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    How I Strip The Design Secrets From My Competitors & Steal Their Customers

    People get funnel design wrong all the time.

    You see, good design does not equal pretty.

    Good design equals conversions and sales.

    Now, I have a lot of graphic designers that get mad at me for saying that.

    But, who cares if something is pretty if it doesn’t make you any money?!

    That’s why I use design as a mechanism to increase my income.

    One way to do this is to strip the design secrets of your competitors and steal their customers.

    Embedded within the design of every competitor is their sales secrets.

    And, if you can figure out how to uncover what is happening beneath the design, you’re able to then model and use those findings for your own business.

    For example, have you ever considered:

    • Why are my competitors structuring their pages in that specific way?
    • Why are they using that specific font?
    • Why are they using those specific images?
    • Why are they using that specific color scheme?
    • Why are they using that specific spacing?

    Each of these things (and more) reveal essential truths about how to connect with your target audience and ultimately, how to make more sales.

    Stanford University recently came out with a study that revealed that people determine the credibility of your website in less than 0.5 seconds, and over 90% of what they are judging is your design!

    So, nailing the design of your funnel pages is absolutely essential.

    Gratefully, there are three tools to help you pull back the layers to each of your competitors’ designs.


    Get These Tools For Yourself

    To download these three tools and get video explanations for each, click here for the free guide:

    3 Free Design Tools Every Funnel Builder Needs

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    Kathryn Jones

    Kathryn Jones is a #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Internet Marketer, ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner, and a Funnel Design Guru. She's no stranger to the funnel world. She has trained at Liz Benny's mastermind (2x Two Comma Club Winner), presented to Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Spencer Mecham’s audience, CF Pro Tool’s Jamie Smith’s audience, and has been featured on Virtual Summits with Julie Stoian, Bryan Dulaney, and many more. Jones has pushed 6-figures of revenue in 90 minutes selling her product CF Design School. Through CF Design School, Jones helps students design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert, all without coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills. She helps her students make their first $1,000 online and then scale that to consistent $10,000+ months.

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