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    The landscape of attracting and converting internet leads into paying customers is evolving all the time. Before funnels, all business owners took a wide-angle approach to attract as many customers as possible. This included radio, billboards, yellow page advertisements and television just to mention a few.

    Consumers are immune to “marketing messages” now because they are indicated with up to 4000 messages per day. (According to So how do you separate yourself from the competition? The answer is a Funnel.

    When targeted properly, opposed to a wide-angle approach,  advertisers are experiencing better quality leads, and an higher ROI when narrowing in a particular “type” of client that they are trying to attract.

    Old school taught you to blast your message out to as many people as possible. Today’s environment is much different, you want to have different funnels for different “types” of clients. Speak to them in their language, providing information that is most relevant to them at the moment and you will soon build a pipeline of loyal followers and clients.

    Consumers are hesitant on providing their email address or phone numbers on contact forms, so you want to “bait” them an offer that can’t be refused. This could be a free report, a training video, a free trial into a membership site, etc. Once the lead has opt-in to your offer, it’s time to nurture that relationship.



    This process is called indoctrination. Remember that even though they opt-in you are going to scare them away if you initially start throwing out links for them to buy your product or service.

    Think of it like dating. You want to develop the relationship before getting on one knee and presenting a ring. What I like to do is immediately send them an email introducing myself and thanking them for becoming part of my tribe. Over the next several days, I will send pre-configured emails that shares my story.

    Each email is designed to “warm-up” the lead to viewing you as a real person. If you want to turn a lead into a client, it’s very simple. Figure out what they need, and provide a solution for it. When they can relate to you as a person, opposed to an internet marketer, the closer you’re going to get for them to feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

    Sometimes this nurturing process can take days, other times months. The biggest thing to remember is to provide value along the way. After my initial indoctrination sequence, which is 7 days, I like to maintain a 2 to 1 ratio.

    I’ll send out 2 messages that provide value, and then 1 message that has a call to action.  If the value your providing is over the top, it is going to have your prospects wondering what your “paid” version is going to be like. So don’t get skimpy with your content, reserve the best for last but demonstrate and provide things that they can use right away to help them accomplish their goals.

    As mentioned before, it’s a good idea to have multiple funnels for various types of clients. When planning your funnel, give some thought to your idea Avatar. Who “are” your customers, and most likely to buy. Once you know that information, you can develop your funnel strategy around that information.

    As an example, if you’re a real estate agent, there are “different” types of clients who you could work with. First time homebuyers, Move Up Buyers, Retirees looking to downsize, Investors looking for a deal, etc.



    If you’re going to target first time homebuyers, you’re going to want to have a landing page in your funnel that is specific to first time homebuyers. Another for Move up buyers, etc. You should have an indoctrination sequence for every type, that way the follow up email marketing messages are specific to their Avatar. By doing so, you’re going to convert more leads into customers and create raving fans.

    Retargeting is critical in the nurturing phase. Facebook and Google will allow you to place a retargeting pixel (Facebook) and retargeting tag (Google) in your landing pages. This allows you to keep your marketing message fresh in front of them until they are ready to make a purchase.

    Keeping the example congruent, let’s say as a Realtor someone landing in your funnel but decided NOT to opt-in because they didn’t want to get blown up with your marketing messages. But, soon afterwards in their Facebook news feed they you are again. Instagram, the same thing. YouTube? Yup, you are there too.

    According to Tony Robbins, during a Business Mastery event I attended last year, the average consumer must be introduced to your product or service a minimum of 17 times before they will make a buying decision. An effective retargeting campaign accomplishes this goal for you with ease.

    When developing your funnel, think about everything from the consumer perspective. If you keep this in mind, it will help you construct your marketing messages and funnel to attract that person to contact you in the future.

    In closing, developing a funnel is extremely easy in comparison to the olden days when we had to piece together several pieces of technology. The biggest benefit I think is that is allows you to “fail faster”.

    What do I mean by that? The quicker you can determine what is not working, the quicker you can adjust your campaign until you find the winning combination. Over the past 12 years, I have been navigating the online digital space helping local businesses build out complete marketing funnel systems. My best advise? Don’t overthink the process, take action! Start building your funnel today.

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