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    Funnel Your Passion

    Every week I encounter someone who is not happy with their job, but they are very good at what they do.  For example, my cousin has worked in the social work field for over 20 years helping children but has become frustrated with complaining coworkers, younger supervisors not passionate about the children, etc.  She says all the time, “I only have five more years until I retire, then I will do...”  Does this sound familiar?  Do you have a family member, friend or co-worker who is passionate about what they do, but unsatisfied with their current situation? Does this even sound like you?

    I tell my cousin and others, this is the time to begin to utilize your passion to benefit others and to live your best life. This can be accomplished by creating content that is valuable to the people currently being served. In this specific situation, a funnel should be used to provide content to establish she is an expert in the subject matter. (Expert is knowing a little bit more than the person seeking the information). The next step would be a membership site or course where more detailed content is provided. Courses can be delivered through email as well as through a membership site. As an upsell, she would offer coaching or a workshop.

    This is the best time to Funnel Your Passion. I have not talked to one person yet, who could not benefit from the use of a funnel if they want to grow their business. It is not easy to create a successful business, success requires hard work. However, there is a saying, “Anything worth having, requires hard work”. A business does not have to be the traditional brick and mortar business, a business can be a person with specific knowledge which would benefit someone else if they had that knowledge. The options are endless.



    Here are a few tips I would like to leave with you to get started. Once you have started, you will feel the fire burning inside and you will seek out the next steps.

    • Discover or identify your passion. You have heard people say this, what would you do without getting paid? What do you enjoy?
    • Write down 7-10 bullet points of how others could benefit from the knowledge you already have.
    • Create an ebook or hire someone to create your ebook.
    • Create a funnel, Opt-In (capture their email), send them your ebook. Stay in contact with them.

    These steps are just a start, to funneling your passion.


    Have fun!

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    Doresa Ibrahim

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    Bio: Doresa Ibrahim Funnel Experts

    Doresa Ibrahim

    Doresa Ibrahim is the owner of Thinking Differently, LLC. She is a software developmenr, she holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management with a specialization in programming. She worked as a software consultant for software companies, with a focus on strategic analysis and business process improvement. Her passion is assisting businesses and she loves working with clients, aiding them to create plans and implementing it step by step.

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