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    Funnels Bio: Adam Moody | 5 min read

    Getting Traffic To Funnels Without Long Term SEO Or Expensive PPC Campaigns

    Good news!
    You just landed a new client who wants a funnel built for their spray foam insulation business that has 3 locations and is likely to expand.

    You’ve got the best looking ideas laid out and you presented the client with a great overview with milestones, automations, and email follow up campaigns to maximize the return on traffic through the funnel.



    Speaking of traffic…

    Did you discuss with your client WHERE this traffic was going to come from?

    If not, you both could be in for a rude awakening!

    The first step is to always discuss with your potential clients how they envision people getting to the funnel.

    Do they have a PPC budget?

    Are they experienced in online advertising?

    Do they have a long term SEO plan?

    Are they going to local networking events, using leaflets, flyers, or other physical methods?
    Now, that’s all great stuff that you can (and should) work out ahead of time and continue to pursue as you move forward with your client.

    But what about providing results NOW?

    Wouldn’t it be great to provide faster results to the client without asking them for a $5k ad spend budget for testing?

    Now, you might also be thinking, of course a “spray foam insulation” company wouldn’t have the money for a PPC campaign….but you’d probably be wrong.

    That’s a $2k to $5k per installation service business.
    Do you think they would appreciate some quick leads and be interested in a PPC budget if you can provide results?

    You bet they would!

    Here’s several methods you can use right now to start driving traffic to your client’s new (or existing) funnel.

    You’ll get faster results and start building the trust and authority that makes you more than just “their tech person” and into a trusted business advisor.

    1. Existing Customer File
    Ah yes, the existing customer file. Especially true of physical “brick & mortar” businesses, but also good for online businesses. Every existing company has contacts, leads, and previous customers stored somewhere.

    image3 (1)-1

    Maybe it’s in a filing cabinet. How could you use that?
    Hire an assistant to scan and enter the data into a spreadsheet and then create a special offer just for these prior contacts (be sure that you have permission to email them). This can be done also by someone in the business, or you can help out by finding someone to do it for them.

    Create an engaging email with a special offer or discount and watch the traffic start coming in.

    You’d be surprised how many businesses do not take advantage of their prior customers! This is just a way increase the number of transactions per customer - which we should all remember as one of 4 ways to increase revenue...right?

    2. Free Samples - Use Them!

    Does the client have anything that can be used as a sample?

    How about a free service (dental cleaning? Training guide? 1 month free membership?) that can be created from the client’s business and used to have influencers promoting the business for you!

    image1 (2)-1

    That’s right, just about any business could have a free service created from their offerings, it doesn’t just have to be your typical Instagram stuff.

    Don’t think that just because you aren’t selling clothes or other photograph worthy items, that you can’t use influencers. Find out where they are and approach them. Would they be willing to take a free sample in exchange for a review or promotion?

    This is a win-win situation where you’re helping an influencer share new material or products that they get to try for free and you get the benefit of driving traffic back to the client’s funnel or website.

    Done correctly, you can form a JV partnership with good influencers…

    3. Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

    That’s right, the news is still around and it works!

    image2 (1)-1

    Utilizing Press Releases is a great way to get a surge of traffic and can have some excellent SEO advantages...but that’s for another article!



    Every business has newsworthy announcements that you can use and good press release services will do the writing for you - just supply the details and away they go.

    This is a great method to combine with a special offer or discount announcement so that you can capitalize on the extra traffic. Business owners love seeing themselves and their business in the news!

    Ok, that’s 3 great ways to start getting traffic into your client’s funnels without having a long term SEO strategy or an expensive PPC campaign set up.

    Which ones are you going to put to use to start getting quick results for your next client?

    If you’re interested in optimization, automation, productivity, and time management like I am, you can find out even more and get in touch with me at I not only work with building funnels and business, but helping other online entrepreneurs with their productivity and goals while not helping with SEO & Digital Marketing training at


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    Funnels Bio: Adam Moody

    Adam Moody

    Adam Moody is a Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery. He has an extensive background in analytical areas, specifically physics and mathematics. Adam is also a ClickFunnels Certified Partner. He lives in Menlo Park, CA, and has specialized in the following fields; Business Lead Generation, Developing Online Business Strategies, and Process Improvement / Automation. For more information about Process Improvement and Automation, visit the Productivity Academy.

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