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    How High Ticket Coaches Can Enroll More Committed Clients Today [11 Insanely Actionable Tips]


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    How would you feel if you could double or even triple your closing ratios on those discovery calls?

    Well, I can tell you that it is possible.

    I`m gonna show you the most effective tips on how to make your calls a lot more enjoyable and hopefully help you put more money in your pocket.

    A quick side note before we dive into the actual tips…

    Don`t try to fix your marketing problems with closing strategies.

    If your message is not on point, it doesn`t resonate with the audience and you don`t have a predictable way to acquire a customer, no closing strategy can save you.

    Assuming that your marketing is solid, the reality is that discovery call success doesn`t need to be complicated, you just have to master the fundamentals.



    Let`s start with number 1...

    #1 - Application Only

    Even before saying a single word, you`re already influencing the outcome of your discovery call.

    It all starts at the end of your marketing funnel when the prospect sees value in what you offer and he wants to know more.

    Making the prospect fill out an application before booking a call with you gives you tremendous leverage.

    The more questions they have to fill, the more chances you have of them being qualified.

    Why would you waste your time with people that are not even a fit?

    Use the application process to filter the curious and attract the committed.

    #2 - Become The Chase

    I never said that cold calling is dead, in fact, it might even work very well for certain industries. I just don`t believe it`s the most effective way to influence someone.

    Have the prospect book a call with you, on your calendar and state that he needs to call you.

    Instead of you interrupting his day, you both have a commitment on the calendar and you now have his full attention.

    When he calls you, you`re the expert, when you call him, you`re the salesperson.

    He`s got the problem, you have the solution if he doesn`t call you… good, at least you know he`s not that serious and you`re not wasting your time.

    People make time for what`s important. If the pain is great enough, you will get a call from the prospect.

    #3 - Leverage Booking Reminders

    Any booking software these days has built-in reminders that are triggered when the time of your meeting is coming.

    Use that to your advantage.

    Activate SMS and email reminders within the software, this way, your chances of the prospect no showing up are reduced because you`re hitting him in two sides.

    Don`t play fair, if there`s an opportunity to reduce no-shows, do it.

    #4 - Do Your Research

    20 to 15 minutes before the call starts, make sure you research the prospect on his website, any blogs he might have and social media profiles.

    This is important for one simple reason…

    It allows you to connect with him at a deeper level. A connection is everything in closing high ticket sales.

    You can`t connect, you can`t close.

    You`ll be able to gather vital information about his lifestyle and personality type. Combine the details in the application he filled out and your research and you`re definitely gonna be prepared.

    It`s just another little trick that makes a huge difference in your call`s success rate.

    #5 - Influence Before The Call

    Most coaches are trying to learn the best and latest closing techniques or sales gimmicks when in reality they are just the tip of the iceberg.

    A big part of your discovery call success is related to what happens before you jump on the phone with the prospect.

    It`s called positioning!

    Here`s an example…

    The prospect books a call with you and on the thank you page, you show him video footage including one of your talks on stage, a brief explanation of your story and where you`ve been featured.

    What do you think it`s going to happen?

    My bet is that he`ll already be pre-sold when he talks to you.

    #6 - Do Not Sound Like A Typical Salesperson

    Eliminate any typical or traditional sales language out of your vocabulary when closing high ticket sales.

    “How are you today sir, awesome... how`s the weather over there?”

    Is this the weather report?

    Understand that society has negative associations with salespeople. People hate to be sold but they love to buy.

    Anything that doesn`t make you sound, act or resemble a typical salesperson will most certainly help you enroll high paying clients.

    #7 - Set The Expectations

    After the initial rapport building on the call, you want to set the expectations, letting the prospect know what`s gonna happen.

    It could sound something like this…

    “So John, what I`d like to do is ask you a couple of questions, get to know you a little bit better and then if it makes sense to go any further, we can show you what we`ve got going on, how does that sound?”

    Right there, you`ve established yourself as the authority, the expert and most importantly you let him know that you`re going to ask questions.

    It`ll be difficult for him to say “why are you asking all these questions?” later in the call. Now, you`re in control!

    #8 - Listen More Than You Talk

    Salespeople love to talk!

    That`s why most of them are not top performers, they try to impress the prospect, thinking that if the prospect finds the salesperson smart, he`ll buy.

    People don`t do business with you because they know how smart you are, they do business with you because they believe you can solve their problems. Listening is the most difficult skill to master in sales but it`s the one that will bring you the most revenue.

    Try this and practice on your daily routine... Every time someone finishes talking, count until 3 in your head before you say something, this will give your brain time to process the information and ask great questions.

    #9 - Make Them Feel The Pain

    If the prospect is not in pain, he will not buy… guaranteed! I don`t care if you`re selling yachts, marketing services or coaching programs, people buy when the pain is big enough and they want to do something to get rid of it. It`s your job to ask the right questions, at the right time to make the prospect open up and tell you what`s really going on.

    Here`s an example… “Mary, you told me you`ve been single for 5 years now and you`ve been through several relationships. If you don`t mind me asking... how does it make you feel not living with the man you`ve always dreamed of?” Pain! It`s not about being negative or pushy, it`s about helping the prospect create a better future by going deep and encouraging her to face her own demons.



    #10 - Do Not Justify Your Value

    Another common mistake salespeople and entrepreneurs make. “Well, let me show you how great the product is, this is awesome, we`re the best in the industry because of X!” Who cares?Prospects care about one thing… the outcome your solution provides. As soon as you start entering “justifying territory”, you sound like everybody else. A good example of what I`m sharing with you is the typical response to a very common objection. Prospect: “I think you charge too much, you`re too expensive!”Typical salesperson: “Well but we do this and we do that and on and on…” Instead, you: “We are definitely very expensive, there`s a lot of people out there that can solve your problem for less, I can give you their business cards if you want!” Try that one, I promise you, the prospect will be shocked, not knowing what to say!

    #11 - Get A Commitment The average salesperson always hides behind proposals, emails, more information and a bunch of other excuses. They are too scared to ask for a commitment on the phone. Assuming the prospect is qualified, you must get a commitment, even if it`s just a small deposit. Delay kills sales. He says he`ll get back to you but we both know that it rarely happens. Prospects come into discovery calls skeptical and there`s a lot of fear holding them back.

    It`s your duty to compress time and make them take action today because if you don`t, their lives will not change. Always, always get a commitment, it makes the prospect emotionally involved in the sales process and in the transformation. Enroll More High Ticket Clients Today

    Closing high ticket sales are simple… … whatever you do, approach it with a doctor type mentality. You`re a problem solver, a creative, not a feature pusher. Jump in any discovery call with the intention of genuinely helping somebody and I promise you, your results will be different. Now that I`ve shared with you these tips, let`s go over the action plans you can take to boost your closing ratios. Make the prospect fill out an application before booking a call

    Have the prospect book a call with you and actually call you

    Activate SMS and email reminders within the booking software

    Make sure you research the prospect on social media, websites or blogs

    Show them video footage on the thank you page after they book a call

    Eliminate any typical or traditional sales language

    Set the expectations after rapport is built

    Count until 3 in your head before responding to the other person

    Make the prospect feel the pain by asking deep questions

    Talk about outcomes and do not justify your value

    Get a commitment, even if it`s just a small deposit Remember that knowledge is only power when applied. Please, do not be a spectator, take what you`ve learned from this article, and implement it in your coaching business. Come back to this post and share your experience so everybody can benefit from.

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