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    How Do You Use Funnels To Provide Your Customers With What They Want? The Answer Is Simple… Just ASK!

    Giving your customers and clients what they need is an essential part of running a successful business. Ultimately, it’s the job of your product or service to solve whatever problems they are having.

    Sometimes, it’s very easy to assume that you know your buyers best… but, the reality is, no-one knows your buyers better than they do!

    This is what makes surveys a great asset to the success of your business when used within your sales funnels! They allow you to find out what your buyers’ needs are, to help you continually provide them with the most value.

    So, if you haven’t already included surveys as part of your funnel strategy, you might like to take a look at how they could help your business…

    The Survey Funnel

    First and foremost, you have the survey funnel!

    This works well for essentially “prescribing” a particular product/service of yours to your customer.

    Much like a doctor listens to the symptoms of their patient and prescribes the best solution based on those symptoms, you can use a survey funnel to provide the best product/service based on the problems your customers and clients are facing.

    You will have seen it before – take Fabletics, as an example.

    Starting with a simple survey, they are able to find out their customer’s likes, interests and fitness clothing needs.

    From this, they can then use the customer’s selections to “prescribe” the best products that will match those wants and needs.



    Going back to the doctor analogy… once the doctor (who is the expert) gives you a prescription with all the items that will solve the problem you’re having, you take it and you use it.

    This is because you trust that they are the expert and they have provided you with the best solution to your problems!

    The same principle can be applied to the survey funnel – Fabletics’ customers won’t search for other products to better suit their requirements, because the experts have already provided them with the best solutions!

    Use the survey funnel in your business to show the most relevant products/services to your customers or clients, and you (as the expert) will be providing them with what they need!

    Satisfaction Survey

    This may seem like a simple one, but a really good way to find out what your customers and clients think once they’ve purchased from you is to ask them to complete a customer satisfaction survey!

    The main aim of this is to build an idea of the areas your business is excelling in (this could be your range of products/services, customer service, or even simply the user experience)

    But also to identify the areas that your business needs to work on in order to improve the overall customer experience!

    I’m not referring to a product/service review, here, I’m talking about a survey that delves deep into the experience your customer or client has just had with your business when purchasing from you.

    The best way to ensure your buyers are getting to the survey is to use the power of email!

    As part of your post-purchase email sequence, include a link to your survey.

    Sell the benefits of completing this survey to your clients and customers – ultimately, it will help you to provide them with a better experience all-round in the future.

    Not only that, but it will also ensure you are providing the best experience for new buyers who may not know your brand fully yet.

    The more you can use the results from your survey, the better the experience for new and current customers will be.

    Ultimately, this will also help to encourage repeat purchases, as customers learn that you actually listen to and care about what they have to say.

    Cancellation Survey

    Customer churn is common when a business offers a product or service with a subscription payment.

    However, it doesn’t always have to be the case!

    What if (as part of the cancellation process) you could use a survey to give customers other options, aside from canceling their subscription?

    For example, if you were selling a monthly subscription box, you could give them a couple of options, such as:

    • Changing delivery frequency
    • Changing subscription box type (maybe to a cheaper version)
    • Pausing subscription box delivery
    • Canceling subscription

    As part of this, you should also give them the option to speak to a member of your customer services team to see if they are able to resolve any issues the customer is experiencing.

    However, if all else fails and your customer still wants to cancel their subscription, you could then use the survey to find out exactly why they want to cancel.



    This will allow you to try and avoid this reason for cancellation for future customers.

    As you can see, surveys can be used at any point within your sales funnel, but they ultimately allow you to keep providing the best customer experience possible.

    As a business, work out where a survey would fit into your funnels well and give it a go! You will be surprised by the results!


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    Funnels Bio: Chris Weatherhead

    Chris Weatherhead

    Chris is a digital marketing consultant, speaker and writer. His ability to help explain complex strategies in an easy to understand and, more importantly, actionable way has led to him working with large national and multinational corporations – ultimately helping them to gain more customers who spend more, more frequently. He also teaches digital marketing and social media for ESCP Europe Business School on two of their post graduate masters programmes. When not consulting or teaching, Chris can be found working at the company he cofounded (Energised Edge Ltd) that specialises in helping eCommerce businesses use email effectively to generate new customers and increase revenue by as much as 32%. Website:

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