A MARKETER! 

    The second mantra was, it’s great if you can get 9,000 leads but if you can’t turn any of them into a sale you won’t be successful. Ergo, I AM A CLOSER! 

    The final mantra and one that has stuck with me long after the event was probably his most poignant. I AM A LEADER, NOT A SAVIOR. Too many of us try to save our clients, many think that the funnel is the answer to our prayers. But it is not. We cannot save the people. They must save themselves. We can only lead them. For as a savior you are exalted. They praise your wisdom and bless your efforts, but when they don’t succeed because they don’t do the work you are then crucified. They blame you, draining your time and energy. Be a leader, not a savior. 

    Following Garrett’s talk Russell brought up the co-founders, Dylan and Todd. They released all the new stuff that ClickFunnels can do and the list is long. They now have Fill Your Funnel and with sweet new features, like a dashboard and digital table rush, it is the best time to be a ClickFunnels user. They even created an amazing comic that showed them defeating the evil Lokipages and Confusionsoft as the Avengers.

    It was then time for our final lunch break before Tony Robbins closed the show. After a quick lunch it wasn’t long before the hall was filled with people. No one was going to be late to get in to see Tony Robbins. Like sardines, we pushed through the doors and flooded the ballroom. 

    Russell introduced Tony Robbins and the hours flew by so fast. I didn’t feel like it was that long of a talk. As Tony says the norm for his events is 50 hours. He made those few hours count. 

    He started his talk by sharing his background and some of the failures and successes of his life. From being banned from speaking in Canada, to being responsible for millions of dollars that he didn’t have. So when you feel down about your situation just remember that Tony Robbins has been there too. What he said was the key to being able to handle these situations and grow was the Threshold of Control. Once you have the ability to make it through a tough situation, when you experience it again it’s no big deal. You know how to handle the problem and it becomes less stressful. 

    A big part of the stress comes from being an operator not an owner. “The choke hold on the growth of any business is always in the psychology or skill of the owner of the business.” Now Tony owns 12 companies, but is not personally involved in all of them. He meets with his team in one of the companies only three times a year. That is what owning not operating looks like. 

    The first thing that Tony taught was the two master skills of life:

    • The Science of Achievement
    • The Art of Fulfillment

    To get his point across he brought up a slide of Robin Williams. He said, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. This man made everyone in the world happy but himself.” It was a wake up call. Achievement is nothing without Fulfillment.

    Tony also talked about business and how everyone has six needs:

    • Certainty
    • Uncertainty/Variety
    • Significance
    • Love/Connection
    • Growth
    • Contribution

    Everyone has to meet the first four needs as they relate to a physical need. But how each person fulfills that need and how much they need in order to feel fulfilled is different.  

    He used Kaelin as an example. He held up her Louis Vuitton backpack and asked, “How much did you pay for this?” She said $2400. Then he asked for another backpack. Now this is where things got real fun. He asked for someone with a ClickFunnels backpack which of course they were just giving away at the event. He looked to another person who also had a ClickFunnels event bag. He told them to sit down. Finally he found the perfect example. Arlene Battishill offered her bag. Tony asked her where she got it. “Walmart, because it was the cheapest.” Arlene goes through backpacks fairly often so she doesn’t invest much money in them. Here is the point: the person that invests lots of money in expensive things is looking for Significance. The person investing very little is looking for security/certainty. Tony highlighted that we all love our spouses and our kids. 

    After each exercise that we did, Tony got the crowd to start clapping and the music and energy just heightened in seconds. The lights and the way that he managed the room, well, it’s why he is the master. 

    Tony taught about the three keys to the Forces of Creation.

    • Focus
    • Massive Action
    • Grace

    The first two you can control. The third is when everything comes together and the universe conspires to make everything work in harmony. But you cannot have grace without the first two keys. Focus is the power of absolute clarity and commitment. You know exactly what you are working towards with a strong confidence that can’t be shaken. Hint: his next book coming out is Unshakable.

    Massive Action is effective execution. Without effective execution you can take all the action you want but it won’t get you anywhere. If you do something and it doesn’t work then you try something else. This process is repeated over and over until you get it right. 

    Tony also talked about the three things that cause suffering 

    • Loss
    • Less
    • Never

    The fear of loss, having less, or losing an opportunity are the drivers of suffering. And the key of moving out of suffering is gratitude. Tony had us place our hands on our hearts and to settle in there, getting out of our heads. He told us to think of three days that we could be grateful for. Mine were the day I graduated college (debt free), the day I met Hawk, and the day I married him. It was a powerful exercise and if you are feeling negative emotions I encourage you to think about the three days of your life that you are most grateful for. 

    Many of our thoughts our not our own. So when we are feeling our most stressful thoughts we are not the only ones. Tony had a few audience members share and asked the room who felt that way. 80% of the room raised their hands. He called it “The Mind.” Which is not our essence. He helped one person in the audience breakthrough that stressful mindset so that they could see the person they needed to be in order to be successful. The crowd cheered and celebrated. 

    The thing that will set you free is to trade expectation for appreciation. What’s important to know about appreciation is the Law of Familiarity: If you are around anything long enough you take it a little for granted. Think about buying your brand new dream car, and then you get a scratch. You go about your day and you’re busy so you don’t get it fixed, and then there is another scratch. How angry are you about your beautiful new car getting scratched? And then someone puts a small dent in it. Some bird shits on it. Then another scratch. And now what was once your baby is just a car. 

    It is important that you take care NOT to do that in your relationships. Tony gave the audience an exercise and I pose it to you as well. Write a letter to three people in your life about why you want to stop suffering and how they can call you on your shit. Tony offered to be one of those people and you can send those to He does read them though he may or may not respond due to how time consuming it can be. But know that he is listening. 

    What I got out of Tony’s talk is that he practices the principles that were taught throughout the event. His story, his epiphany bridge, you get that he actually cares about every single person in the room. And man, he’s just so cool. I leave you with this: Tony said, “Get in your head and you’re dead.” Remember that each strategy shared is just that a strategy. Pick one nugget and work on that. When you have that mastered pick the next nugget. Until everything is implemented. 

    Like I said, FHL 2017 was an event not to be missed. If you were not one of the 1500 in the room we are running a contest to get two tickets for FHL 2018! Go to MyFunnel.Link/FHL2018contest to enter now. 

    Kate Mikado

    Kate Mikado is the Editor In Chief of the San Diego based publication Funnel Magazine focused on the online marketing industry. This industry specific magazine focuses on strategic marketing and sales, lead generation, metrics, social media, and most importantly funnels. Through Funnel Magazine we work with experts in the industry like Russell Brunson, Caleb Maddix, Frank Kern, Lewis Howes, and many more.

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