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    Haven't Had Your Brand Professionally Designed

    Did you know that up to 90% of purchase decisions are based on colors alone?

    Color is one of the most prominent elements of a brand. It plays a huge role in how your brand is perceived and it has the potential to attract your ideal customers, clients, and blog readers - or repel them.

    If you haven’t had your brand professionally designed, you’re leaving $$$ on the table.

    Most of the time, we try to take the most cost-effective approach when we are building our business. While that’s totally understandable, I believe that you are limiting your potential to have the success you want in your business. Let’s go over the following mistakes and see how we can avoid them to set your business up in the best way possible from the beginning.

    Three of the most common mistakes I see my clients do is:



    1. DIY-ing Their Brand

    Please don’t do this! First impressions are everything in business, and you only get ONE.

    A professional brand is the foundation for everything you do in your business. From the business cards to your website to your social media, your brand is a representation of who you are, who you help, what you stand for. It gives your business its personality and it establishes trust with your potential customer.

    Unless your business is in branding and/or web design, DIY-ing your brand can create confusion for your clients and can portray your business as amateur-ish, with no sense of direction.

    Hiring a website and brand designer can help you avoid this confusion, since it is my job to ensure that your brand is not only a visual representation of you and your business, but is attractive to your ideal client or customer.

    2. Not Knowing Their Ideal Customer/Client

    If your brand message is not clear, you will attract the wrong type of potential clients.

    Without knowing who your ideal client is, you could find yourself wasting time and money talking to someone who is not a good fit for your services.

    Identifying a target market helps your business develop effective marketing communication strategies, which is found in your branding, your images, and your voice.
    If you haven’t yet, take the time to describe your ideal client. Find a picture of them and give them a name. What’s their personality like? What do they like to do in their free time? Write it down and think about what problems they have that you have a solution for. Bring this person to life and start coming up with a mission that they would get onboard with.

    Then ask: What message do you want to convey to them? Is your brand’s personality clear?

    3. Underestimating the Power of Alternate Logos

    A brand is more than just a logo… and it should definitely have more than one.
    Have you ever seen someone share their website on social media? Next time you’re on Facebook, take a look at the image next to the link. Can you see the full image? Or does it look cut off? Most of the time, the image is taken from the logo on your website, which is not the right size for social sharing. This is similar to how you need different image sizes for a Facebook profile picture and a Facebook cover.
    Your logo won’t magically fit everywhere, especially if it includes text.
    If you’re sharing your website on social media, you should have a logo that’s specially made for social sharing. It can turn out wonky and position you as an amateur when your full logo doesn’t show next to your website link.



    There are several ways to do it but my favorite (of course) is to have a logo that’s designed specifically for use on the appropriate platform. At the very least, consider getting an alternate logo made for you to use across several platforms besides your website.

    Can you relate to one of these mistakes? What steps will you take to tackle them?
    If you’d like some accountability, join the Adventurous Entrepreneur Community and find another creative who can check in with your goals!

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    Janice Laraine

    I got my entrepreneurial start when I solo traveled to Brazil during the Soccer World Cup in 2014. It was such an eye-opening experience and it sparked the beginning of many more adventures. Ten countries and many road trips later, I’ve found that I’m an adventurer at heart. I decided to find something that would give me the freedom to travel and experience life. That was design for me. What once started out as a hobby, ended up being my laptop lifestyle. I’m passionate about creativity in designing websites, establishing brands, and writing. The clients I work with inspire me to tell their story with a design that expresses their personality. My ultimate goal is to help them design a lifestyle that gives them that freedom to travel and to experience life. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Instagram: Website: Group:

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